DIY Wedding Seating Plan - Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

DIY Wedding Seating Plan - Sola Wood Flowers

Make it easy for your wedding guests by creating a seating chart that’s functional & easy on the eyes.

With Sola Wood Flowers, a pallet wood board and a few clothespins, you can create a one of a kind seating plan. These details can add an amazing sense of style to your wedding décor.

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed


Step-by-Step Tutorial

There are many ways to add floral elements to your wedding seating chart. We could do garlands or swags and accent just one corner of the board. 

For our first seating chart project, we will do border style and cover the entire edges of the pallet board.

Start in one corner. Take a flower and apply a dab of glue at the back. Gently press it on the board and hold it for a few seconds making sure the flower is adhered properly.

Add more flowers overlapping the petals as you go.

Some flowers have longer receptacles than others. We also call these excess stems or buttons. It is best to cut or shorten them so that they level with the rest of the blooms.

Continue adding flowers making sure to evenly distribute the colors, shapes, and styles of the flowers.

Using different-sized blooms will make the border more interesting with texture and depth.

There you go. All sides and corners have been adorned with Sola Wood Flowers.

Next is to make a clothesline. This is where we will hang our seating chart cards. Tie off twine at first nail then tie the end to the other nail just across it.

Tie four parallel clotheslines. 

Hang the cards using miniature clothespins, two at a time.

Attach the sign, in this case,  “Find Your Seat” to make it easier for your guests. You may use “Find Your Table” or “Your Seat  Awaits”

How unique is that? After the wedding, the decorated board can be used as a home decor. You may replace the cards with photos of your wedding and your growing family.