DIY Burlap Cone Pew Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

DIY Burlap Cone Pew Flowers

Make beautiful rustic style cones that are simple and classy with this easy to follow tutorial. Insert a sola wood flower bouquet and decorate your wedding pews with them.

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed

STEP 1: Stem the Sola Wood Flowers

Check this comprehensive tutorial on How to Stem Sola Wood Flowers. Once you perfect the stems, creating your forever floral arrangements will be a snap.

Stem all the needed flowers before starting to make the flower arrangement. You may keep excess stemmed flowers for future use.

We are using mini flowers for this decor. They definitely look great in a bunch.

STEP 2: Start Arranging the Bouquet 

Create a bunch of mini sola wood flowers. We want the arrangement to have varying heights.

Add the dried Caspia and distribute equally throughout the bouquet.

Continue adding volume by mixing in sprays of dried Asters. Use whatever greenery or fillers you have on hand or check our Filler section for more options. 

Secure the bouquet with floral tape.

Fasten it further with burlap twine. Apply glue at the top of the tape. Press one end of the twine and hold in place until it is glued on properly. 

Twist and turn until about 1.5 inches down. Cut and glue the other end of the twine.

What a pretty and dainty bouquet. Even without the burlap cone, this arrangement can be hung as is on the pew and it would still pack a punch. 

STEP 3: Make the Burlap Cone

Fold over one side of the burlap sheet and then the other making the opening at the bottom as small as possible.

Grab your glue gun and secure the edges. You may want to start at the bottom of the underside and glue all the way up along the curved edge.

Now stuff it with the bouquet we made earlier.

STEP 4: Hang the Cone

Some pews or chairs do not have hooks for hanging. Use a tack to secure the cone in place. For our next cone project, we will make one with a jute string hanger.

After the wedding, this cone craft can be used all year round. You may replace the bouquet or add accents to match any season.