How To Decorate a Cake with Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

How To Decorate a Cake with Sola Wood Flowers

There’s something so dainty and rustic about styling flowers on a cake. For this tutorial, we’re showing a simple and fun way to decorate your cake. Feel free to choose a different color combination and fillers to match your theme.


Floral Supplies and Tools Needed


Step-by-Step Tutorial

Take your flowers and stem them as short as you think you might need. For flowers that need a little stability, leave a little bit of the stem to stick into the cake.

The flower needs to be wrapped with aluminum foil or cling wrap for food safety. Wrap the foil around the whole stem up to the base of the flower.

Wrap the stems for the rest of the decor. The pinecones are now ready for decorating.

Make sure to wrap the stalks of the other fillers as well.

We are decorating a 6-inch round cake. You can make a bold statement with a bunch of flowers at the top and center or you can simply place one or two blooms off the side.

You can play around with the height of the flowers. We are using three beautiful fully-opened flowers and stacking them in the middle for a full topper.

Adjust the distance and position of the blooms.

Start adding the pinecones in between the flowers. 

We’ll try to achieve symmetry for our topper. Step back, check the arrangement and adjust as needed.

Start inserting the other fillers. Cover the spaces with our dark red Asters.

Add in our Boxwood greenery. Distribute the sprays evenly.

We are aiming for a full and robust topper so we are adding more Asters in this next step.

And we’re done! How sweet and festive is our cake?