A delightful garland centerpiece with lush preserved greenery and a generous display of sola wood flowers in various shades of purple, peach, and pink.

Eucalyptus used in this spread has been preserved to retain its natural scent, adding a relaxing and welcoming element to this setting.

Impress your guests with a lovely tablespace. Learn how to make these flower arrangements with our easy to follow tutorial below.

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed


STEP 1: Dye the Sola Wood Flowers

Pour water into a bowl. Add the sola softener and dye. Stir thoroughly.

Dip-dye the flowers. Let them dry for at least 24 hours.

Check out this How To Dye Sola Wood Flowers tutorial. You will learn the basic steps of using sola dye to color the flowers.

STEP 2: Stem the Sola Wood Flowers

Grab a floral wire and apply hot glue to the tip. Carefully push into the base of the flower and hold for a second. Let the glue dry and make sure the flower is firmly attached to the stem.

Learn how to stem sola wood flowers like a pro in this Tutorial.

STEP 3: Build Greenery Bundles

Create bundles that incorporate all of the greenery.

The size of the bundles will depend on how wide you want the finished garland to be.
Use floral wire or tape to secure the stems. 

STEP 4: Add Flowers to the Greenery

Once you have the greenery set, tie the sola wood flowers to the bundle.

Find the stems that are thicker so they won't break when attaching the flowers. 
Equally distribute the colors and styles.
For a full look, use at least one bouquet-sized bunch of greenery.

STEP 5: Complete the Bouquet Bundles

Complete the needed bundles to fill the whole length of the table.

STEP 6: Set the Garland 

To create the garland, overlap two bundles. The tip of the second bundle should overlap with the first covering the stems. Continue this process until the garland is almost as long as the table.
Drape the Sola Wood Flower garland down the middle of the table to create a stunning centerpiece. There’s something romantic about having flowers and greenery just spread out along a table filled with wine, candles, good food, and great company.