DIY Hoop Wreath Bouquet - Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

DIY Hoop Wreath Bouquet - Sola Wood Flowers

Hoop or wreath bouquets are something we keep seeing popping up in weddings. Not only are they lightweight, but also super handy to hold. 

Dreaming of incorporating this new favorite trend for your own wedding? We’ve put together a fun little DIY tutorial to make it easier for you to create one.

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed


STEP 1: Stem the Sola Wood Flowers

Check this comprehensive tutorial on How to Stem Sola Wood Flowers. Once you perfect the stemming part, creating your forever floral arrangements will be a snap.

Stem all the flowers you need for the bouquet. This way, you don’t have to stop midway to stem more flowers.

STEP 2: Prepare the Greenery

Snip off the fern blades from the stalk. You should have different-sized leaves. Wire the leaves to make it easier to attach to the bouquet. 

Do the same with the rest of the fillers.

STEP 3: Arrange the Flowers

Grab a floret and place a feather fern at the back. Fasten with a floral tape. 

Add a larger bloom just below the floret.

Continue adding layers of flowers and fillers. Use a variety of flowers, filling in spaces with the smaller flowers.

You have now created a small bouquet. Secure it with floral tape. This is just for one half of the hoop.

Cut the excess wire leaving about two inches of stem. 

STEP 4: Create Another Bouquet

Once you have completed one half of the arrangement, set aside and create a pair. It doesn’t have to be perfectly the same, but it should be similar in components.

STEP 5: Tie the Two Bouquets Together

Put the two bouquets together and tie them in the middle with wire. Adjust the shape so it curves with the hoop.

STEP 6: Complete the Hoop Bouquet

Attach the arrangement to the ring or hoop. Secure it with a floral wire. Asymmetry works best with this kind of arrangement so make sure to adjust the flowers. Bend the wire stem of the lower blooms so they cascade a bit.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It could even be used as a reception centerpiece after the ceremony. 

Not your color scheme? What’s great about Sola Wood Flowers is that you can easily customize the blooms to match your wedding theme and motif. Check our Dyed Assortments or color your own.