DIY Boho Rustic Mason Jar Guest Table Centerpiece - Sola Wood Flowers

DIY Boho Rustic Mason Jar Guest Table Centerpiece

Looking for ways to arrange mason jar centerpieces that are natural, inexpensive, and relatively easy to put together? Be inspired by this tutorial for making a mason jar centerpiece using sola wood flowers and preserved greenery. 

Let’s craft together!

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed

Innovate! You may find alternative greenery and accents in our FILLERS section.

STEP 1: Prepare the Materials

Prepare all the supplies and tools you need. Crafting is more efficient if everything is within your reach.

STEP 2: Decorate the Mason Jar

You may buy the jar to use for this craft but if you have empty jam or condiment bottles in the house, this is the perfect time to recycle.

Measure out a strip of burlap between 3-4 inches wide. Cut the length to be about 14 inches. The burlap we are using has been stabilized to prevent the edges from fraying. 

Wrap the burlap around the mason jar overlapping the ends in the back. Secure the burlap into place by gluing the overlapped ends.

Measure the lace the same way you measured the length of the burlap. Secure it onto the center of the burlap with glue.

STEP 3: Add Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights is a clever way to make the arrangement more enchanting, especially during the night.

Put the lights inside the jar. The wires will serve as a basket weave-like framework for the flower stems.

STEP 4: Add Greenery and Fillers

Start to fill the jar with a variety of foliage and greenery. Our goal is to make a boho asymmetrical arrangement. 

Add a few branches of silver dollar and willow eucalyptus.

Continue to build volume with sprays of the other fillers like dried Asters and Caspia.

STEP 4: Add Sola Wood Flowers

Get your focal flower and position it in the middle of the jar.

Continue adding more blooms. Shorten some stems with a flower cutter. 

Add more fillers and greenery until you are satisfied with the volume and look of the arrangement.

STEP 5:  Display the Mason Jar Centerpiece

Decorate a table for a lovely and eye-pleasing focal point.