DIY Winter Branch Centerpiece - Sola Wood Flowers

DIY Winter Branch Centerpiece

Decorate your dining room or end table with branch centerpieces that you can enjoy all year long.

Keep the twigs natural or paint them neutral to fit any style of décor. Beautify the twigs with sola wood flowers. It is already lovely as is but you surely can spruce up to match the seasons. Add fairy lights during Christmas, hang pretty heart ornaments on Valentines or add miniature pastel eggs come Spring.

Join us in this creative and fun DIY. 



Set all materials for easy access. You will need twigs or branches, assorted blue Sola Wood Flowers but you can use a different color combination to match any season or theme. We have a wide array of dyed assortments HERE. You can also dye the flowers from scratch. Check this How To Dye Sola Wood Flowers tutorial. You will learn the basic steps of using sola dye to color the flowers.


Grab a vase or pot and fill it with twigs. The twig bunch should fit snugly inside the vase. 

Start adding the flowers. Use a variety of types, sizes, and colors. 

Determine the placement of the flowers beforehand to make the arranging easier.

Squeeze a dab of glue at the back of the flower. Immediately attach to the twig.

Hold it in place for a few seconds.The twigs were painted making it a little longer for the flowers to adhere properly. If you remove your hands too early, the blooms could easily fall off.

Distribute the flowers. Add raw or natural colored ones to break the colors. You can even decorate the tips as long as they are sturdy enough to hold the flowers.

Step back and check how the centerpiece looks. Add more flowers if needed for a fuller look.

Great for weddings and everyday decor. It can be a perfect addition to spruce up a gallery, a boutique, a hotel lobby or a corner in your home.