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Easy and Inspirational Home Decor for DIYers and Amateur Crafters

Have you ever looked around your house and felt that it just needed a little something more to spruce it up? If you are a crafter, you’ve probably often hopped in your car and driven to the craft store to find some cute decorations to get your home in the decorative spirit. Doing some research on fun and trendy DIY home decor can help you to find ideas that you’ll love as well! If you’re on the lookout for inspirational home decor that will get your creative juices flowing, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you to learn about some cute and trendy home decor ideas that you will love and want to reuse year after year. 

Since summer is quickly approaching and everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, why not bring some of your favorite summer elements into your home as part of your decorations? Gone are the days of all-white houses. Now it is trendy to have pops of color and nature as part of your decorative palette, particularly during the spring and summertime. For this reason, many of the inspirational home decor ideas in this article will include artificial flowers or greenery to give you a fun pop of color and nature. Check out these fun ideas for summer home decor and more.


Summer Home Decor Trends

If you’re trying to stay on-trend for your 2022 summer parties, hosting, and events, this decor ideas will be perfect for you. It is important to familiarize yourself with the current trends and fashions so you know how to get your home looking totally Instagram-worthy. This article from HGTV has some great insights and details about 2022 summer decor trends if you need some extra inspo. In the meantime, here are some summer home decor trends that you will love this year. 


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Many people started adopting houseplants during the quarantines of COVID-19. It seemed like everyone just needed a little bit more life and natural beauty while they were stuck inside for so long. Luckily, this trend has stuck around, especially during the summer months. Many home decor palettes include all sorts of tropical prints, unique houseplants, and nature-inspired decorations such as flower wall installations or curtains. Wood flowers are perfect if you want to hop on this trend! They’re some of the best artificial flowers that can be dyed any color imaginable. 


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Bright Sunset Colors

Warm colors of terracotta, mustard, peach, and ochre have seemed to dominate many color palettes for summer home decor. These colors are seen in decorative accessories, such as throw pillows and blankets. They’re also seen in accent walls and statement furniture pieces. If you love your neutral home but want to include a little bit of color, try making small decorations, such as terracotta pots with artificial flowers, or a colorful wall-hanging made from braided yarn. 

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Natural Materials

Another huge trend that has started coming back this summer has to do with the use of neutral materials, such as wood and other elements. The warm wood tones of furniture, hanging shelves, and rustic beams have started to dominate the popular kitchen decor that was once all-white. You can also see this in the huge popularity of woven wicker baskets, centerpieces, egg chairs, table runners, and more. Make sure that you’re incorporating some natural materials and neutral colors into your decorations. Using flowers made from wood materials is a great way to incorporate these popular materials and colors into your decorations.

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DIY Home Decor Kits

If you love DIY projects but aren’t very good at planning them or bringing all of the necessary parts together, don’t worry. There are tons of DIY home decor kits created by crafters and for crafters. These convenient kits will give you all of the supplies that you need, along with the instructions that will help you to make a beautiful decoration that you’ll love. Here are some popular types of DIY home decor kits that you can look into when you’re trying to up your home decor game. 

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Wreaths are always popular decorations since they can be customized for any time of year, holiday, or season. However, they’re especially popular during the summer because they can be used to capture some of the most popular colors and textures of summer in a beautiful door decoration that will greet your guests. Even if you don’t love super bright wreaths, you can choose flowers and greenery with more subdued colors, such as eucalyptus, baby’s breath, or lavender, to create a wreath that will be totally on-trend. There are cute wreath kits that you can buy to help you if you’ve never made one before!

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Felt Ball Garland

If you want a decoration that will be cute and minimalistic, try using a felt ball garland! These adorable garlands come in all sorts of colors and designs. You can mix and match colors for different seasons and events. The best part of all is that you can buy felt ball garland kits that come with all of the balls, thread, needles, and accessories that you need to create an trendy garland. These garlands are super easy to make and will look lovely layered and hung from your fireplace mantel. You could also hang them in a child’s room or baby nursery for an adorable look.

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DIY Flower Centerpiece 

Summer is the perfect time to use flowers in your decorations, so these DIY flower centerpiece kits will be great for your summer events! You can choose from different options depending on your personal style. Whether you like rustic decor, farmhouse decor, or more modern decor styles, you’ll be able to find something that you love. Plus, you can always change out some of your flower colors to make your centerpiece more applicable for the specific holiday or season that you’re celebrating. When you use artificial flowers, like wood flowers, you’ll be able to reuse your DIY flower centerpiece again and again!

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Colorblock Abstract Painting

Handmade art as home decor has started coming back in style. Lots of DIYers have loved creating colorblock abstract paintings that use some of the most popular colors and styles of the season. You can even use sharpie or paint pen on top of your painting to add some abstract design or detail. The best part about creating your own painting is that you can totally personalize it with colors and designs that are meaningful to you personally. You can get a DIY home decor kit with paints and canvases to help you to have a successful time painting.

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