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Trendy and Beautiful Wedding Flowers for 2022 Brides

Are you getting married in 2022? You’re probably up to your neck in wedding planning and decisions from which venue to book to which wedding dress to buy to which vendors to hire. You’re also probably looking for some ideas for your wedding flowers. If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article has compiled some of the trendiest wedding flower ideas of this wedding season. Take a look at these ideas, decide on your vision for your wedding, and you’ll be able to have some of the most beautiful wedding flowers without stressing yourself out.

You probably already know what colors you’d like to use in your wedding flowers so that they match your wedding color scheme. But have you thought about specific types of flowers that you’d like to use? Or certain textures and complementary greenery that you want to use? Have you thought about which bouquet shape you’d like for your bridal bouquet? Or if you’d like trailing ribbons or other finishing touches? These are all decisions that you’ll need to make as you’re planning for your flowers, whether you’re working with a florist or DIY-ing your own flowers. So, to get the gears turning in your head, here are some of 2022’s biggest wedding flower trends.

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2022 Wedding Flower Trends


Lately, lots of brides have been wanting to get back to the organic beauty that nature provides. For this reason, natural wildflowers have been hugely popular in lots of floral installations and as complementary flowers in bridal bouquets. A few of the popular types of wildflowers are zinnias, mountain daises, sweetpeas, zinnias, baby's breath, black-eyed susans, cosmos, sunflowers, foxgloves, violets, rice flower, lavender, and cornflowers. Even if you don’t recognize those types of flowers specifically, remember that wildflowers are usually dainty with intricate details and bright colors. Then choose the wildflowers that go best with your desired aesthetic!

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Bold Colors

One huge trend of 2022 weddings is that many brides are opting for bold color combinations. Pastel colors are still very popular, but gone are the days of all-white weddings or all-pink weddings. Now, brides are choosing to combine grapefruit red with baby blue with peachy pink and mustard yellow. This bright array of colors can be a bit difficult to achieve if you don’t live in an area that has all of these colors in season. If so, using custom-dyed artificial flowers could be a great option for you because they’re available all year long. 

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Fluffy Pastels

Although bold colors are all the rage, pastels are still in. Particularly the multicolored, fluffy, dramatic pastel flowers as inspired by Bridgerton, a regency romance Netflix series. If you want some floral installations at your wedding that are totally dreamy and romantic, using fluffy, pastel flowers will be perfect for you. Some flowers that will match this aesthetic are sweetpeas, peonies, garden roses, snapdragons, wax flower, and more. Just picture how dreamy a fluffy, draping archway of these pastel flowers would be to frame the altar of your wedding. 


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Organic and Overflowing

A popular form and shape for wedding flowers in 2022 is the organic and overflowing shape. Stiff, sphere-shaped, ball bouquets may have been popular earlier in the 2000’s, but they aren’t as trendy this year. Oversized bouquets are a lot more popular this year. When it comes to floral installations that might be used in your reception or wedding ceremony, most brides aim for an organic, free-flowing arrangements that look like they’ve been taken from a beautiful outdoor garden.

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Wood and Dried Flowers

Another huge trend that has taken over the wedding industry is the use of wood and dried flowers in wedding arrangements. These trendy flowers come in lots of beautiful neutral tones such as cream, tan, blush, terracotta, brown, and more. They can also be dyed to match other, brighter wedding colors. Dried flowers don’t have a lot of volume to them, but when they’re paired with wood flowers, it is the perfect balance of fashion and structure. Wood flowers are also popular because they’re affordable and environmentally friendly. Wood flowers can be ordered in bulk and custom dyed to match your desired colors. There are even DIY bouquet sets that you can order if you’re trying to save money by arranging your own wedding flowers. You can also order custom-made bouquets and arrangements that will be perfect for your big day.

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Hand-Tied Bouquets

If you’re looking for bridal bouquet ideas, one of the most popular styles of this season is the hand-tied bouquet. This just refers to an oversized bouquet style that looks spontaneously gathered and is hand-tied with some beautiful silk ribbons. Usually these types of bouquets will be designed in a crescent shape, oval shape, or cascade shape. Hand-tied bouquets usually have lots of big, statement flowers combined with flowy greenery and unique floral filler. You can customize a hand-tied bouquet to match your particular taste with flower types and colors to end up with the perfect, trendy bouquet.

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Dramatic Installations

If you’re wanting to have some floral installations at your wedding reception or ceremony, giant, dramatic installations are very “in” this year. Picture hanging ceiling installations made of cloud-like, painted baby’s breath for a magical indoor decoration. Or you could do a large, overflowing archway of greenery and gorgeous garden flowers to frame your wedding altar where you’ll have your vows. Your guests will go crazy if you give them a grand entrance with an aisle that is totally flower-ridden with arrangements that seem to grow up the rows in a free-flowing fashion. Remember, nothing is more on-trend than dramatic, over-the-top floral installations, so make all of your floral dreams come true for your wedding!

Do you want a wedding that is totally Instagram-worthy? Are you hoping that your wedding aesthetic and decorations will be unforgettable? If so, you’ll need to be familiar with this year’s floral trends so you can have beautiful wedding flowers. Here are a few wedding flower ideas for you to consider. If you need some more inspiration to fuel your ideas for wedding flowers, check out this article from that lists some more of the 2022 wedding flower trends.