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Flowers in Home Decor and Other Decoration Trends of Summer 2022

Are you wondering how to decorate your home for Summer 2022 parties and gatherings? If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it has taught us the importance of creating a beautiful, comfortable home where you can feel happy and whole. Lots of unique and meaningful decor trends have stemmed from that sentiment over the past few years. Many homeowners are seeking to go back to their roots and surround themselves with natural beauty that helps them to feel simultaneously nostalgic and connected with the outdoors. 

From using artificial flowers for home decor to painting furniture in bold, jewel-toned colors, 2022 has brought many trends that have been unexpected but also grounding in an intimate way. Not all of these trends might be your cup of tea, but remember that you can individualize these trends to fit your home aesthetic and personal style. When you’re choosing your home decor, try to think of what trends will be cute and fun as well as meaningful. These are the decorations that you’ll keep around for years to come. 

Sola Wood Flower Home Decor wreath of artificial flowers.

2022 Home Decor Trends

Here are just a few of the favorite home decor trends of 2022 for you to consider. Make sure that you keep in mind your signature taste and decor style and personalize each of these options until they match your home aesthetic. Try to choose home decor updates that will be stylish throughout the summer and timeless throughout the rest of the year. This approach is budget-friendly and isn’t harmful to the environment as it helps you to avoid the overconsumption of products that you won’t use repeatedly. If you need some additional inspiration for your home decor, check out this article by Jane at Home.


After years of shiplap and farmhouse elements, natural stone is making a huge comeback. Lots of homeowners are starting to use stone like marble, quartz, granite, and even artificial stone in different furniture items and home decor. Having a stone island and kitchen countertop is pretty mainstream by now. If you want to really hop on the stone trend, try having your bathroom and walk-in shower be made entirely out of stone slabs. You can also include stone in coffee tables, pieces of art, and even dishes. This will bring an interesting brightness and texture to different areas of your home.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are also totally in for summer 2022. During the warm months, you want to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside your home. There is no better way to do this than by using artificial flowers in different decorations. You can use artificial flowers to create wreaths, centerpieces, bouquets, wall hangings, statement chandeliers, table garlands, floral walls, and all sorts of other ideas. Florals are totally Instagram worthy and provide you with a romantic aesthetic, but fresh flowers are too expensive to constantly replace. You can save money by buying reusable artificial flowers that you can enjoy all summer long. If you love natural, neutral tones, wood flowers will be the perfect artificial bloom for you. They come in beautiful creamy and wooden colors that are perfect for crafts and decorations. They can also be dyed later to match any color that you might need for a decoration. Having a gender reveal party? No problem. Having a Galentines party? These will be perfect. You can use wood flowers for any home decor craft or project.  If you’re looking for some floral decor inspiration, be sure to check out these wood flower craft tutorials.

Artificial wood flower home decor wreath made from Sola Wood Flowers.

Outdoor Elements

Throughout the quarantines and challenges of COVID-19, many people have fallen in love with the outdoors again, and have been striving to bring the outdoors in. Outdoor elements such as houseplants have taken over the homes of many trend enthusiasts during 2021 and 2022. Even if you don’t want your house to be totally full of greenery, you can add some plants (artificial or live) here and there to bring nice pops of color and texture that will break up the neutrals of your home.

Blue and Green Tones

Speaking of colors, all sorts of blue and green tones have been taking over home decor ideas in 2022. This could include anything from a deep green statement kitchen to some tasteful blue and white pottery pieces to a sage green accent wall to a bright turquoise sofa. There is something so powerful about the way that blue and green tones reflect the nature that is right outside your windows and doors. No matter what your personal style is, you can find a way to work in your favorite shade of blue or green to match with your other home decor. 

Wood and Warmth

Ok, all-white kitchens (and all-white houses) might not necessarily be extinct yet, but many homeowners are adding pops of wood and natural warmth to their formerly white and neutral homes. Different shades of wood add a beautiful variety to your home that is pleasing to the eye (and easier to keep clean!) Wicker furniture has also become very popular as of late, especially natural wicker furniture that is left in its normal tan or brown color. This is a great way to help your house feel warm and happy for summer.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have become incredibly trendy in the wedding industry over the past few years, and that trend is starting to leak into home decor as well. Dried flowers encompass many of the color schemes that are very fashionable currently. They usually come in subdued pastel and neutral tones that make them the perfect staple for your home decor. Plus, you can reuse dried flowers over and over again. A dried floral bouquet this year could become a table garland next year and coil become a mantel decoration the next year. Artificial floral filler and dried greenery can also add some nice volume to a dried floral arrangement. You will never regret using dried flowers in your home decor. 

European Influences

There are many European influences that are becoming incredibly popular in home decor from wildflower bouquets to architectural framing details to curved, arched doorways to intricate furniture. Natural wood beams and detailing seem to invoke the feeling of a romantic European cottage. The use of vintage glass dishes and pottery also nod to European tableware of the past. Bold tile and glass patterns that have been seen in historic European architecture are also making a comeback in residential homes. Not to mention the huge hold that Bridgeton and other period romances have upon summer interior design in all shades of pastel. Check out this blog article for more ideas of European influences that you can use in your home decorations.