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Using Artificial Flowers for Holiday Home Decoration

Are you home for the holidays? Like, every holiday? Some homeowners love tearing down their decorations and borderline renovating their entire home for the next holiday. Other homeowners get overwhelmed at the thought of redecorating so soon. After all, there are a lot of holidays that are celebrated, especially if you love to host parties and celebrate together. No matter how many of the holidays you personally keep up with, you’ll have some redecorating that you have to do without the year. 

The best way to decorate for different holidays without feeling overwhelmed or going overboard is to use artificial flowers. Artificial flowers come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to create customized and beautiful decorations that will fit your personal aesthetic. Using artificial flowers for your home decoration is easy and affordable. Your artificial flower decorations can be easily stored, reused, and even rearranged, which is great if you have holiday parties that are repeated each year. Artificial flowers can also be as minimalist or as maximalist as you want. So if you’re one of those people that loves to have very over-the-top home decorations, artificial flowers will be perfect for you too. 

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The Best Artificial Flowers

First, it is important to familiarize yourself with the high-quality options of artificial flowers that are available to you. This will help you to choose the perfect artificial flower for your DIY decoration projects. So, here are a few types of artificial flowers that you should be familiar with:

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are a beautiful, highly realistic option for artificial flowers. They’re made out of the highest quality of silk which mimics the colors and textures of real petal leaves. There are so many different kinds of flowers that are made out of silk from tulips to peonies to orchids. Silk flowers might be a little more expensive than mediocre artificial flowers, but they’ll last forever and you’ll be able to reuse them year after year. These aren’t the cheap, flimsy fabric flowers that you’ll find in your grandma’s floral arrangements. Silk flowers are the real deal!

Dried Flowers

As the name implies, dried flowers are fresh flowers that have been carefully dried in a way that preserves their natural form and beauty. Not all flowers can be dried so carefully. For example, flowers with very thin, delicate petals tend to shrivel up when they’re dried. But there are other types of blooms, such as baby’s breath, that dry beautifully and can be painted to match different aesthetics and colors. These artificial flowers have become very trendy in the wedding industry over the past few years. Just be aware that they are quite fragile and might have some debris that comes from moving them around. 

Artificial floral lavender bouquet filler

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are another wonderful and affordable option for artificial flowers. They’re made out of natural wood-like material that is turned into a soft, pliable material that looks realistic and stylish. They’re then paired beautifully with faux or dried greenery and floral filler. They’re designed perfectly for your crafting needs because you can order wood flowers in DIY bouquet kits, in decorative sets, or even in bulk at a wholesale price. Wood flowers can also be dyed to match a huge variety of colors. So, if you want to make a variety of decorations all at once, you can order a big bag of plain wood flowers and a bunch of different dye colors to create and craft to your heart’s content. Those are just a few reasons why wood flowers are perfect for your artificial flower home decor. 

Holiday Decoration Ideas

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of artificial flowers that you can use in your crafts, here are some holiday decoration ideas. There are a lot of different holidays that you likely celebrate, so this section just highlights a few popular holidays and some ideas that you could use. Your artificial flowers for holiday home decoration will be totally Instagram-worthy! If you need some incredibly creative inspiration for your holiday decorations, check out this blog post by Turtle Creek Lane. Her decorative ideas are certainly high-impact and over the top, but you can always tone them down to fit your space and personal taste. 

Artificial Christmas home decor flower centerpiece


Christmas decorations are usually full of pinecones and evergreen boughs, but artificial flowers can give your Christmas decorations a unique and creative look. You can dye your artificial flowers into festive color schemes such as green and red, blue and silver, or burgundy and gold. Or if you’re going for more of a rustic, natural look with your Christmas decorations, you could use some natural wood flowers in your decorations and let the natural cream and brown textures be the star of the show. Try making a Christmas garland completely out of artificial flowers and greenery. You can even add some artificial flowers to your Christmas tree for a unique, show-stopping look. Artificial flowers always look beautiful on a wreath or centerpiece, especially when they match the color scheme of the rest of your house. 


Easter is a fun time to decorate for because there are all sorts of pastel color combinations that you can use. Neutral-themed Easter decorations have also become trendy over the past few years. To incorporate artificial flowers into your Easter decorations, try making a Floral chandelier with some hanging flowers and eggs. You could also string artificial flowers and matching fake eggs to string or fishing wire to create a beautiful curtain of blooms that you could hang in a doorway or against a wall. An Easter garland will be the perfect way to decorate your dining table or kitchen island. 

Artificial Halloween flower decor with sola wood flowers dyed in orange, purple and green on a white wood square cut out.


Halloween doesn’t have to be all skeletons and ghosts. You can use artificial flowers to create some Halloween decorations that will set the mood for a cozy night watching scary movies. Use flowers in your Halloween colors to create floating flower balls that you can hang inside or outside. You could also decorate skulls with flowers for a candy skull-inspired look. A Halloween wreath with artificial flowers and spiderwebs will be the perfect way to welcome your trick-or-treaters. 

Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget about Valentine’s Day! The use of red roses can be pretty much expected for Valentine’s Day decorations at this point. Try to go out of your comfort zone and use different shades such as lilac, blush, wine, and rust to decorate your house for a romantic evening. You can use your artificial flowers to create beautiful centerpieces and napkin holders for a beautiful tablescape. If you’re having a Galentine’s party, it could be fun to create a floral wall by attaching artificial flowers to a piece of plywood or another solid material that creates a solid, dense wall of different colored flowers. This floral wall will be the perfect photoshoot background!

Artificial Valentine's day heart shaped sola wood flower home decor project