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Wooden Flower Wall Decor for Trendy Farmhouses-Style Homes

Hey there, crafty DIY homemakers! Are you looking for trendy decor to spruce up a blank wall in your home? Whether you’re rearranging your living room, renovating your master bedroom, or even preparing a nursery room, there are gorgeous wooden flower wall decor ideas that you can incorporate in every part of your house. You could even put some of these decorations on your back patio to spruce up your outdoor space for spring and summer parties. This article will talk about the benefits of crafting with wood flowers and give you lots of great inspiration for farmhouse-style wall decorations.

One of the great things about the farmhouse style is that it can be totally personalized according to your individual taste and preferences. If you don’t want to go 100% farmhouse chic with the rustic painted window shutters, you can try for more of a classy farmhouse with a collection of vintage clocks. Or you can try for more of a modern farmhouse look with a simple neutral color palette and warm wood details. No matter what your house looks like and what your personal style is, you can make some element of the farmhouse trend work for your space. 


Wall Decor Ideas

Okay, so first of all you’re going to need some wood flower decor ideas to get started. There are so many different types of wall decor that can incorporate flowers. Even if you don’t want something that looks super feminine or girly, you can choose colors and textures that are more bohemian or neutral. The decorative accessories, such as clocks, wreaths, frames, or mirrors, that you use with your flowers will also go a long way to establish your specific aesthetic and vibe. If you’re needing some additional ideas and inspiration for your wooden wall decor, check out this article on farmhouse wall decor ideas. In the meantime, enjoy these ideas!

wreath wall decor

1. Wooden Words

First of all, a popular farmhouse style trend is to have 3D wooden words or letters hanging on a wall. For example, you could have the word “family” or “welcome” or “spring” or “Merry Christmas” hanging on your wall. You can easily add a few little floral decorations to one end or the other of your 3D wood words with some floral wire for extra stylish impact. 

2. Hanging Wreaths

Another fun idea for a wall decoration is to have hanging wreaths. You can make your wreaths out of artificial flowers and greenery. You can then switch out the color of ribbon that they use to hang depending on the season. You could also make multiple wreaths to match the different seasons or holidays of the year. If you want a bit more structure to your hanging wreaths, you can add some farmhouse shutters to your wall and hang the wreaths down off of the shutters. This can bring in some warmth and dimension from the wood that will pair nicely with your wreaths.

3. Rustic Mirrors

Rustic mirrors can also be a beautiful addition to an empty wall. Mirrors reflect light and can make your room feel brighter and bigger. If you feel like your wall is a little too boring with some plain mirrors, add a few florals for a pop of color. You can add small wreaths on top of the mirrors, garlands streaming across the tops, or small bursts of flowers in different corners. 

4. Open Shelving with Ceramics

Another creative idea that can add some dimension to your wall is open shelving with some ceramics or special dishes. You can add some floating wood shelves and style them with ceramic pitchers, vases, or even special heirloom dishes. Stick some artificial flower buds or floral filler and greenery in the dishes for a bit more volume and drama. Again, you can personalize these decorations for each season depending on the flowers that you add. 

5. Window Silhouettes 

Window Silhouettes have also become a trendy decoration. Rustic, farmhouse windows can be arranged in a collage pattern can add some style to a huge empty wall. One of the most popular styles for the window silhouettes trend is a gothic arch style window. Most of these window decorations are made without glass, which gives you the perfect space to attach some trendy and seasonal flowers in the empty space. 

sign wall hanging decor

6. Handwritten Signs

If you’ve been to a craft store recently, you’ve probably seen a plethora of handwritten farmhouse signs with all sorts of cute quotes. These can be an adorable decoration for your space. Add a bit more personality to your neutral handwritten sign with a floral wreath or garland draped around it. 

7. HOME Sign

You can create a fun and meaningful “HOME” sign on your wall by pairing together large letters of “H” “M” and “E” with a similarly sized wreath standing in place for the “O.” This will make a beautiful piece of wood flower wall decor. 

8. Wicker Baskets

Do you love the look of small bouquets? You can hang up wood flower bouqets in a variety of wicker baskets of different styles and sizes. Make sure to hang up your wicker baskets securely and then you can switch out your bouquets to incorporate different color schemes and styles. 

9. Hanging Farmhouse Buckets

If you don’t like the bohemian style of wicker baskets, try switching them out for farmhouse-style buckets in silver or a painted white finish. This is a more structure, metallic version of the wicker baskets if you want more of a modern look. Again, you can add your personalized bouquets to the buckets for a fun floral pop.

hanging farmhouse decor

10. Chickenwire Frames

Do you have some old wooden frames laying around? You can add some weathered paint and chicken wire to create a farmhouse-worthy decoration. Hang these frames up in a mosaic pattern. The chickenwire provides a textured backdrop that can also be used to clip pictures or mementos to. Add some wood flowers here and there to make this decoration fun and romantic.

Working with Wood Flowers

Wood flowers make the perfect wooden flower wall decor because they are fun to craft with and super easy to repurpose. They’re made out of tapioca root and are processed and formed until they are soft, pliable, and flexible. Wood flowers imitate the shapes of real flowers, such as roses or daisies, which is perfect for spring and summer seasonal decorations. Additionally, they can be dyed into realistic colors as well as bold, bohemian colors. You can even order wood flowers in bulk to be able to dye them into different colors for many different projects. No matter what your vision is for your wall decor, you’ll end up with the perfect flowers when you use wood flowers.