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The Best Artificial Flower Arrangements for Home Decor

Now that it is warming up outside, you’re probably looking for something to bring the colors of outdoor blooms into your home. You have to admit, spring flowers and summer greenery are too beautiful to ignore. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on live, fresh flowers that will just wilt and die over and over again, use artificial flowers in your decorations. They’ll never die and you’ll be able to use them repeatedly throughout the years. 

This article will talk about some of the best artificial flower arrangements for home decor. However, the goal is that these ideas will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing so you can think up your own gorgeous DIY crafts! Artificial flower arrangements don’t always have to be overly feminine or girly. Depending on the colors and textures of the flowers that you choose, you can achieve any type of aesthetic such as neutral, rustic, bohemian, desert, tropical, or classic. No matter what your personal decor style may be, you’ll be able to find and think of crafts with artificial flowers that will match your aesthetic perfectly. 

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Crafting with Artificial Flowers

First of all, there are a few things that you should know about crafting with artificial flowers. There are a lot of different kinds of artificial flowers, and they’re not all made equally. For example, the thin fabric artificial flowers that you see at the grocery store look cheap and unrealistic. Silk flowers and wood flowers are some of the most popular artificial flowers. Silk flowers are made from high-quality silk fabric, as the name implies. This creates very realistic flowers that are soft, shiny, and glamorous. 

Wood flowers are another great option for artificial flowers. They’re made from dried tapioca root and formed and softened until they look realistic, soft, and stylish. Wood flowers can also be dyed to match any color. This is great for home decor pieces that need to match a specific color scheme for a season, holiday, or event. If you know that you’re going to be doing multiple floral arrangement crafts, order your wood flowers in bulk and you can dye them accordingly. If you want to add a bit more volume to your artificial flower arrangements, you can add some dried flowers or some faux floral filler and greenery. This can help your artificial flower arrangements look full and voluminous. If you’re trying to create a traditional bouquet with your wood flowers, you can use a DIY bouquet set. Make sure to follow this tutorial to know how to attach your stems to your wood flowers and arrange them beautifully. 

Seasonal Flower Color Schemes

Now that you’re familiar with the artificial flowers that are available to you, you should think about some of the different flower color schemes that you can use for different decorations. Since your artificial flowers never wilt or die, you can repurpose and rearrange them to use for different decorations and events. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your different artificial flowers to come up with different color schemes that you’ll love for different seasons and events. Here are a few ideas for you to consider. 

  • Sage Green and Rust
  • Cream and Blush
  • Pink and Navy
  • Dusty Blue, Lilac, and Blush
  • Light Gray and Light Blue
  • Blush and Wine 
  • Rust and Blush
  • Dusty Rose and Sage Green
  • Cream and Tan
  • Deep Red and Forest Green
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Flower Arrangement Decor Ideas

Once you’ve chosen the colors that you want to use in your artificial flower arrangements for your home decor, you’re ready to start thinking of project ideas. Flowers can be used in so many different kinds of decorations. You could create something as traditional as a bouquet, something as countrified as a floral bucket, or something as bohemian as a floral wall hanging. Even a basic wreath can be made stylish and special with some artificial flowers. Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using florals in your DIY decorations. In the meantime, here are a couple of ideas that can get your creative ideas flowing. You can also check out this article which has some artificial flower arrangement ideas. 

Artificial Flower Pot

First off, you can make an artificial flower pot for home decoration that you will love. This decoration will look so natural and authentic for your spring and summer parties. You can choose any different style of the pot to achieve the right aesthetic for your arrangement. You could use a woven pot for more of a natural, bohemian vibe, a rustic painted pot for a farmhouse vibe, or even a blue and white vintage pot for an Italian touch. Then, create your oversized arrangement according to your style and fasten it together so they’ll all stay in place when you put them in the pot.

Door Hanging Bouquet

Next, you can create a door-hanging bouquet. There are specific bouquet holders that you can purchase that are designed to be hung on a door securely. You could also go for more of a free, bohemian look by arranging your cascading bouquet and attaching it with some floral foam to your door. Use the colors of your hanging bouquet to embody the spirit of the season. There is no better way to present your house to your guests than by having a cute door-hanging bouquet.

Floral Wall Hanging

If you want a floral arrangement that is a little bit more high-impact, try creating a floral wall hanging. You can thread your florals together in a whimsical floral curtain that would look beautiful in a little girl’s room. You could also attach all of your florals to a piece of plywood to create a dense, full wall of florals that would be the perfect photo backdrop for a party. 

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Floral Chandelier

If you’re planning a party or event that will have a beautiful tablescape, don’t forget that the area above your table can also make an impact. A floral chandelier is a dramatic floral decoration that will give your table a glamorous finishing touch. To create a floral chandelier, you’ll need to start off with a basic wreath shape as your base. Then, attach the florals in a hanging shape that will look good from the side and below. Once all the florals are securely attached, you can hang your chandelier using fishing wire or a similar product. If you want a version of this floral chandelier that could be used on more of an everyday basis, try using neutral flowers and greenery to create something that would match your home day-to-day.