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How To Choose Your Filler

We know... we get it! There are tons of filler options to choose from! Faux or preserved? Natural or bright colors? The options, and combinations, are truly endless! So where do you start? How do you pick from all these amazing options?! Don't worry, we've created the perfect Filler Formula for you to use as a guide when deciding what to purchase to add to your Sola Wood Flower arrangement.

You've just purchased your Sola Wood Flowers. Next step - filler! (Which is one of our favorite parts of creating our arrangements!) 

Here is a simple and easy guide to help guide you. 

  1. Start with a filler that is full and leafy. 
  2. Choose a secondary filler that is full, but not leafy. This will serve as a complimentary filler. 
  3. Then choose a textured filler. This is where you can add a fun pop of color or texture. 


Step one - choose a filler that is bold, leafy, and full! Here are a few of our favorites! 

Step two - Choose another full filler that isn't leafy. This filler will have a bit of contrast to the leafy filler you selected in step one. This will give your arrangement texture and depth. Here are a few suggestions - 

Step three - Choose a filler that can add fun pops of color or texture... or both! This filler won't be full or leafy. You want to choose something that is more "piecey" that you can spread throughout your bouquet to give your arrangement color (if you so choose) and texture! Here are some of our favorites - 

Like we said before the, there are so many options. Here we have a few examples of our favorite filler combinations to help get you going and give you a spark of inspiration and creativity. 

First, we have combined the ever so popular Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Merlot Tortum, and the gorgeous neutral Star Filler. 

The leafy green eucalyptus and natural Star Filler provide the perfect contrast for the beautiful Merlot Tortum. (We know, we know... we're way ahead of you. We have already thought about creating a full bouquet of only these fillers. I mean, how perfect would that be for a boho style bridesmaid bouquet?!).

Next up we have combined Willow Eucalyptus, Lavender, and White Baby's Breath.

The elongated leaves of the willow eucalyptus are gorgeous. The white baby's breath is beautiful, neutral, and perfect for any arrangement. Then the subtle pop of purple lavender is the finishing touch. Plus, it smells AMAZING! (BONUS - Are you a stressed out bride? Know one? Take a whiff of your lavender filled bouquet on your Big Day to calm those nerves.)

And last, but certainly not least, we have our Champagne Glitter Baby's Breath, Boxwood Greenery, and Blue Sky Frosted Eucalyptus.

The champagne baby's breath is the perfect way to add a bit of *sparkle* to any arrangement. The boxwood greenery is a customer favorite, and it's easy to see why. The little leafy greens are gorgeous. The soft blue from the frosted eucalyptus is the perfect touch to any bouquet or centerpiece. 

Now that you have a general direction in which to head, let your creativity run wild. This is just a helpful guide to get you started. There are so many options for filler, whether preserved or faux. The creative options are endless. Click here to check out our wide collection of fillers!

Once you're done crafting, don't forget to share it with us in our Sola Wood Flowers Official Facebook Group. We can't wait to see. 

Happy Crafting!