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Sola Supplies To Get You Started

So you've purchased your Sola Wood Flowers... Now what? Well, it's time to get crafting! 

But what will you need (besides your wood flowers)? Here is a short supply list of items that are incredibly helpful to have on hand to begin your Sola Wood Flower crafting adventure! 

If you purchased one of our DIY Craft Kits, you may already have a few of these. 


Now, you may not need all of these, but that will depend on what exactly you're wanting to create. For example, if you are going to be making a bouquet you won't be needing the floral foam. 

Scissors are helpful for any craft project! When crafting with sola wood flowers you can use them to trim filler, clip a wonky petal, or cut your twine or ribbon. You want to have these on hand wherever you have your crafting station set up, so you aren't fumbling for them or trying to find them when you really need them. 


Wire cutters are a Sola Wood Flower Crafting MUST! You will use these as much as you use your right hand. We use ours to cut our wire and bamboos stems and to trim filler. A good pair of wire cutters is definitely needed. 


If you are creating a home decor piece that will go in a planter, vase, or other type of container... you are going to want floral foam. Cut your foam down to a size to fit your container, add a bit of glue to hold it in place, then you are ready to add your stemmed flowers! 


Color is the spice of life! What better way to spice things up than dyeing your Sola Wood Flowers to match whatever color scheme you're going for! We offer over 50+ color options to choose from. Our EXCLUSIVE Sola Softener is the best! This product that we now offer can be added right to your dye mixture. It helps to keep the flowers soft and pliable, giving them a more realistic look while improving durability! 


Floral tape is a necessity for any great florist! (Yes, that means you!) Whether you are using it to secure your bouquet, or to create mini filler bunches... you want a good floral tape to do the job. We offer 2 different kinds of floral tape on our website. We have vinyl and traditional. The vinyl is much like a regular tape where one side is sticky, and the other is not. Traditional floral tape is not sticky to the touch, until it has been stretched. Once stretched the adhesive is activated and it is ready to be put to use. 

You may already have a hot glue gun sitting around, but if you don't we've got you covered. Our Sola Wood Flower glue gun is perfect for any craft project! Complete with an off switch so you aren't plugging and unplugging between projects. This standard-size glue gun works perfectly with our glue sticks. Pick up your glue sticks by clicking here

What kind of stems will you need for your arrangement? We prefer to use wire stems for our bouquets and bamboo stems for our centerpieces. The green wire stems give the flowers, and your bouquet, a more realistic look. When creating a centerpiece, generally the stems aren't super visible, so the bamboos stems are a more affordable option. 

Alright, so you're bouquet is built, looks AMAZING, but how do you cover the unsightly floral tape? There are a variety of options. You can use ribbon, jute twine, or lace. Of course, these are just a few of our suggestions. Feel free to let your creativity run wild! 

If you are wanting to create a home decor piece or wedding centerpiece, you're going to need some kind of container to build your arrangement in! At Sola Wood Flowers, we offer a wide variety of container options. We have handmade wood centerpiece boxes, ceramic containers, plastic containers, and tin... Just to name a few! Click here to see all of our options and decide which one fits you best. 



 Now that you've got your supplies, you're ready to start crafting! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. They are available via live chat 24/7! 

Happy Crafting!