Wood Flower Dye - 1oz

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Take a peek at our dye options gallery and you'll be surprised at how many colors we came up with to dye your sola wood flowers in (63 to be exact!)

Easy to follow instructions to dye your own flowers at home using a cereal bowl and tap water can be found hereAlso, for another dyeing instruction with the SOFTENER click here.

A 1 ounce bottle will color up to 4 dozen flowers.

Click here to view our dye color options.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that paint can freeze. If the area you live in has freezing temperatures, your wood flower dye may freeze during shipping, causing permanent damage to its consistency and quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Henryetta Stevens

Follow the fool proof instructions and the flowers are beautiful!

Love Love Love

I ordered it for 1000 Random mix and everybody views were complaining that they got too many of the twist flower styles… I think maybe I got 20. I had a really great assortment of flowers and I absolutely love them! I really only had maybe four that were ruined it and I had to throw them away. I did a great job packing them and making them. I’m so excited about these flowers! They’re going to be used for decorating my wedding venue and May 2023! I recommend buying these flowers to anybody!