How To Clean Your Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

How To Clean Your Sola Wood Flowers

 You purchased your beautiful sola wood flowers, created your stunning arrangement, and now they are displayed lovingly in your home. 

You might be wondering how to keep these beautiful wood blooms clean! Don't worry, we're here to help! 


Sola Wood Flowers are relatively easy to clean. You can follow these few tricks to bring your flowers back to life and get rid of any dust!


We recommend dusting your flowers at least once a week. This will keep the dust from building up. You can do this more or less frequent, depending on the amount of dust in your home, the area you live, and the place that you display them.

For larger flowers with fewer petals, you can easily dust the flowers with a lint free cloth. 


If the flowers in your arrangement are smaller, or have more petals, we recommend using a can of compressed air. You can get this in the office supplies section of your local store. Compressed air is generally used to dust your keyboard, and other small crevices. But it works WONDERS for your wood flowers. To avoid blowing dust from your flowers all of the rest of your home, we recommend taking your arrangement and stepping outside. Hold the can of compressed air about 14" - 16" away from the arrangement, and blow the air on the flowers in short bursts. This will bring your flowers back to life! 


We recommend NOT using water or chemicals on the sola wood flowers. When the flowers get damp or moist, they may lose their shape, and your arrangement could be ruined. Chemicals can also be harmful and change the color of the flowers, or destroy them completely. 



These are the steps that we recommend to clean your wood flowers. With proper cleaning and gentle handling, your flowers will stay looking beautiful for years to come.