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How to Create a Sola Wood Flower Wedding Arch

When you’re planning for your wedding florals and decorations don’t forget about the impact that a flower wedding arch can have on your big day. Flower wedding arches can bring a beautiful, natural touch to your wedding that will tie in all of your desired wedding colors perfectly. Plus, a flower wedding arch is also a cost-effective choice as you can use it for your wedding ceremony and then have it as a greeting line backdrop at your reception. The only drawback about using a flower arch in your wedding is that it can be quite expensive. Luckily, you can cut down on the costs by DIYing your own arch with Sola Wood flowers. Here are a few tips for creating the sola wood flower wedding arch of your dreams.

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1. Assemble and Stabilize Your Frame

First, you’ll want to assemble and stabilize the arch frame that you’ll be using. Framing is the most essential part of creating beautiful and stable wedding arches. You should be able to find an affordable metal arch frame that will work well for your DIY flower project. You can use a metal frame that is created specifically for floral installations or you can use a more generic gardening arch that is used for outdoor floral or vegetable growth. Some arch frames will come in a variety of shapes, including a disconnected asymmetrical shape that has been quite trendy over the past few years. Once you’ve selected your frame of choice, you’ll want to weigh it down and stabilize it. You can do this by placing 2 rock or cement-filled buckets in or around the base of the metal arch. If your metal frame can be inserted directly into the ground, you still might want to add some stabilizing rocks or bricks around the base so it doesn’t get accidentally knocked over. If you are building your frame in a different location, wait to complete this step until you’ve arrived at the wedding venue. 

2. Add Floral Foam

Once your metal frame is stable, it will be time to add floral foam. Adding floral foam to your arch will not only provide you with an easy place to insert your flowers, but it can also keep those flowers well hydrated if necessary. One of the benefits of using Sola Wood Flowers in your arch is that you won’t have to water them! This will make your creation and maintenance processes much easier. To secure your floral foam blocks to the frame, wrap some chicken wire around the floral foam and secure it together with zip ties. This can help to keep your flowers and greenery stable in their designated spots, particularly if you’re in a location where floral foam is more prone to breaking. Check out this article for more tips on adding floral foam and creating the base for your flower arch! After you ensure that your floral foam is secure and stable throughout all areas of the arch, you’ll be ready to start adding greenery and florals!

3. Start With Greenery and Fillers

You’ll start the creation of your Sola Wood flower arch by adding greenery and floral fillers. If you want a more realistic look, you can use fresh greenery. However, preserved and faux greenery options are still beautiful and voluminous, and don’t need to be watered or misted throughout the day. Make sure you start adding larger, fuller pieces of leafy foliage to the base of your arch form. The heavier pieces of greenery and foliage should be added to the bottom of your arch, where they are sufficiently supported. You can even use small tree branches or bush trimmings for a large, extra-impactful look. As you move upwards, select smaller, lighter pieces of greenery, such as leather leaf, and blend them in with the larger pieces for a seamless look. The top of your arch can feature whimsical, trailing pieces of greenery such as eucalyptus. You can use smaller cable ties or twist ties to secure your foliage if it is drooping unnaturally. Your greenery will help to cover up the metal frame of your arch and will also provide a beautiful, natural backdrop for your flowers.

After your arch is entirely covered with greenery, you can start adding delicate pieces of floral filler for small pops of color and texture. You might select popular options such as baby’s breath, heather spray, lavender spray, pixie cotton, and more. You can even include flowers such as wisteria, snapdragons, and hydrangeas as you start to work more delicate flowers into your arch shape.

How to make wedding arch with greenery and sola wood flowers

4. Add Flowers

Now that you’ve got some colors and smaller floral fillers added to your arch, it is time to add the full-size flowers! Make sure you select flowers that match your ideal wedding colors and aesthetic. Luckily, Sola Wood Flowers can be dyed to match any color. Start by adding the larger flowers that you want to be the main focal point of your arch. These flowers should generally reflect your main wedding colors. Then you can start adding smaller flowers around the larger flowers. Floral filler can be used to fill in any gaps. Be mindful of the sizes and colors of the flowers you’re using. You shouldn’t make the two sides of the arch look too identical or symmetrical if you want more of a natural, free-flowing style. You can also face your flowers in different directions to naturally bring the focus of your audience to the bride and groom at the center of the arch. Keep in mind your desired aesthetic for the arch at this point, as you can make your colors and flowers sparse among the greenery or you can make the flowers more dense and compact, covering more of the natural green colors. 

Using Sola Wood Flowers in your flower wedding arch will allow you to cut down on the expense of your floral decor without cutting back on style. You can order wood flowers in bulk for a fraction of the price of fresh flowers. You will fall in love with the way these flowers look on your big day. Plus, they don’t need to be watered and won’t wilt. This means that you’ll be able to put together your flower arch well before your wedding instead of worrying about assembling it last minute for the sake of the fresh flowers you’re using. Additionally, you’ll be able to reuse the flowers in your wedding arch for years to come for different crafts and decor projects.

5. Finishing Touches

Once all of your flowers are in place, your Sola Wood Flower wedding arch will be nearly complete! Now comes the fun part of putting together any finishing touches that you’d like to include to personalize your wedding arch. For example, if you want a hanging drape of fabric to give your arch a special, elegant touch, carefully secure the fabric around the flowers and greenery. You can also attach ribbon streamers or bits of lace for a more boho feel. Finally, you’re done! Your flower wedding arch looks gorgeous and you are ready to have a beautiful, low-stress wedding day!

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