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Ideas for DIY Wedding Decorations

Weddings can be very expensive. In 2022, the average cost of a wedding was $27,000. If you don’t have that kind of money to spend but still want the gorgeous wedding of your dreams, don’t worry. There are lots of ways to cut back, save, and make your wedding more affordable. For example, you can save thousands of dollars by creating your own wedding decorations. This could also be a great fit for you if you’re creative and love DIY projects. Here are a few ideas for DIY wedding decorations that should get the creative juices flowing in your mind, helping you to make some DIY wedding decorations that will blow your guests away. Just because they are DIY doesn’t mean they have to look cheap and “half-baked!” You’ll love the incredible results of these DIY decorations.

Wedding decorations using sola wood flowers

Vintage Bud Vases

One of the big wedding expenses that you can cut back on is wedding flowers. True, you have a lot of spaces to cover with decorations, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop thousands of dollars on huge floral centerpieces. Instead, you can go for a more simple, elegant look with vintage bud vases. You can buy or thrift vintage bottles and glassware that you can use as bud vases. Then, place single flowers in each vase (or a few flowers if they’re really petite) and stand back to admire the beautiful look! You can also add variety to your bud vases in the height and color of flowers that you use. Vintage decor is projected to be incredibly popular in 2023, so this DIY project would be perfect if you’re trying to stay on-trend!

Hand-Lettered Signs

Another popular and useful DIY is hand-lettered signs. These cheap DIY wedding decorations are both attractive and purposeful. You can make hand-lettered signs to use as your table numbers, name cards, seating charts, menu signs, schedule signs, and more. There are lots of cute and informative signs that can help your guests know how to navigate throughout your wedding venue. For example, you can use hand-lettered signs to tell them where to sit, when to take pictures, and more for your wedding ceremony. Remember, if you don’t feel confident lettering your own signs, there are many calligraphy and lettering artists for hire that could do them for you.

There are many different materials that can be used to create hand-lettered signs. You can draw on chalkboards, glass, acrylic sheets, driftwood, mirrors, reclaimed wood, thick paper, and more. For example, wine corks can be used as cheap and simple card holders if you want to draw your table numbers on some thick, pretty paper. To make a beautiful and affordable schedule sign, you can repurpose and reclaim an old wooden pallet. Simply sand it down and stain it to your desired color. Then, use an oil-based paint marker to write out your wedding day schedule. This rustic and pretty sign will help everyone to know what to anticipate next.

Hand lettered signs welcome wooden sign board wood print

Wedding Flower Kits

Having beautiful flowers at your wedding is essential, but fresh flowers can be very expensive, especially when you’re paying a florist to arrange them for you. You can cut down on costs by DIYing your own floral arrangements and using wedding flower kits. There are many DIY flower tutorials online if you feel you need extra help! There are many wedding flower kits you can use to create beautiful and affordable decorations for your wedding. Sola Wood Flowers has wedding flower kits for centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, decorations, and more that you can buy and arrange easily. These wood flower wedding kits from Sola Wood Flowers can be created ahead of time since wood flowers are long-lasting and don’t need to be watered.

Rustic Wood Slices

Rustic wood slices create unique DIY wedding decorations with the perfect vintage, earthy touch. You can use smaller, circular wood slices as coasters or chargers for your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. A larger wood slice would look beautiful as a centerpiece with florals or lanterns place on top. Reclaimed wood will work perfectly for this type of DIY. You can also use long wood slices as a rustic table runner. If you already love the color and texture of the aged wood slice, you won’t even need to sand or stain it. You’ll just need to cut it down to size. This will create the perfect centerpiece for your reception tables.

Petal Toss Sendoff

Having a wedding send-off is the perfect way to celebrate the end of your big day and the beginning of your honeymoon and life together. However, some send-offs can be more expensive than others. For an affordable and dreamy send-off, try doing a petal toss. You can buy affordable flowers and de-petal them to use as confetti. Then, divide the flowers up into baskets for the guests to grab a handful. You can also create a small cone to hold the petals out of paper and tape. Using petals as part of your sendoff is also more eco-friendly, as the petals will naturally decompose.

Polaroid Wall

Are you looking for a cheaper way to display pictures at your wedding? Instead of ordering expensive canvas prints, try using polaroids instead! You can hang a polaroid wall of your favorite pictures using twine and clothespins. These polaroids will be pretty DIY wedding decorations that you can reuse and enjoy for years to come. You can also allow your guests to add to your polaroid wall by providing a polaroid camera for them to use. Then, save the polaroids as a sort of guest book. You can also provide pens so they can write a message on their polaroid as a personalized touch!

Reusable Flower Arrangements

Dried and wood flowers are predicted to be one of the biggest wedding trends of 2023. Dried flowers and wood flowers look incredible and can be personalized with dye and paint. There are hundreds of different color combinations you can choose from when you use wood flowers. Plus, when you create arrangements out of flowers that aren’t going to wilt, they are much easier to repurpose and reuse, and not just for your wedding day! Suddenly, a bridesmaid’s bouquet can become a table centerpiece and a flower wedding arch can become part of a reception line backdrop.

wedding flower arrangement floral decorations with sola wood flowers

Doorway Arbor

Wedding arches or arbors can be quite expensive when you’re buying them brand-new. Luckily, you can make a beautiful DIY arbor using upcycled and vintage doors. You’ll simply need two doors for the sides and a piece of wood to connect them at the top of the arbor. You can personalize this arbor by creating as much space between the doors as you’d like. You can also paint it or stain it to make it look more elegant or rustic, depending on your wedding style. If the doorway look isn’t quite your style, try using any pieces of reclaimed wood for a vintage, stylish look that you will love. Drape your arbor with some fabric swags or bunches of flowers and you’ll have a gorgeous DIY wedding decoration that is totally Instagram-worthy.

So, as you’re planning your beautiful wedding, remember that you can save a lot of money by creating some of your own unique DIY wedding decorations. When you DIY your own decorations, you’ll be able to bring your wedding vision to life, guaranteed. Do you need more inspiration for your DIY wedding decorations? Check out this article from HGTV for 60 more ideas that you’ll be sure to love.