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How to Create a Stunning Eucalyptus Bouquet for Your Wedding

Eucalyptus is one of the most popular types of greenery among brides. There are a few different types of Eucalyptus with different-sized leaves and a variety of styles and textures, but all Eucalyptus have pretty, muted color tones that look great with wedding color palettes. Having a Eucalyptus bouquet will create a gorgeous aesthetic on your wedding day and in your wedding pictures. Luckily, Eucalyptus bouquets aren’t too difficult to create, and if you DIY your own bouquet, you could save a lot of money on your wedding flowers. Here are a few tips for creating a stunning Eucalyptus bouquet for your wedding.

Eucalyptus wedding bouquet green preserved silver dollar eucalyptus

How to Create a Wedding Bouquet

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have any floral design experience to create a gorgeous wedding bouquet. Creating a wedding bouquet can really be quite simple as long as you have a specific vision for your bouquet. You should know what size, style, and shape of bouquet you want to create, as well as the greenery and flowers that you want to use. (Helpful hint: If you don’t have a specific vision for your wedding bouquet, spend some time on Instagram or Pinterest looking for inspiration and gathering pictures of bouquet styles that you love.) Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll just need to follow these simple tutorial steps. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to arrange a bouquet that you’ll love to hold as you walk down the aisle to your love and new life. Remember, these are just a few basic steps to help you create a wedding bouquet. If you need additional help, check out our Sola School tutorials!

1. Start With Focal Flowers

To get your wedding bouquet started, you’ll want to begin by arranging your focal flowers. Focal flowers are the largest flowers in your bouquet. These flowers will be the main focal point of the arrangement, hence the name “focal flowers.” Your focal flowers might be garden roses, peonies, or dahlias, to name a few examples. Remember that your vocal flowers should usually include the main shades of your wedding color scheme. This will help you to put your favorite colors on display and maintain a cohesive color scheme throughout your floral arrangements. Gather all of your focal flowers together in an aesthetically pleasing pattern and get ready to add lots of flowers around them and in between them!

2. Add Complementary Flowers

Next, you’ll add your complimentary flowers, which are medium-sized to small-sized flowers. Common examples of complimentary flowers might be chrysanthemums, zinnias, and more. Their size, style, and colors should contrast and complement the focal flowers that you’ve already chosen and included. Work your complementary flowers throughout your bouquet to add a nice mix of colors and divide up the larger focal flowers.

3. Fill in with Floral Filler

After you’ve added your complementary flowers, it is time to fill in the gaps with floral filler. Floral fillers are often smaller and more delicate and will help to fill out your bouquet by adding volume and variety throughout the arrangement. There are lots of popular types of floral filler that can add a nice variety of height, texture, color, and style to your bouquet. Common examples are wax flower, baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s lace, sweet pea, lily of the valley, snapdragon, stock flower, and more.

4. Frame with Greenery and Eucalyptus

Next, frame your bouquet with Eucalyptus and other types of greenery. Smaller, more delicate sprigs of greenery, such as Baby Blue Eucalyptus, can work as floral filler and add a nice variety of colors throughout the bouquet. However, larger pieces of greenery, such as Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, will work best as framing pieces. This greenery will help to establish the shape and outer line of your wedding bouquet. Adding Eucalyptus to your bouquet will help it to look natural and trendy. If you want your bouquet to be more minimalistic, tone down the flowers and add even more Eucalyptus!

5. Add Finishing Touches

After your Eucalyptus and greenery is in place, add any finishing touches that will help your Eucalyptus bridal bouquet feel complete. First, you’ll want to secure and tie off your bouquet using a couple of rubber bands and floral tape. Then you can cover the rubber bands by wrapping your bouquet stems with some ribbon and pinning or tying it in place. For a trendy, stylish look, leave long streamers of ribbon draping down from the base of your bouquet. This ribbon will look extra romantic in your wedding photos!

How to Personalize Your Bouquet

There are many different ways to style and personalize your Eucalyptus bouquet. It is particularly easy to personalize your bouquet ahead of time by using wood flowers and preserved filler and greenery that don’t need to be watered or kept fresh. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to make your bouquet more Instagram-worthy and professional-looking. For additional ideas on different wedding flower styles, check out our different wood flower wedding bouquet collections.

DIY Eucalyptus Bouquet How to make a wedding bouquet with eucalyptus

Traditional Style

Eucalyptus is popularly used to create a structured, traditional, white-and-green wedding bouquet. This type of bouquet typically has more of a spherical shape and is made up of white and cream-colored flowers, such as roses. Baby Blue Eucalyptus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus would work particularly well in this style of bouquet. Check out this blog article from The Knot for more ideas on how to create a traditional greenery bouquet!

Bohemian Style

One of the most popular boho styles as of late has been inspired by the bright colors of wildflowers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to achieve these colors if you don’t have access to those flowers during their growing season. Luckily, wood flowers can be personalized and dyed to match any color. Check out the dye color gallery to find your perfect boho flowers! Then, add Seeded Eucalyptus or Feather Eucalyptus for a free-flowing, natural style that will embody the bohemian style.

Romantic Style

Romantic-style Eucalyptus bouquets have been all the rage lately. However, these bouquets don’t necessarily have to be filled with large roses and pink flowers. You can use any color scheme you’d like so long as the bouquet arrangement feels romantic and a little bit over-the-top. The essence of a romantic-style bouquet is a larger, overflowing shape, such as a crescent shape, lots of draping Eucalyptus greenery, and a variety of large flowers. For an extra romantic look, go for a hand-tied bouquet style with long, streaming, raw-edged ribbons.

rustic style wedding bouquet with eucalyptus

Western Rustic Style

If you’re hopping on the Western Rustic style trend for your wedding, pampas grass, dried and wood flowers, muted greenery tones, and neutral flowers are definitely a must-have. This trendy style incorporates all of the gorgeous tones of the Western aesthetic, such as taupe, terracotta, brown, mustard, blush, and more. Dried or dyed Eucalyptus would likely work better in this type of arrangement. Red or plum tones would likely pair beautifully with the other warm neutrals that are so popular in the Western Rustic style.

So, if you love different types of Eucalyptus and want to incorporate this popular greenery into your wedding bouquet, remember this article. Just don’t be afraid of creating your own bouquet! You can personalize your bouquet by using different types of Eucalyptus and different wedding bouquet styles. Soon, you’ll end up with the Eucalyptus wedding bouquet of your dreams.