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10 Unique Sunflower Centerpieces for Your Summer Wedding Day

Have you considered using sunflowers as one of your focal, statement flowers in your wedding flowers and centerpieces? Sunflowers perfectly capture the innate brightness of the summer season and will bring a unique touch to your wedding day. Their large sizes, unique textures, and vibrant colors make them a popular and unique choice for many brides. Plus, they’re going to be trending this upcoming wedding season along with other bright, unique flowers. Here are ten unique sunflower centerpieces that you’ll love for your summer wedding day.

1. Boho Sunflower Centerpiece

Not all sunflower wedding centerpieces have to be old-fashioned and garishly bright. You can easily create a bohemian-inspired wedding centerpiece that will work perfectly with the colors of sunflowers. The key to creating a boho sunflower centerpiece is to make it look like it was gathered together from the fields outside your venue. Use lots of small, intricate flowers such as wax flowers, lavender, or craspedia, and scatter them about your arrangement in a free-flowing form. Eucalyptus will also make your centerpiece feel more boho and nature-inspired. If you don’t want sunflowers to overtake your centerpiece, you can make their impact more minimal by only including one or two bright yellow blooms. Don’t forget to tie the centerpiece off with long, raw-edged ribbons for the perfect boho touch.

2. Rustic Sunflower Centerpiece

Rustic sunflower centerpieces will be especially popular if you’re having a country, farmhouse-themed wedding. These flowers often grow naturally in warm, rural areas, so they will perfectly embody the vibe that a rustic country wedding requires. Creating a rustic sunflower centerpiece is quite simple. The majority of your centerpiece will be made up of your large, vibrant sunflowers. You can add a little bit of greenery, floral filler, or small flowers for a variety of colors if you’d like. For example, you could add some baby’s breath to complete your arrangement. Locally grown flowers will help your centerpiece feel extra rustic. Then, place your flowers in a rustic vase such as a thrifted pitcher, cute bucket, or vintage glass bottle. You can add rustic touches such as wrapped twine, burlap, and/or lace as finishing touches.

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3. Minimalistic Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflowers are so large and iconic, they can truly hold their own in a centerpiece. For this reason, sunflowers are the perfect choice if you want to create more of a minimalistic look. To create a minimalistic sunflower centerpiece, you’ll only need your vase of choice and a few sunflowers. A clear glass vase, white ceramic vase, or vase with metallic details would look perfect with pops of gold and yellow sunflowers. You can even add unopened sunflower buds for a smaller size and interesting pop of color and texture.

4. Wood Flower Centerpiece

One easy and affordable way to create your wedding centerpieces ahead of time is to use a centerpiece craft kit from Sola Wood Flowers. Their wood sunflowers are vibrant and realistic-looking while being long-lasting. They don’t need to be watered, so you can even create these centerpieces months in advance. When you’re creating with wood flowers, you can order centerpiece craft kits that come with any needed supplies to DIY your own centerpieces, including wood flowers, preserved greenery, centerpiece vases, and more. You can even personalize your centerpieces with different shades of wood dye. These wood flower centerpieces will truly complete your wedding venue decor.

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5. Bright Wildflower Bud Vases

If you want to lean into the bright pops of color showcased by sunflowers, try adding other vibrant wildflowers for a trendy look. The yellow and golden tones of sunflowers will look gorgeous when paired with bright wildflowers and other blooms. Coral, baby blue, orchid, turquoise, and other shades will complement your sunflowers perfectly. There is no better way to create a summery, happy centerpiece than to use these bursts of colors. Simply place your flowers in a variety of bud vases(these can be fun colors, too) and you’ll love the results!

6. Sunflowers and Lemons Centerpiece

If you love the color yellow, try creating these centerpieces with sunflowers and lemons. To get started, you’ll need a clear, tall vase. First, add in your sunflowers and a few sprigs of greenery. Make sure there is plenty of space left in the vase for your lemons. Then add in your whole lemons and fill the remaining space with water. If you want to showcase the textures of sliced lemons, place a smaller, clear vase inside your tall vase. Then slip your lemon slices down in between the two vases, securing them in place. You can even add other citrus slices for a pretty variety of colors. Finally, your sunflowers (and water) will go in the middle of the smaller vase. This summery, vivid centerpiece will surely be a hit.

7. Dried Sunflower Centerpiece

Dried flowers have soared in popularity over the past few wedding seasons, and dried sunflowers are no different. You can create a trendy, long-lasting centerpiece using a variety of dried flowers including daisy flowers, strawflowers, bunny tails, ranunculus, eucalyptus, and more. If you feel your dried flowers are looking a little thin, flat, and sad, try adding wood flowers for an extra boost of volume, texture, and color. These centerpieces will be perfectly boho and trendy, and won’t ever need to be watered!

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8. Blues and Yellows Centerpiece

If you love bright colors, you should definitely try pairing your sunflowers with blue flowers or blue glass vases. Blue and yellow are two complementary colors that look stunning together. Sunflowers would look beautiful with bluebells, freesia, hyacinth, forget-me-nots, and more. You don’t even need to add greenery if you want these two vibrant colors to take center stage. You can also place your sunflowers in pretty blue and white porcelain vases for a gorgeous, elegant result.

9. Sunflower Petals Centerpiece

Not all brides want flowers to dominate their wedding centerpieces. You might want to display pictures or activities in your centerpieces instead. For more of a simple centerpiece look, try scattering sunflower petals around your other centerpiece objects. This is a minimalistic and affordable approach that you might just love. You can add a rustic touch to this simple centerpiece by laying down a wood slice or dress it up by draping some pretty fabric across the table. Either way, a scattering of sunflower petals will brighten up your table without being too overwhelming. This will help your centerpieces to look cohesive with the rest of your wedding flowers.

10. Sunflower Lantern Centerpiece

Sunflowers are perfectly paired with lanterns when you’re decorating tables at your wedding. For a more rustic look, attach a sunflower to the top of an antique lantern made of weathered wood or reclaimed metal. If you love lanterns but want more of a modern, romantic look, use a trendy square lantern with an elegant candle in the center. Then, encircle your lantern with a pretty wreath of greenery, sunflowers, and other complementary flowers that match your wedding colors. You’ll love the look of these sunflower table centerpieces, especially once you light your lanterns and get the perfect, romantic mood lighting.

So, if you’re getting married this upcoming summer and have been looking for inspiration for your wedding flowers, remember this article on sunflower centerpieces! Sunflowers are gorgeous and unique and will surely make a memorable statement at your wedding ceremony or reception. For more creative and unique sunflower centerpiece ideas, check out this blog article from Wedding Pioneer!