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10 Ideas for Stunning Baby’s Breath Centerpieces That You Will Love

Baby’s breath is an essential staple, no matter how unique your wedding flower style may be. Baby’s breath is a small, delicate, lace-like flower that perfectly fills up any gaps and spaces in your flower arrangements. With thin stems and airy flowers, baby’s breath matches almost any wedding flower aesthetic. For this reason, they’re a perfect (and affordable) candidate for your wedding centerpieces. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for stunning baby’s breath centerpieces that will look absolutely gorgeous at your wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner, or reception.

1. Traditional White and Green Centerpieces

There’s nothing wrong with being a bride that loves the traditional colors of white flowers and greenery. This style of centerpiece is classy and elegant, whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding venue. White roses are a popular choice for this traditional style, but baby’s breath will add an intricate touch that will give your centerpieces some nice variety. If you want green to dominate your centerpieces, you can create a stunning centerpiece almost entirely from greenery, including many different types of Eucalyptus. Adding a few, delicate sprigs of baby’s breath to this centerpiece will give it just enough lightness and variation so the green colors don’t all blend together.

2. Simple Rustic Centerpieces

If you’re on a tight budget for your wedding flowers or want a more minimalistic centerpiece style, these simple rustic centerpieces will be perfect for you. These baby breath centerpieces will be affordable and easy to DIY. You’ll only need a bunch of baby’s breath, some burlap ribbon or lace, and your centerpiece vases of choice. If you’re really trying to lean into the rustic aesthetic, place your baby’s breath into small wooden or tin buckets, vintage glassware, or old, ceramic, farmhouse-style pitchers. To assemble these centerpieces, trim your baby’s breath down, add some water, and place the flowers in your vase. They can be as sparse or as thick as you’d like. A length of burlap ribbon, lace, or twine will be the perfect finishing touches for these simple rustic centerpieces.

Baby's Breath Wedding Decor Baby's Breath Centerpiece

3. Rosy Romantic Centerpieces

If you love roses, peonies, and other pink-toned flowers, these rosy romantic centerpieces will be perfect for you. To get started, collect all of your favorite pink flowers in a variety of tones, from blush to coral to hot pink. You can also add a few complementary colors, such as orchid purple if you’d like to get creative. Baby’s breath will be the perfect floral filler for this type of centerpiece as it will add delicate, romantic details and break up the pink colors. Make sure that you leave some longer pieces of baby’s breath and greenery to drape down over the sides of your vases. Tie off your centerpieces with some raw-edged silk ribbon, and you’ll achieve the perfect rosy, romantic aesthetic.

Roses and Baby's Breath Centerpiece sola wood flowers

4. Wildflower Centerpieces

If you have more of a bohemian, outdoorsy style, make sure you’re taking advantage of the unique textures of baby’s breath. The whimsical, intricate textures of baby’s breath flowers can be perfectly paired with delicate and bright wildflowers to create an unforgettable centerpiece. Wildflowers also often have lots of small, interesting details that make them an ideal partner for baby’s breath. A few popular types of wildflowers are forget-me-nots, sweetpeas, wax flowers, blue thistle, fennel blossoms, cornflowers, lavender, and more. You can make larger arrangements out of these flowers or stick them in bud vases for a more minimalistic look.

wildflower decor Wedding Decor preserved baby's breath

5. Wood Flower Centerpieces

To have more affordable and sustainable wedding flowers, try using dried or preserved baby’s breath in your centerpieces. This type of baby’s breath works really well with wood flowers. Wood flowers are beautiful and realistic-looking and can be personalized in many ways. For example, you can hand-dye your wood flowers to match any unique wedding color scheme. Sola Wood Flowers can provide you with convenient centerpiece craft kits that you can use to create professional-looking wedding centerpieces.

6. Cloud-like Baby’s Breath Centerpieces

Don’t be afraid to let your baby’s breath stand on its own in your wedding centerpieces. When gathered together in round shapes, baby’s breath centerpieces can look pretty and cloud-like. This approach has become hugely popular over the past year or so. For a more basic look, you can use floral foam to get your baby’s breath in position and let its creamy white color shine. For more of a unique look, you can spray paint your baby’s breath. You could stick to one similar color scheme or transform your baby’s breath into a rainbow of colors. This is a new centerpiece idea that has been trending like crazy this wedding season. These baby’s breath centerpieces will truly be a show-stopper at your wedding.

7. Bridgerton-Inspired Centerpieces

Even if you haven’t seen the Netflix hit “Bridgerton” you’ve likely seen the results of the beautiful floral work displayed in the show. Bridgerton-inspired flowers are whimsical, romantic, and almost otherworldly. They often drape in great amounts of volume and include beautiful pastel colors. If this matches your wedding flower aesthetic, you should definitely make Bridgerton-inspired centerpieces. Baby’s breath is the perfect flower to be included in this style of centerpiece because it is voluminous, romantic, and can be displayed in a variety of ways. Pair your baby’s breath with flowers like wisteria, hyacinth, lavender, hydrangeas, irises, and delphiniums and you’ll end up with the Bridgerton-inspired centerpiece of your dreams. 

8. Fairy Light Centerpieces

This centerpiece style is simple but beautiful and romantic. These centerpieces will be quite affordable to DIY yourself. You’ll simply need some mason jars, thrifted glassware, or clear vases. Then, add battery-powered fairy lights so you don’t have to worry about plugging all of your centerpieces into a power source. After your fairy lights are in place, start adding in some baby’s breath. You can clip the baby’s breath into tiny sprigs to let the flowers settle in the vase among the lights. You can also place longer stems of baby’s breath in your vases, letting the delicate flowers stick over the top of the edge.

9. Western Dried Flower Centerpieces

This wedding season, the Western Rustic aesthetic is going to be all the rage. This means that dried flowers and neutral colors will be must-haves if you’re trying to create the perfect Western centerpieces. Baby’s breath is perfect for this flower style because they add tiny boho details and pretty white colors that will bring your centerpiece together. To add more volume and drama to your Western dried flower centerpieces, make sure you include some wood flowers with rustic bark touches.

10. Moody Winter Centerpieces

If you’re getting married in the winter, these moody winter centerpieces will be perfect. These centerpieces should consist of dramatic-colored flowers, winter berries, bold greenery, and a sprinkling of baby’s breath. Baby’s breath will lighten up the dark tones of the rest of your flowers and almost give a snow-like impression. If the white is too bright for your centerpieces, you can also try spray painting your baby’s breath to better match the moodiness of your color palette. For example, you can paint your baby’s breath to match more of a sparkly gold or champagne color.

So, when you’re planning out your wedding centerpieces, don’t underestimate the power of baby’s breath. No matter what wedding aesthetic or wedding flower style you’re trying to achieve, baby’s breath will be the perfect finishing touch in your arrangements. For more baby’s breath centerpiece ideas, spend some time scrolling on Pinterest or check out this blog article from Brides.com.