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How to Make Boho Centerpieces for Your Dream Wedding

Are you getting married this year? If you’re planning to have a trendy, boho wedding, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you all sorts of inspiration and ideas to help you create the wedding of your dreams. The majority of your boho aesthetic will be established by your floral arrangements. So, it is important to make sure you have a specific, cohesive vision for your flowers, as this will establish your unique wedding style. Here are a few tips for making the boho centerpieces of your dreams for your big day.

Different Boho Styles

The bohemian style focuses on bold colors, intricate patterns, organic materials, and cultural elements. For this reason, a boho wedding style can be interpreted in many individual ways. There are a lot of different color schemes and aesthetics that fall under the umbrella term of “boho style,” especially when it comes to wedding styles. If you know that you love a boho wedding style, you might be drawn to bold patterns, eclectic materials, or over-the-top decor. To achieve the boho wedding centerpieces of your dreams, you’ll need to have your floral vision nailed down. For example, you’ll need to know the specific colors, textures, and flowers that you want your centerpieces to consist of.

Bright Boho Flowers

Maximalist, bright color schemes are projected to be a huge trend this year, so if you love a bright boho vibe, your wedding will be perfect. With this style, you can include all of the bright colors you love without worrying that they’ll be overwhelming. On the contrary, this boho color scheme is very stylish! Bright coral pinks, orchid purples, turquoise blues, mustard yellows, and sunset oranges are all “in” with bright boho centerpieces for summer weddings. Fall weddings have also been featuring a wider variety of colors but in slightly more dramatic tones. Can’t you picture how stunning these flowers would be against your white wedding dress? When paired with unique vases or glassware and long, streaming ribbons, these bright boho flowers will be truly unforgettable. You can also include vintage bohemian fabric swags with intricate patterns as part of your centerpieces. You’ll love the look of your centerpieces, especially when you see them paired with the perfect canvas of your venue.

*Pro tip: If you’re having a hard time finding natural, fresh flowers that match your desired colors or brightness, try using wood flowers instead! Wood flowers can be dyed to match any color, no matter how bright or unique it may be. Check out this wood flower dye color gallery to see all of the colors you could achieve. Hundreds of vibrant, unique color combinations are at your fingertips with wood flowers!

Boho wedding Centerpiece Boho theme flowers

Neutral Boho Flowers

Neutral boho flowers have overtaken many wedding inspiration Pinterest boards recently. These flowers give the perfect romantic, desert vibe. Pampas grass, garden roses, protea, and palm leaves are all really popular options if you’re going for a neutral vibe for your wedding centerpieces. Unique floral fillers such as cotton, baby’s breath, and bunny tails will also give your centerpieces some extra texture and volume. Wood flowers and dried flowers work really well in these types of neutral arrangements, but more on those flower types below! For a unique touch, try adding some long feathers to your neutral floral arrangements. This is a true boho approach that will have a huge impact on the effect of your neutral boho centerpieces.

Dried Boho Flowers Dried Boho Centerpiece Decor

Dried and Wood Boho Flowers

Dried flowers have been trending like crazy over the past few wedding seasons, and they’re projected to be just as popular this year. Dried flowers are carefully preserved using methods that help the flowers to maintain some of their original volume and colors. Dried flowers also don’t need to be constantly watered or misted, which makes them a lot easier to care for. You won’t need to assign anyone to keep your centerpieces watered throughout your reception. Instead, your dried flower centerpieces will look stunning without needing to be maintained at all. Also, since dried flowers aren’t fresh, they also won’t have a lot of pollen and allergens that might cause some discomfort to some of your guests.

If you feel like your dried flowers are a little lackluster or missing some needed volume, don’t hesitate to add wood flowers to your centerpiece arrangements. Wood flowers are made out of dried natural wood materials and can be dyed in any variety of colors. Wood flowers are also a great choice if you’re trying to save money on your wedding centerpieces. Sola Wood Flowers has craft kits that will help you make the perfect DIY boho centerpieces that will be the perfect finishing touch at your wedding venue. These centerpiece craft kits include wood flowers, greenery, filler, a trendy wooden vase, and any other supplies that you’ll need to put your centerpieces together. Aren’t feeling too confident about your DIY skills? You can also choose the “Built For You” option and have professional floral designers create your custom boho centerpieces for you, with no extra fees or charges. There are all sorts of wedding styles available with wood flowers. With these stunning craft kits, you can save money while splurging on style!

Pastel flowers boho centerpiece flowers

Pastel Boho Flowers

Pastel color palettes have become very popular among brides recently. This type of color palette would work beautifully during a spring wedding, but could also look great for a winter wedding. If you love pastel colors such as baby blue, lilac, blush, light yellow, and more, then this boho style could be perfect for you. The light colors of your flowers will make your centerpieces feel softer and more traditionally romantic, so you can lean into the unique boho style by creating over-the-top arrangements. Give your centerpieces more height and volume by using larger, more intricate flowers, such as hydrangeas or lilacs. Don’t be afraid of letting your flowers and greenery drape over the edge of your centerpieces. You can also create floral ceiling installations that hang down over each table for an extra dramatic look.

Boho table runner boho centerpiece decor

Bonus Bohemian Decorations

If you already have your beautiful boho flowers but feel like something is still missing from your centerpieces, try adding one or more of these bonus bohemian decorations. For example, rather than putting your flowers in one large vase, you can put them in a plethora of vintage and intricate bottles and bud vases instead. From blue and white ceramic vases to colored glassware to metallic touches, your vases can make a huge impact on your boho aesthetic. You can also scatter decorative objects such as statuettes, fruit, terrariums, fragrant candles, intricate fabric or table runners, vintage lanterns, heirlooms, old-fashioned books, and more. The decorative elements that you choose to include in your centerpieces can (and should) have some kind of significance for you. One of the best parts of choosing a bohemian wedding style is that you can personalize it entirely to match your wedding style, personality, and love story.

So, as you’re planning your boho-style wedding, remember the ideas in this article! Ultimately, you get to define your own unique, boho wedding style, but it can never hurt to take inspiration from other sources. Scrolling on Instagram or Pinterest to find floral arrangements that you love might just be the key to success in your wedding planning. If you need a little more inspiration to create your boho centerpieces, check out this blog article from Weddingomania for more bold boho centerpiece ideas.