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The Best Ways to Use a Faux Greenery Wall for Decor

Don’t you just love the look of thick, voluminous greenery? Luckily, you can bring the beauty of nature indoors by creating a faux greenery wall. This will help you to get the gorgeous look of the outdoors for a much more affordable price. Here are some tips and tricks for using faux greenery to create a greenery wall. You’ll also find our favorite ways to use a faux greenery wall for decor below.

Why Faux Greenery?

When you’re looking for beautiful and affordable greenery, faux greenery is one of your best options. Creating a greenery wall is much more difficult when you’re using fresh, living greenery since you’ll have to figure out how to keep your plants watered and alive. Faux greenery makes the iconic look of a greenery wall much easier to maintain. You’ll just need to keep it well-dusted over time, but you won’t need to worry about any watering. Faux greenery is also incredibly realistic, depending on where you buy it. Higher-quality faux greenery and preserved greenery bundles are available at Sola Wood Flowers for an incredibly affordable price. If you want the stunning look of a greenery wall for less, faux greenery is the way to go.

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How to Make a Faux Greenery Wall

Making a faux greenery wall is a creative and exciting DIY project. If you don’t have a lot of experience with floral design, don’t worry. This project should be easy enough for any DIY crafter to handle. Plus, you can use your favorite types of greenery for this project. From eucalyptus to moss to feather fern to tropical foliage, the possibilities are endless!

First, you’ll need to have a designated location for your faux greenery wall so you can plan out your wall measurements accordingly. Once you know how large your wall is going to be, you can cut a piece of plywood down to size. Your piece of plywood (or similar material) will act as the base for your greenery wall. Next, attach insulation, chicken wire, floral foam, or similar material to the plywood by wrapping it, gluing it, or stapling it. Having this additional layer will enable you to easily attach your greenery to the surface of the plywood. Once your surface is prepped, you’ll be ready to get started! Cut your faux greenery stems down to size and attach them to the surface. You might need wire cutters to separate some pieces of greenery that are attached with thick wire on the inside. You can use hot glue, floral tape, floral wire and/or other craft supplies to secure them more firmly. Make sure to fill in all the gaps will smaller pieces of greenery or floral filler. If your greenery wall will be installed on a larger wall, you can add french cleats to the back of your plywood to make it easier to hang up.

Do you want to spruce up your faux greenery wall? Try hanging a bright, trendy neon sign in front of it! This sign could display a quote, saying, or logo, just to name a few possibilities. You can also add some touches of spray paint or glitter to the edges of your greenery to make them pop with a unique shine. You can also personalize your faux greenery wall with different types of greenery according to your personal style and desired aesthetic. For example, you can use tropical greenery to make your greenery wall feel more exotic. You could even add in some faux flowers for a more romantic look. For more tips on how to create a faux greenery wall, check out this article from A Beautiful Mess!

Faux Greenery Wall Ideas

Once you’ve created your greenery wall, you’ll have a stylish statement piece that you can use in many different ways. It might just become a staple in your home or event decor. Here are some of our favorite ideas and uses for a faux greenery wall. However, don’t feel limited by this list! Hopefully, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and help you to think of even more ways to use a gorgeous greenery wall.

1. Wedding Reception Line Backdrop

You might have seen a pretty floral arbor used as a wedding reception line backdrop, but have you ever seen a trendy greenery wall used in the same way? If you are planning your wedding but want more natural boho vibes and aren’t a huge flower lover, this idea could be perfect for you. What could be more beautiful than a luscious wall of greenery as the perfect backdrop as you greet your wedding guests? You could even create a unique streamer of ribbons that you can drape across the top of the faux greenery wall to add a touch of color.

2. Retail Store Decor

If you’re trying to keep your retail store current with trends, using a greenery wall as part of your decor could go a long way. This type of trendy decor will help you to attract a younger audience. Make sure to place your greenery wall in an open, empty space in your retail store that is readily visible. If you want your greenery wall to be more of a permanent installation, you could even add a pretty mirror, hanging shelves, clothing racks, or branding signs in front of it.

3. Photoshoot Backdrop

One of the best parts of creating a faux greenery wall is that you can use it again and again in many different creative ways. Once you have a faux greenery wall, you can use it as a photoshoot backdrop for many different purposes. This type of background would be perfect for creative photoshoots, unique headshots, product photoshoots, and more. Just make sure your greenery wall is placed in a location with good lighting and snap away!

Pro tip: Want to create a photo-op spot? For more of an organic feel, set up your wall and a ring light in a popular spot and let people take pictures to their heart’s content! This setup would work great if you’re trying to get social media users to tag you online!

4. Nature-Inspired Home Decor

Even though you might think that a faux greenery wall should only be used for events, it can also be used as a unique and beautiful piece of home decor. A faux greenery wall can help to bring natural colors and textures into your home, which will add more warmth and variety to your home decor palette. Your greenery wall could work beautifully in a bedroom, office, entertainment room, living room, and more. Since it really only takes up vertical space, this is an easy high-impact decor piece to incorporate into your home or apartment. You can also add shelves or hanging hooks to the wall to make it more functional and useful.

5. Wedding Ceremony Decor

A faux greenery wall could be a beautiful addition to your wedding ceremony. The unique textures and colors of your greenery wall will create the perfect backdrop for your vow location. Just imagine how beautiful your white dress would look against the earthy greens of your wall! Plus, your wall is made of faux greenery, so it will be easy to move around and reuse for different purposes throughout your wedding day. Creative brides have also used faux greenery walls as a backdrop for their seating chart, their bar glass display, and more.