How To Make a Baby Mobile - Sola Wood Flowers

How To Make a Baby Mobile

Written by Brooke Mosesman, IG: @happilyeverdecorated


I am so excited to share this easy DIY baby mobile with you! As soon as we found out we were having a girl, I knew I wanted to do a floral theme in our daughter’s nursery. When I came across these gorgeous Sola Wood Flowers I knew I had to use them to make some décor to fit my vision. Follow along to see how I created this beautiful baby mobile. Now let’s get started!  

Sola Wood Flowers Collab with happilyeverdecorated Baby Mobile

Here is what you will need: 

  • Sola Wood Flowers of your color choice. (I used the Wedding Bells Assortment)
  • Wreath (I used a 12” grapevine wreath I found at Dollar General for $4)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fishing line
  • Diamond beads
  • Twine
  • Sewing needle
  • Thimble


Step 1

Sola Wood Flowers Collab with happilyeverdecorated Baby Mobile Supplies


First I attached the twine to the wreath in 4 spots so it would hang nice and even. To attach it, I simply wrapped it around the wreath 3 times to give it a little more of a bold look, then I tied it in a knot.


Step 2

Sola Wood Flowers Collab with happilyeverdecorated Baby Mobile Flowers


I began threading the fishing line through the wreath and pulling down some slack until I got to a length I was happy with. I knew I wanted the flowers to descend gradually and then come back up creating a veil-like shape. Once you have the length, leave your needle attached on the fishing line and tie off the section at the top knotting it onto the wreath.


Step 3

Sola Wood Flowers Collab with happilyeverdecorated Baby Mobile Threading the Bead


Onto the fun part! I used diamond-shaped beads that I got from Michael’s to add to the fishing line to give the mobile a little sparkle. Take your needle, thread the bead onto the fishing line then go back around and thread it again to make a loop. This will secure the bead in the place you decided on so it won’t slide around. As the length of my fishing line increased I added more beads. The 2 shortest ones I didn’t use a bead and the longest one I used 3.


Step 4

Sola Wood Flowers Collab with happilyeverdecorated Baby Mobile Threaded Flower


Now, we add the first flower. This is where you will need your thimble. I pushed my needle through the base of the flower and tied it off when it was at the length I wanted. The flowers are thick but delicate so you will need to firmly but gently hold the flower to not damage it while pushing the needle through. Here’s a visual to help you understand my process.


Step 5

Once I had my first section done I decided to add a few more sections before it that were shorter because I started at a length I felt was too long. So think about if you want to switch your starting length now before moving on with your design so you can make adjustments. Then, I just repeated these few steps to complete 3-4 sections and took a break. This is when I broke out the hot glue gun. I added a dab of glue to every spot I attached something at. So, I glued the knot where I attached the fishing line to the wreath, the bead and the flower to help keep the knots secure so nothing would come off. Then keep going until you’re done!


 Sola Wood Flowers Collab with happilyeverdecorated Baby Mobile


*Warning* if your glue gun is too hot or you touch the metal tip to the fishing line it will melt and you’ll have to start over with a new piece of fishing line. I learned this the hard way!