5 Reasons Why Crafters Are Stashing Up On Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

5 Reasons Why Crafters Are Stashing Up On Sola Wood Flowers



Sola Wood Flowers are the biggest “up-and-coming” item in the crafting industry because of their unique qualities, plus you can use them for any occasion or project!  Read more to find out why Sola Wood Flowers are the right fit to add to your craft room.


Image provided by Sarah Woulf 

#1 - You Can Use Wood Flowers For Any Project

What project can’t be made better with some flowers to go with it?  None!  Add Sola Wood Flowers to any craft - a baby mobile, centerpiece, bouquet, inspiration board, hair clips, you name it. Not only that, using Sola Wood Flowers is appropriate for any event such as a wedding, baby shower, funeral, birthday, National Hug Your Mom day… Do I need to say more?




#2 - They Can Be Personalized To Any Color or Scent

Wood flowers can be dyed to any color palette imaginable.  Use acrylic paint mixed with Sola Softener and water, and dip dye your flowers to the exact color you want.  At most stores, you can purchase pre-dyed assortments if you want to save time on your craft schedule.

The main concern with using faux flowers is that you lose the fresh scent of a natural flower.  Unlike silk flowers, you can scent wood flowers with essential oils.  This scent can last up to 3-6 months!  By placing a few drops of fragrant oil, you can smell up a room for months to come, perfect for a living room decoration or making sure your indoor wedding stays fresh and fragrant.




Image provided by Blissful Blooms

#3 - They Never Die, Rot, Or Go Out Of Style

You’d think that wood flowers wouldn’t last forever because they’re made of… well… wood.  This is a total misconception!  Wood flowers will never die or rot, making them a perfect option for a gift, memorabilia, or a craft that you plan to keep around for the long run (which should be all of your crafts!). To keep the flowers soft and in the best shape possible, all you have to do is spritz a little bit of water on them every few months.

Since these flowers are dyeable to any color & they’ll never die, these flowers are the perfect craft to stash up on.  You’ll never run out of opportunities to craft together a Christmas centerpiece in December, or a 4th of July Flag in the middle of the summer.  These flowers are perfect for all times of the year!





#4 - They’re Affordable For Any Budget

The amazing part about Sola Wood Flowers is that there will always be ways to save money on your orders.  Check out the discount banner on a seller’s website, clearance section, loyalty programs, or other programs that will pay you to get involved with their business (check out this one that gets you discounted gift cards!).





#5 -They’re Unique

How often do you see either fresh flowers or silk flowers?  They’re everywhere. Wood flowers (like these ones!) give you a unique option to add to your craft stash.  Most people have never heard of a wood flower before, imagine their surprise when you show them your beautiful craft when it’s all finished!  If you make crafts to sell, this is the perfect opportunity to offer something unique to your customers.




Sola Wood Flowers have been around for over 6 years, so this crafting trend that the big crafters are jumping on is not a trend that will die any time soon.  These flowers will be a crafting option for as long as your hands have the will to keep crafting!  Don’t forget to check out our favorite collection of Sola Wood Flowers crafts here!