DIY Wood Flower Magnet Kit - Sola Wood Flowers

DIY Wood Flower Magnet Kit

Written by Adria Comi, IG: @crochetingmadhatter






  •  Sola Wood Flower Magnet Kit
  •  Sola Softener
  •  2 or more small but deep containers
  •  Old towel
  •  Something to stir with
  •  Water
  •  Glue gun
  •  Acrylic Paint (optional: if you want a color option that is not available in the kit)
  •  Baby Wipes (optional)




Make sure to gather all of your materials and prep your workspace. Test your container sizes to make sure they will be deep enough to dip your flowers in. Have an old towel on hand to put your flowers on to dry later.  

TIP: I also had baby wipes to clean my hands between colors, but you could easily wash your hands in between!







First, empty your dye/paint into each of your containers. I used acrylic paint because I wanted the colors to match my daughter’s nursery perfectly! You will need 1 container for each color. Next, you are going to add a little bit of Sola Softener. I only used 2 cap-fulls for each color. After mixing the color and softener you will add water to your mixture. I added about 1/4 of a cup of water to each.

TIP: For more potent colors, use less water. For more pastel colors, use more water. 









Now that your dye is mixed and ready you can dye your flowers. Make sure to fully coat all the petals and not submerge it for too long or the flower can lose its shape! Gently shake off the excess paint and dip it again if needed. Lay your flowers on the towel to dry. I waited 36 hours to make sure the flowers were completely dry.









Heat glue gun and insert the glue stick provided. Once that is ready you can place glue on the center of the back of each flower and then attach a magnet. Make sure to use enough glue and let it sit long enough to dry. I waited a couple of hours before I tested them. Since I’m using these in my daughter’s nursery I put wall screws where I wanted them to be placed and stuck the flowers to the screws. They turned out amazing and were the perfect accent to her crib. In the future, it will be a cute keepsake she can have.


Grab your Wood Flower Magnet kit here!