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How to Make Stunning Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres for Your Guests

If you've started to plan out the different floral arrangements that you're going to have at your wedding, you've probably realized that you have a lot of different arrangements to account for. Wedding flowers can get expensive really quick, even if you're only doing the flowers that are traditionally used at a wedding, like bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, and aren't doing anything too over the top. If you're wondering how you can save money on your wedding flowers while still making your guests feel welcomed and special by including these traditional floral arrangements, you've come to the right place.

One way to save money on your wedding corsages and boutonnieres is by using alternatives to fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can be very expensive, especially when they're marketed to be used for a wedding. The floral industry has already faced a lot of inflation and supply issues, causing prices to increase over the last few years. However fresh floral pricing issues have increased significantly due to trendy weddings seen on social media. When certain flowers or colors become trendy and popular, most brides request those specific shades or styles, making the price increasingly expensive. If you want to avoid the additional expense of using fresh flowers, you should consider using an artificial alternative.

Using Artificial Flowers

Some of the most popular types of artificial flowers that you should consider using in your wedding floral arrangements are silk flowers, wood flowers, and dried flowers.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are a fancier alternative to traditional polyester or synthetic faux flowers. Because of the high-quality fabric that is used to create soak flowers, they look more realistic and beautiful. There are many types of silk flowers that are crafted to imitate real flowers such as peonies, roses, and other types of flowers. This is a beautiful and classy alternative to fresh flowers.

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are another great option if you're trying to save money and use artificial flowers for your wedding. They are also environmentally friendly since they were created out of natural products such as dried tapioca root. Plastics and other harmful materials are not used in the creation of wood flowers if you know be using a lot of unique colors that are difficult to find in fresh flowers, what flowers are going to be the perfect option for you. They start off as creamy neutral and can be dyed to match any huge variety of shades, colors, and styles.

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Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have become trendy over the past few years. Yes, they are made from fresh flowers, but they're a lot less expensive than fresh flowers and liquor fully dried and preserved and don't need to be kept alive throughout your wedding. Dried flowers come in lots of neutral colors such as cream, taupe, blush, brown, and other shades. However, some dried flowers can be painted to match the shades of your wedding, such as dried baby’s breath. if you love the dried flower trend but one little bit more volume to your corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets, try pairing them with wood flowers for the perfect look.

Make Your Own Arrangements

Another way to save money on your wedding corsages and boutonnieres while still including all of the floral arrangements that your guests expect is to make your floral arrangements yourself. If you don't have a lot of experience in floral design, don't panic. Floral arrangements aren't too tricky to make, especially when you know that you're prepared with the right equipment and supplies. Plus, by making your own corsages and boutonnieres, you'll save yourself from having to pay a lot of extra money for the labor and experience of a florist. If you love a good craft, preparing your own floral arrangements is going to be one of the most memorable DIY projects you’ll ever complete! Here are a few steps that will help you to know how to make corsages and boutonnieres. also has some helpful tips if you need additional help!

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How to Make Wedding Corsages

  1. Trim Flowers

Once you’ve gathered all of the different supplies that you’ll need, the first step in creating your wedding corsages will be trimming down the flowers. You won’t need long stems, leaves, or thorns in your corsages, so make sure that you trim these down to prepare your flowers.

  1. Choose Your Focal Flowers

Next, you’ll want to choose your focal flowers for the corsage. Remember, corsages aren’t very big so you’ll likely have one or two focal flowers, such as a rose and a wild daisy. Add some greenery around these flowers and tape them together.

  1. Add Complementary Fillers

Then, you’ll want to add complementary floral fillers around your focal flowers. This can include smaller blooms or greenery fillers, like baby’s breath or eucalyptus. Make sure to spread them around in a way that frames your focal flowers beautifully. Then tape them all together with floral tape.

  1. Add Accessories

Don’t forget to add pretty accessories that your guests of honor will love! This could include anything like a pretty silk bow, a bit of lace, or even a pretty strand of pearls. Paint your flowers with a bit of glitter for a glamorous touch.

  1. Attach to Your Corsage Wristlet

Finally, you’ll want to tie the entire arrangement off securely with tape and ribbon, and then attach it to your corsage wristlet, ribbon, or elastic. Make sure to attach or tie them securely so the beautiful flowers won’t be wiggling around on any wrists.

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How to Make Wedding Boutonnieres

To create wedding boutonnieres for your groom and groomsmen, as well as any other guests of honor, you’ll follow the first three steps listed above for creating a corsage. Then, proceed to the following step:

  1. Finish Off Your Boutonnieres

Once you’ve added complimentary fillers, make sure that you tape the entire arrangement securely. Then, cover the floral tape with a bit of fabric or ribbon for a more finished look. Finally, stick in a pin or magnet attachment so your guests can secure the boutonnieres to their lapel or clothing.

So, don’t give up on the wedding aesthetic of your dreams just because money is tight, or your timeline is short. Save money by using artificial flowers or by creating your own floral arrangements for a meaningful project. If you remember these floral tips for a beautiful and affordable wedding, you’ll never regret it!