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How to Make Bouquets for Your Bridal Party Using Artificial Flowers

Calling all creative brides! If you’ve been doing some wedding planning and have decided to save money on your wedding flowers, you’ve come to the right place.

Wedding flowers are very expensive for a lot of reasons. first of all, their price usually increases during the summer, which is popular wedding season, because of the demand but it puts on fresh flower stock. especially when there are certain types or colors of flowers that become trendy online, those types or colors can become a lot more expensive than other fresh flowers. Wedding flowers can also be expensive because you're paying for the expertise and labor of your florist, who increases their prices just because their flowers are part of the wedding industry.

So, if you're trying to save money for your wedding, one of the best ways to do so is by arranging your bouquets yourself. You can save even more money by using beautiful artificial flowers in your arrangements. There are lots of high-quality artificial flowers such as silk flowers, dried flowers, and wood flowers that will look trendy and stunning in any arrangement that you make.

You don't need to be a trained florist to make your own wedding bouquets for you and your bridal party. Honestly, you don't even need to have any sort of experience with flowers at all. You just need to have an eye for your desired wedding aesthetic. If you're doing any sort of wedding planning, you’ll already know what you want your wedding to look like anyways. This is the majority of the preparation that you’ll need in order to create your own bride and bridesmaid bouquets.

Keeping your wedding aesthetic and color scheme in mind will be vital to help you to create beautiful bouquets for your wedding. That being said, it is still important to know how to create an arrangement that will look Pinterest-worthy rather than sad and droopy. Here are a few tips that will help you to know how to create a beautiful bouquet.

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Tips for Planning Bouquets

Sure, it might be helpful to have a step-by-step process of how to put together a beautiful bouquet. (And trust us, these steps are coming up here soon!) But there are a few things that you need to know before you start compiling your bouquet to help you to be prepared with a cohesive vision from the start. Here are a couple of things that you should think about as you're doing your bouquet supply shopping and planning beforehand:


First of all, make sure that you have a specific color scheme in mind as you're shopping for different supplies to use in your bouquet. If you know that you have one particular color that you want to use in your wedding, but aren’t sure about complementary colors, spend some time researching different shades that will look good with the color that you love. For example, if you love a rusty orange shade, you could pair it with a warm blush and Terra cotta for a romantic desert feel. Or you could pair it with bright turquoise and deep sapphire shades for more of a bohemian aesthetic. Once you know what colors you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the artificial flowers that will best match your colors (Hint: wood flowers are great to use if you have a really unique color palette because they can be dyed to match any color!)

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Flower Types

Next, you'll need to determine if there are any specific types of flowers that you want to use in your wedding. For example, maybe you've always loved the fluffy look of a bouquet with lots of baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and peonies. Or, maybe you're more of a traditional bride and you want to stick with pink, red, or white roses framed with some traditional greenery. Perhaps you are more of a natural, bohemian bride that wants to use all sorts of wildflowers, blossom sprigs, and tree branches in your arrangements for a natural feel. Determining which types of flowers match the wedding aesthetic that you're dreaming of will help you to know which floral supplies you need to obtain.

Bouquet Shape

Finally, you'll need to decide if there is a particular bouquet shape that you want for your bride and bridesmaid bouquets. There are so many different shapes of bouquets to choose from. Some of the trendier bouquet shapes are Hand-tied Bouquets, Asymmetrical Bouquets, Crescent Bouquets, and Cascade Bouquets. However, make sure that you choose a bouquet shape that appeals to you and your personal style. has a great comprehensive guide that you can study to see which bouquet shapes appeal to you. Remember, you’ll probably have a different shape for your bridesmaid bouquets since they are usually a little bit smaller and simpler than the bride’s bouquet.

Once you’ve determined the color scheme, flower types, and bouquet shape of the floral arrangements that you’re going to make, you’ll be ready to go get your supplies! Visit your nearest craft store to find great artificial flowers. There are also lots of high-quality supplier online that can sell you artificial flowers in bulk, which is great if you know you’ll be making a lot of floral arrangements. Here are few simple steps you can follow to make a great bouquet:

How to Make Bridesmaid Bouquets with Artificial Flowers

1. Start with Your Focal Flowers

Start your bouquet with the biggest flowers that you want to be the focal point of your bouquet. These flowers will usually encompass some of your wedding colors. Pair these with a little bit of floral filler or greenery.

2. Add Complementary Flowers

Next, add in some other flowers that are complementary in size and color. Try adding in some flowers that have different textures to make your bouquet more interesting.

3. Add Fillers

Then, to shape your bouquet and give it a full feel, add in some floral fillers, such as baby’s breath, wheat bush, or pixie cotton.

4. Frame with Greenery

Finally, finish off your bouquet by adding some greenery. Greenery can help frame your bouquet and give it a finished look. If you don’t want your bouquet to be overpowered by green, just add a few sprigs around the outside of the bouquet.

5. Tie it Off

As your last step, secure your bouquet with a rubber band and tie it off with a bit of ribbon or lace. For a romantic feel, leave some of the ribbon dangling in long strands.