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Make Your Own Gorgeous and Unique Bridesmaid Bouquets

If you’ve been searching for ideas for your bridesmaid bouquets, you’ve come to the right place. Most brides probably have a pretty specific idea of what they would like their bridal bouquet to look like. However, it can be a little bit more tricky to figure out what do you want your bridesmaids bouquets to look like. You want your bridesmaids bouquets to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing next to their dresses and your own bouquet and dress. But you don't want them to look too similar to your own bouquet.

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind as you're planning your floral arrangements, especially the arrangements for your bridal party. You'll need to remember the color scheme for your wedding, your desired style and aesthetic, the season and weather, and even your wedding venue. All of these different elements will influence what types of flowers you'll use in your wedding floral arrangements.

If you know that you’d like to DIY your own bridesmaid bouquets to save time and money, keep reading. The tips ahead will help you to create gorgeous and unique bridesmaid bouquets that your bridesmaids will love to hold throughout the wedding. Plus, they’ll look absolutely stunning in your wedding photos! Here are a few ideas for bridesmaid bouquets that you can use as inspiration as you’re planning your floral arrangements. 

Bridesmaid Bouquet Design

First off, there are a few necessary elements of bridesmaid bouquet designs that you should have clear in your mind. Remember, bridesmaid bouquets are usually designed and created to look differently then the bride’s bouquet. they're usually a little bit smaller in size and less dramatic in shape compared to the bouquet of the bride. Additionally, they might include or highlight some different colors that aren’t a primary part of the design in the bride’s bouquet. This can add a nice variety of colors and textures to the presentation of the bouquets. For example, your bridal bouquet might include a large variety of colors, such as blush, Terra cotta, rust, and cream. You might add some variation to your bridesmaid bouquets by only using cream flowers, baby’s breath, and fluffy greenery to differentiate between the bouquet designs. Remember, in a lot of your photos, your bridesmaids will be lined up next to you, and all of your bouquets will blend together if they’re not unique and varied in their design.

Floral Trends

Now that you know the basics of bridesmaid bouquet designs, here are a couple of floral trends that have been popular in the last year or so that you should pay attention to. You don't have to love or use any or all of these trends in your own personal floral designs. However, being aware of floral trends can help you to create a style that will look modern and up-to-date while still being individual and personal.

The Knot documents some of the hottest floral trends in 2022. Click here to view their whole article. In the meantime, here are the basic trends that you should be aware of:

1.Bright Color Palettes

Gone are the days of all-white weddings, at least according to the trendiest weddings on Pinterest and Instagram. Many brides getting married in 2022 are opting for bright blooms of all shades and colors. Lots of brides aren’t even sticking to a few colors. Instead, they’re using wildflowers and all sorts of unique florals to create a stunning arrangement of pastels and rainbows. Floral arrangements that have lots of colors are beautiful and interesting. Plus, they’re usually not as expensive as buying strictly white roses.

2.Fun Textures

Lots of brides are also including unique textures in their bouquets and the bouquets of their bridesmaids. Many fun floral textures can be achieved by using dried flowers, palm leaves, or wood flowers. These products are produced from natural materials and don’t blend in as much as soft-petaled flowers do. Insert these into your bridesmaid bouquets for a pop of interesting texture.

3.Fluffy Arrangements

Another popular trend has been to use floral fillers, such as baby’s breath, to create fluffy, cloud-like floral arrangements. Add these fun floral fillers to your bridesmaid bouquets for a voluminous, romantic effect.

bridesmaid bouquet

Artificial Bridesmaid Bouquets

Another trend that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent brides is using artificial flowers in their bride and bridesmaid bouquets. These specific floral arrangements usually have a lot of wear and tear since they are used a lot throughout the day. You can keep your bridesmaid bouquets looking beautiful and fresh, even in hot, humid weather, by using artificial flowers.

One of the benefits of using artificial flowers is that they can be preserved and reused for different events. This will be very helpful for you if you know that you'll be spreading out your wedding celebrations over a few different days. Or, if you know you'll be doing a special bridal photoshoot with your bridesmaids before the wedding, you won't have to buy double the amount of bouquets.

There is a large variety of artificial flowers that look beautiful in wedding floral arrangements. You can find artificial flowers that will match any theme or aesthetic. If you want a cost-effective and unique option for your bridesmaid bouquets you should consider using one of the following options for artificial flowers.

1. Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are similar to the traditional fabric-based artificial flower that you might see at any craft store. However, there's superior to most fabric flowers because of the high-quality material that is used to create them. Silk has a soft, moldable touch and a beautiful sheen that creates highly realistic-looking flowers. If you choose to use silk flowers for your bridesmaid bouquets, they’ll never want to put them down!

2. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have also become very trendy in the past year or so. Certain types of fresh flowers can be dried and preserved in a way that maintains their volume and shape without being too fragile. These types of flowers can be used to create arrangements that have a desert-y, bohemian feel. This aesthetic has become particularly trendy with the tan, terracotta, cream, and blush pallets that have been flooding the wedding industry.

wood flowers

3. Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are a beautiful and affordable option for artificial flowers. They are usually made out of natural materials, such as dried tapioca root, and carefully formed into shapes that imitate fresh flowers. They can also be dyed from their cream base shade to match any unique color scheme. If you're wanting bridesmaid bouquets that are gorgeous and affordable while matching your dream wedding aesthetic, wood flowers are perfect for you. Plus, you can order DIY bouquet sets that will help you to make your bouquets together with your bridesmaids! There is no better way to bond before the wedding than to make memories creating your bouquets together. You’ll never regret using wood flowers in your artificial bridesmaid bouquets.