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Make Unique Home Decor Items with Artificial Flowers

Are you itching to find a new cute craft to help you to decorate your home? Since the weather is warming up, flowers are blooming everywhere. It is the perfect time to incorporate some of those gorgeous blooms into your crafting and indoor decorating. Sure, fresh flowers are lovely to have, but they only last so long. You can use high-quality artificial flowers to create fresh, pretty decorations that will help your house feel ready for the warmer months of parties and entertainment.

If you’re any kind of crafter, you’ve probably used artificial flowers for pretty floral bouquets and arrangements. This is a quick and easy craft if you’re looking for a pretty decoration for the spring or summer. You can even buy a wood flowers DIY bouquet kit to help you to make a bouquet that will look like it is straight off of Pinterest. However, if you’re wanting to branch out in your floral crafts and are looking for something more creative for your unique home decor, you’ve come to the right place.

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Unique Artificial Floral Home Decor

Calling all crafters! Here are a few ideas for unique home decor items that you will love, especially if you are a big lover of DIY projects. Some of these ideas might seem kind of basic. Maybe you’ve even tried some of them before. But the materials that you use make all of the difference. Switch things up by using artificial flowers that you’ve never worked with before, like wood flowers and dried flowers. These can create a craft that is so on-trend that you’ll want to leave it out all year round. If you need some additional inspiration, check out this fun article for some great crafts with artificial flowers. The possibilities are endless when you have some gorgeous artificial flowers, a house that needs decorating, and a lot of creativity!


Sure, a wreath might seem like a pretty basic floral craft. You’ve probably made a wreath using some of those craft store fabric flowers that you can buy really cheap. But have you ever made a wreath with wood flowers? Wood flowers will take your cute wreath to a whole new level. They’re made out of natural materials, so they have a really unique vibe and texture, but they’re dyed and shaped to look like real fresh flowers. They also come in pretty much any style, so you can make a wood flower wreath that will go with any season, holiday, or time of year. You can buy a wood flowers wreath craft kit, or you can just buy a bunch in bulk and freehand it!

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3D Wall Art

There are so many types of 3D wall art that you can make using artificial flowers. You can use the flowers to trace a certain design or spell out a name. You can also do 3D monogram letters to create a fun, floral statement for your room. Another fun idea is to create a shape on your wall, like a heart, and fill in the entire space with flowers. This can create a huge statement wall design for a fun party or event. If you’re wanting something a little more masculine, try doing this same craft with floral fillers, greenery, and natural wood flowers. This can create a unique home decor wall art that looks nature-inspired and isn’t too girly.

Floral Curtains

Another fun craft that you can make with artificial flowers is floral curtains. If you have a little girl, floral curtains will be the most perfect, magical touch to her bedroom or playroom. You’ll just need some curtains with a color or design that matches your flowers of choice. Then you can attach the flowers in any sort of pattern to the curtain. An ombre effect would look especially beautiful! This will make your little girl feel like she lives in a magical fairyland. 

Napkin Rings

If you’re going to be hosting a spring or summer party, you should consider making some cute napkin rings with some artificial flowers. All it takes is a wide, plain napkin ring or piece of ribbon as a base, and then you’ll attach your flowers with hot glue or by sewing them. Wood flowers would be perfect for this craft since they can be dyed to match any shade depending on the event you’re decorating for. Attach your flowers to the napkin ring and then pair them with a complimentary cloth napkin once they’re dried. This is an easy craft that will elevate your table spread to an Insta-worthy level! 

Floral Lanterns

If you need a romantic, unique home decor item to set the mood, try making a floral lantern. You can create a ring of artificial flowers to go around the base of your lanterns, or you can attach some in a waterfall shape to the top. Add a battery-powered flickering light and you’ll have a beautiful piece to upgrade any table, entryway, or path. 

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Hanging Floral Chandelier

If you want a floral craft that will literally brighten up your space, try making a hanging floral chandelier. You’ll want to start off this craft with a hanging wreath to which you’ll attach your flowers and greenery. You can also attach some battery-powered lights to the hanging wreath disguised among the flowers. This can be a fun, feminine touch to any space, including a bedroom, a dining room, and even an outdoor patio. Just make sure that you have this stunning chandelier firmly secured so it won’t fall down!

Floral Wall Hanging

If you want your flowers to make more of a large statement in your interior or exterior space, try making a floral wall hanging. To do this, you’ll just need a series of strings, like fishing wire, to secure the flowers. You also might want a rod or branch to tie the strings to if you don’t want to secure them individually to your wall. Once you’ve attached all of the flowers it will create a unique and romantic wall of flowers that will bring a pop of color to your space.