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How to DIY Trendy and Beautiful Bridal Shower Flowers

Are you looking for some trendy decorations for your bridal shower? If you are a spring or summer bride, the best way to stay on-trend is to decorate with flowers. There are so many different decorations that you can create to present a stunning aesthetic at your event. Having beautiful bridal shower flowers will be the perfect precursor to your wedding day.

If you want to have some stunning flowers for your bridal shower, but aren’t ambitious enough to do a huge fresh flower installation by yourself, here are a few ideas for you. These DIY floral crafts use artificial flowers, like wood flowers, making them a lot more affordable, and a lot easier to create. You won’t have to worry about watering them or keeping them fresh, and you won’t have any debris or allergens coming from fresh flowers. These floral decorations are going to make a huge statement at your bridal shower. Maybe you’ll even want to repurpose some of them for your wedding decorations!

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Floral Decorations for Your Bridal Shower

Here is a collection of a few favorite ideas for bridal shower flowers. If you feel like you want some more creative ideas, check out this article about floral decorations. As long as you spend some time figuring out what type of style and aesthetic you’d like to achieve at your bridal shower, narrowing down the options will be easy. Just make sure that you keep your floral vision in mind!


Bridal Shower Centerpiece Flowers

You might think that a simple bouquet centerpiece is kind of basic, but a romantic floral centerpiece will never go out of style. To keep your bridal shower centerpiece flowers on-trend, avoid stiff, spherical arrangements made out of all-white flowers. Instead, take a romantic, oversized approach. Aim to include a variety of colors that matches your wedding colors to make your centerpieces whimsical and unique. Make sure that your flowers have a variety of heights, and add in some textured floral fillers for some nice variety. You might just create a centerpiece bouquet that you want to replicate for your own bridal bouquet. If you need a little bit of help finding flowers that look nice together, you can buy a beautiful bouquet craft kit.

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Floral Wall Hangings

If you want more of a high-impact decoration for your bridal shower, try going for a floral wall hanging instead. You can make floral wall hangings in a variety of styles. If you want a wall hanging that is a little bit more natural and bohemian, start out with a tree branch, and attach threaded florals, creating a curtain of stringed flowers. If you want a dramatic statement, you can make a wall hanging monogram, or a series of letters that spells something out like “bride” or “I do.” 

Floral Chandelier 

Are you planning to have a beautiful table spread at your bridal shower? If so, one of the perfect decorations for you will be to create a hanging floral chandelier. This type of chandelier will have all of your guests raving over your creativity and aesthetic touch. You can create a floral chandelier by purchasing a basic hanging wreath form. You then add your flowers and greenery  to the wreath, securing them firmly with floral wire or hot glue. Make sure to place them in a form that will look beautiful and dramatic when it is hanging upside down over your table. There are so many different ways to create beautiful hanging installations, but a floral chandelier will be one of the more long-lasting ideas that you’ll find. 

Balloon Arch with Flowers

One trend that has exploded in popularity over the past few years is the balloon arch trend. Balloon arches can have a great entrance or framing effect on the space where you’ll be hosting your party at. They’re also great for establishing the color scheme of your event. You can DIY  a balloon arch quite easily by buying a bunch of balloon arch set and a pump. You’ll just tie the balloons the arch form as you go, making sure to spread out your colors evenly. You can elevate your balloon arch to be even more unique by adding in some artificial flowers or greenery. This can fill out your balloon arch and add a feminine, romantic touch that your guests will love to see. If you have really specific colors that you’re trying to use, try using wood flowers, since they have colors that match any style.

Floral Garland

Sure, you see a lot of evergreen garlands around Christmastime, but have you ever considered decorating your house with a floral garland during the spring or summer? Whether your bridal shower will be hosted inside or outside, you’ll be able to spruce up the space with a stunning floral garland. If you’re going for more of a minimalistic floral garland, try threading some artificial flowers on a string, spacing them out for a dried flower look. If you want something more dramatic and high impact, gather your flowers together in large bunches and position them together so they cover the area that you want to place the garland on. You might even want to use some chicken wire or floral foam to hold your flowers in place if you know it will end up being a large garland. If you use artificial flowers, this will be a beautiful summer decoration that you’ll be able to use time and time again. 

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Hanging Arrangements

If you want more hanging floral arrangements than just a chandelier, you’re in luck. There are so many creative ways to create hanging floral arrangements that will look beautiful indoors or outdoors. If you want something more simplistic, try using bud vases, vintage glass bottles, or even old lightbulbs as mini vases. Tie a string securely around the tip of them, and then place your flowers inside. Then hang these makeshift vases around your area. The light will catch the glass, making a sparkly effect. If you want something a little big bigger, try adding flowers to lanterns or birdcages and hang them up with some pretty vintage rope. If you want a hands-on craft, you can buy some floral foam balls and stick flowers into them until they’re completely covered. In addition to being inexpensive and fun to make, these hanging floral balls will look fun and unique.