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Beautiful DIY Bridesmaid Flowers That Your Bridesmaids Will Love

One of the best parts of having a wedding can be getting together with some of your best friends in your group of bridesmaids. Usually, a bride’s bridesmaids are her sisters, cousins, or closest friends. Your wedding day will be a day you’ll always remember together. To make sure that your bridesmaids feel special and appreciated, they’ll all have matching dresses or outfits. They’ll also traditionally have a bridesmaid bouquet. However, in recent years, some brides have started branching out in their floral options for their bridesmaids.

If you’re wanting to get a little bit more creative with your bridesmaid flowers, don’t feel like you have to do bouquets. There are so many stunning options for stylish and trendy floral arrangements that can make your wedding and bridesmaids stand out from the rest. For example, you could try giving your bridesmaids hair flowers rather than bouquets. Here are some great ideas for DIY bridesmaid flowers that will make a beautiful, unique statement at your wedding.

DIY bridesmaid's flowers

Creative Bridesmaid Flowers lists some of the most creative, unique ideas for bridesmaid flowers that exist in the wedding industry. Check out their article for some fun inspiration! Bouquets aren’t your only option for bridesmaid florals. Here are some of the best ideas for bridesmaid flowers that you’ll love to incorporate into your wedding.

Oversized Corsages

First of all, you could craft some oversized corsages for your bridesmaids. Corsages are often traditionally used for the mother or mother-in-law of the bride. However, they can still make stunning and unique floral arrangements for your bridesmaids. Rather than doing normal-sized corsages, opt for oversized corsages for an extra dramatic look. Oversized corsages usually span from the wrist to halfway up the forearm. When you’re creating your corsage, you’ll follow the usual corsage-making steps. However, you might want to add an additional bracelet or ribbon to secure the upper part of your corsage. This will create a stunning statement piece that will look beautiful in your wedding photos. Plus, then your bridesmaids won’t have to carry around a bouquet.

wrist corsage

Single Stem Bouquet

If you’re going for more of a minimalistic look, a single stem floral bouquet could be perfect for your bridesmaids. As the name implies, single stem bouquets mostly consist of a large, single flower. Said flower might also be accompanied by a large palm leaf or a little bit of floral filler to give your bouquet a finished look. This type of bouquet can be especially stunning if you have a certain type of flower that you want to be a focal point of your wedding, like a hibiscus, an orchid, or an anthurium. This type of style will look great if you’re having a tropical, destination wedding. Single stem bouquets will be stunning and affordable for your bridesmaids.

Hoop Bouquets

Hoop bouquets are another trend that has started over the past few years. Hoop bouquets have a small floral arrangement fastened to the bottom of the metal hoop.

The bridesmaids then hold the hoop at the top, kind of like a basket. If you’d like to include a shiny touch of metal at your wedding, this could be a great choice for you. You can use the gold of your hoop as an accent color to any color scheme that you choose. The pairing of the colors and textures creates an arrangement that your bridesmaids will love to carry around. 

hoop bouquet

Bridesmaid Hair Flowers

A unique alternative to giving a bouquet to your bridesmaids is giving them hair flowers instead. You can do a flower crown that will circle your bridesmaids heads, or you can do a floral clip that they can fasten to their bun or updo. Bridesmaid hair flowers can be a unique and beautiful touch to your wedding. You can even do these hair flowers completely out of greenery or white flowers, like baby’s breath, if you’re wanting to go for more of a neutral color statement. These styles of hair flowers can also be adorable for your flower girls. Plus, these make a great craft for DIY bridesmaid flowers. 

Lantern Bouquet

If you’re going to be having more of a rustic country wedding, creating lantern bouquets for your bridesmaids is definitely a must. To make these fun arrangements, you’ll create a small floral arrangement that you’ll attach to lanterns. The flowers can circle the bottom of the lantern, or be attached to the top. Put battery powered flickering lights in the lanterns for a really fun, romantic touch. You can also make a classier version of this arrangement by using a fancier lantern and more traditional flowers, like garden roses.

Wood and Dried Florals

Another way to have a unique floral arrangement for your bridesmaids is to use wood and dried florals. Dried flowers have become quite trendy over the past few years, and wood flowers are the perfect addition to a dried arrangement. Wood flowers are created out of tapioca root and other natural materials, and then they’re formed to imitate the shapes and styles of fresh flowers. When you pair these with dried flowers, they’ll give the arrangement more volume and impact. Plus, wood and dried flowers are great to craft with. They can be dyed to match any color. No matter how unique your personal style might be, you’ll be able to find a color scheme that you love. You can make any of these unique types of bridesmaid arrangements that have been listed above with wood flowers when you order them in bulk. 

So, as you’re doing your wedding planning, remember that you can add a bit of creativity and personal expression when you’re arranging your wedding flowers. Don’t settle for the same old bridesmaid's bouquets that you’ve seen in thousands of wedding pictures. Instead, remember the creative floral arrangements that have been suggested in this article. Your bridesmaids will be delighted by any of these unique floral arrangements, and your guests will always remember how amazing your bridal party looked. Having a unique touch in your wedding will help it to feel even more personal and special.

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