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Should I Use Fake or Fresh Flowers for My Bridal Bouquet?

Attention, brides! Have you planned out your wedding flowers yet? When it comes to wedding flowers, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made. You’ll need to decide what type of flowers you want to use, what color schemes you want to stick with, and how many arrangements you’ll need for your decorations. You’ll also have to count up the different floral arrangements you’ll need for your wedding party. You don’t want anyone to feel left out or forgotten! However, one of your biggest floral decisions for your wedding will have to do with your own bridal bouquet. Many brides wonder if they should use artificial flowers or fresh flowers for their bridal bouquets. This article will answer a lot of your questions when it comes to bridal bouquets for your wedding.

Your bridal bouquet will be the focal point of your wedding in many ways. It will be a beautiful part of your presentation when you walk up the aisle and are being married at the altar. It will also be a focal point in many of your wedding pictures, which you’ll be viewing and remembering for years to come. Your bridal bouquet is the most important floral arrangement that you’ll have at your wedding. It should encompass the aesthetic and color scheme that you’ve planned for your wedding. You want to make sure that your bridal bouquet is looking stunning and beautiful for your big day. So, the types of flowers that you use will matter a lot.

Most brides use fresh flowers for their weddings since that is usually the norm in the wedding industry. However, there are a lot of benefits that come along with using different types of artificial flowers for your wedding flowers. KennedyBlue, a wedding blog, breaks down the different pros and cons that you should consider when you’re trying to decide between fake and fresh flowers. Here are a few of the most important points that apply to the two types of wedding flowers.

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Using Fresh Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

Fresh flowers have traditionally been used in weddings for hundreds of years. While fresh flowers are beautiful and nice-smelling, they can be expensive and difficult to maintain throughout a long wedding day. Remember these points when you’re planning you’re wedding flowers. They will help you to decide if you want to use fresh flowers for your bridal bouquet. 

Pros of Using Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, and can give your wedding a romantic, natural feel. There are so many different types of flowers that can match your style no matter if you’re traditional or bohemian. They often match the beautiful wedding aesthetic that brides are going for. They’re usually pretty accessible, depending on the season and where you live. However, if the flowers that you want to use aren’t growing in your area, you can usually order them from another area. The extra shipping will be costly though! But if you’ve always dreamed of using fresh flowers, the cost will be worth it.

Cons of Using Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can be difficult to maintain, especially if you’re getting married in the summer or winter. They’ll need to be watered and sprayed throughout the day to keep them from getting wilty. They also might have some messy residue that could cause allergic reactions for some of your guests. Fresh flowers are also quite expensive, especially when you know that you’ll want extensive floral arrangements at your wedding. Plus, when certain styles or colors become trendy for brides, their price shoots up, and you end up paying even more. When you’re paying a florist to do your wedding arrangements, you’re not just paying for the flowers. You’re also paying for their labor and years of experience, which can make your bill pretty hefty. 

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Using Artificial Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

In the past few years, it has become more trendy to use artificial flowers for your wedding. Some artificial flowers can be a lot more environmentally friendly than growing thousands of flowers only to be tossed out after a wedding day. Artificial flowers have also come a long way since the days of the cheap fabric flowers you could buy at the grocery store. Wood flowers and silk flowers are a few types of artificial flowers that are some of the most popular.

Pros of Using Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are environmentally friendly and affordable. They’re usually a lot less expensive than fresh flowers, which means that you’ll get more flowers that will fit within your floral budget. Plus, if you need an arrangement for multiple days, like your bridal bouquet for your bridal photo shoot, you won’t have to pay for multiple bouquets. You won’t need to keep up with watering your artificial flowers, and they won’t have any allergens or debris. These flowers won’t wilt so they’ll last forever! You can even keep them around and use them as a meaningful piece of home decor in your house. Artificial flowers also come in just about every color. So, if you have a really unique wedding color scheme, artificial flowers will be perfect for you. 

Cons of Using Artificial Flowers

Really, the only con of using artificial flowers for your wedding is that they’re not fresh flowers. Some brides really have their heart set on the fluffy, soft aesthetic that comes along with fresh flowers. If you are that bride, artificial flowers might just not be right for you. But just for good measure, here are two of the most popular types of artificial flowers. 

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Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are perfect for the boho, romantic bride. They’re made from dried tapioca root and other natural materials that are processed, shaped, and dried until they’re soft and pliable. Style experts then shape them to imitate real fresh flowers like roses. These wood flowers look beautiful and realistic while adding a touch of natural texture to your bouquet. They can also be dyed to match any shade, so if you have a unique color scheme for your wedding, these will be perfect. You can view the different colors when you shop the different bouquet styles. Plus, they’re perfect for making DIY bridal bouquet with fake flowers. You can order some wood flowers in bulk, create your own perfect bouquet, and use the leftover flowers for boutonnieres and corsages!

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are like the fancy, upgraded version of craft store fabric flowers. They’re a little more expensive than cheap fabric flowers since silk is such a nice material, but they’re still more affordable than fresh flowers. Silk flowers have a nice shine and texture that make them look beautiful and realistic. They’re made in lots of styles that imitate fresh flowers, like roses and peonies.