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Sola School Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Learn how to create a show-stopping centerpiece using Sola Wood Flowers! Check out this tutorial showing you how easy it is to design your very own floral arrangement--a great conversation piece for your guests at your next gathering.


Sola Wood Flowers Floral Centerpiece Tutorial Centerpiece



  • Sola Wood Flowers
  • Floral Foam
  • Centerpiece Box
  • Filler
  • Bamboo Stems
  • Floral Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Handle Wrap
  • Bouquet Grass (optional)


  • Glue Gun
  • Stem Clippers
  • Glue-Pot (optional)

Step One: Everything in its Place

Gather all of your materials before you start. This saves you time looking around for the things you need to complete the project. Plus, once you’ve set up a production line system, it makes your tasks so much easier.


Be sure to dye your flowers the night before to ensure they’re thoroughly dried prior to arranging them into a centerpiece. Choose your color palette and find the fillers that will enhance the look of the flowers.


Also, use extra caution when using the glue gun since this may cause burns. Same with stem clippers and other sharp objects that may cause injuries.


By the way, have you seen our craft kits on the website? Sola Wood Flowers has dreamy centerpiece craft kits that have everything you need from the sola flowers to centerpiece boxes. If you want to have everything you need for this project delivered to you, then craft kits are your best bet! But you are also welcome to come up with your own design using supplies from your past projects.


Sola Wood Flowers Floral Centerpiece Tutorial Centerpiece Supplies

Step Two: Stem the Flowers

Use the hot glue gun to add a pea-sized amount of glue at the base of the Sola Wood Flowers. Insert a bamboo stem into the base of the flower, gently twisting the stem until it is half an inch deep. The hot glue will dry up and hold the stem in place.


If you need a better grip at the flowers while inserting the stem, hold and press on the side of the flower petals instead of pressing the top of the flower against the bamboo stem.


Repeat this step for all the flowers you’ll add to your arrangement.


Sola Wood Flowers Floral Centerpiece Tutorial Centerpiece Supplies Close Up

Step Three: Cut your Floral Foam

Cut the floral foam to snugly fit your centerpiece box. Secure the foam by putting hot glue at the base of the box. This will keep your floral arrangement in place throughout the event (and beyond).

Step Four: Design your Centerpiece

Cut the bamboo stems and arrange the stemmed flowers into the floral foam. Don’t be afraid to add space around your sola flowers. This gives people a chance to look at each individual bloom and see how beautiful its texture and color is.


Add your chosen craft fillers to bring in dimension to your floral arrangement. And remember to use it sparingly! Fillers are there to accentuate the flowers--not to compete for attention.


Make sure that the entire centerpiece box is filled with blooms and greens, keeping the floral foam hidden underneath. You may also add a trinket, lace, or twine around the box. Whatever you’ll add to accentuate the box, it must not take the focal point off the flower arrangement.

Step Five: Show Off Your Design

Let your centerpiece do what it’s supposed to do: start conversations about how lovely it is! Once you’re done with designing, all that’s left to do is to place it in a prominent part of the room, usually at a table where everyone comes together for meals or drinks.


Creating your floral centerpieces will bring you hours of fun designing timeless arrangements. Trust us, it feels good to hear your guests give endless compliments about the stunning centerpiece!


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Sola Wood Flowers Centerpiece Box Tutorial