Rustic lanterns are an excellent way to make any space warm and inviting. They’re flexible enough to be used as a wedding centerpiece or to add charm and elegance to any space in your home.

Lantern centerpieces look stunning with a candle lit in the middle of the flower arrangement. They can be displayed in all corners of the wedding venue and best of all, they double as both décor and lighting.

Think incorporating lantern centerpieces is the perfect fit for you? Here’s a tutorial we prepared to make your lantern crafting easier and more fun.

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed

STEP 1: Stem the Sola Wood Flowers

Learn how to stem wood flowers like a pro in this Tutorial. For our arrangement, we need both short and long stem flowers.

STEP 2: Prepare the Lantern

Secure the floral foam to the bottom of the lantern. Keep it in place with floral tape or scotch tape.

STEP 3: Start with the Main Greenery

Prepare the leather ferns. Snip off the leaves from the main stem. 

Create a framework for the shape of your display. Cut the greenery stems at an angle and place them firmly into the foam.

Work your way around the middle and top until the floral foam is covered.

STEP 4: Add the Focal Flowers

Cut the stems of the focal flowers. Insert the blooms at the top into the foam at an upward angle. 

Once you have positioned the top flowers, do the bottom flowers next. Cut the stems much shorter and start inserting them. The bottom blooms should face downward and the top upward. 

Position the remaining focal stems around the arrangement.

STEP 5: Insert the Accent Fillers

Cut the stems at an angle and add in between the leather ferns. 

Use different varieties of greenery for texture and color while also providing a base for the flowers.

Insert more flowers of varying heights. Some an inch taller, others an inch shorter. This will create depth and dimension in the arrangement.  

STEP 6: Decorate Your Table with Sola Lantern Centerpiece

Spruce up your wedding reception table with your flower lantern creation.  You can leave it sweet and simple or go crazy and add other smaller-sized lanterns, more candles, and other decor elements.

Enjoy the look of your Sola Wood Flowers cradling a cozy French lamp aglow with soft candlelight.