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The Best Fall DIY Craft Projects for Home Decor and Events

Fall is coming sooner and faster than you know and it is time to get ready! Whether you’re decorating your home for hosting and events, or just to make things feel cozy and festive for the fall season, you’ll need some fresh DIY decor ideas. You don’t have to bathe your entire house in fake fall leaves or cover your porch in pumpkins to make it ready for fall. (Not that these elements are bad, but a little bit can go a long way!) Plus, there are lots of DIY projects that will be more stylish in a low-key way. So, here are some of the best DIY craft projects for home decor coming up this fall season. 

Whether you live in the big city or out in the country, there will always be signs of fall around you. Leaves start to turn bright colors and the air gets a crisp edge to it. Warm drinks and cozy clothes start to become popular again, and all of these changes are reflected in home decorations. Seasonal fall decorations usually start to come out around the end of August, when school is starting. These decorations are normally quite popular throughout September and October, and even part of November (depending on how early you like to decorate for Christmas). 

If you’re looking for cute ideas for fall decorations, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go over DIY rustic home decor projects, easy fall floral arrangements, and more. Of course, we can’t forget the pumpkins or colored leaves when it comes to fall decorating! So, get started looking at this collection of our favorite DIY fall decorations. If you end up needing some more inspiration, check out this article from Home BNC for more crafty solutions!

The Best Fall Decorations

Pumpkin Wreath

One fun idea that you can incorporate into your fall decor is a pumpkin wreath. There is no better way to start off your fall decor than by decorating your doorway. There are lots of variations of pumpkin wreaths that you can create. You can purchase small plastic pumpkins at the craft store, paint them according to your desired color scheme, and assemble them onto a wreath form using hot glue or super glue. If you aren’t in love with the idea of a wreath made entirely out of pumpkins, try making a wreath of fall florals and leaves with plenty of fun textures and neutrals. Then, glue a few small pumpkins here and there to add that great seasonal touch.

Wood Slices

Have you ever seen rustic wood stump slices at the craft store and wondered how you could use them in home decor? Well, here are a few ideas that will be perfect for the fall. First of all, you could use wide, thin slices as part of a beautiful tablescape. Place them underneath your 

pretty fall dishes for a stunning effect. You can also use them as centerpieces by placing a fun candle on top with a few artificial pumpkins or fall blooms. Wood slices can even be used to make rustic signs. If you want a pop of color, paint the light center and add a fun design or saying on top. You can also use a stencil to put a cute fall saying on the wood slice. Place these DIY signs on your porch, table, mantel, or pretty much anywhere!

Fall Floral Centerpieces 

When you’re creating your floral arrangements and centerpieces, don’t forget to incorporate natural tones and textures such as dried cotton sprigs, fall berries, pinecones, autumn leaves, and neutral floral fillers. Even pampas grass can be a great addition to a high-impact floral arrangement. Dried and wood flowers are also perfect for fall floral arrangements. They already embody many of the popular fall neutrals and colors that you’ll love for the season. Plus, some wood flowers have stunning bark details that will look perfectly rustic for fall. If you have a very unique and specific color scheme that you’re trying to achieve for a fall event, wood flowers will be perfect for you. They naturally come in a creamy white shade and can be dyed to match any color! You’ll love how your fall floral arrangements turn out when you use wood flowers.

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Rustic Wood Projects

During fall, rustic elements and earthy tones are quite popular. So this is a great time to do some DIY wood projects for home decor. This could refer to anything from wood monograms and cutouts to wood farmhouse signs to wood vases and centerpieces. The warmth that wood brings to your home (particularly if your home is mostly decorated in whites, grays, and neutrals) can be stunning, inviting, and homey. There are lots of different wood crafts that you can buy at the craft store to stain or paint as part of a DIY project. You could even stain some cute wood containers to use for organization, or make a seasonal wood sign with a fun saying. You can even use wood blocks to make DIY pumpkins. Paint your wood blocks orange with some fun designs or color variations and add a stem with some curling leaves. Even if your blocks aren’t shaped like a pumpkin or circle, they’ll be recognizable as cute and adorable pumpkins! Plus, these pumpkins don’t rot or need to be carved! You’ll be able to use these wood crafts year after year.

Mason Jar Decor

There are lots of different fall decorations you can create with a few extra mason jars. You can create rustic lanterns by putting a tea light or lantern inside. Attach some wire to create a handle and add a fun bow or flower for a fall touch. Mason jars can also make adorable fake pumpkins. Paint them in different colors and add a lid with a stem and leaf attached to create the easiest faux pumpkins. Mason jars can also be used as a centerpiece vase. Simply paint your jar in your desired color and wrap it with a bit of rustic burlap and twine. These jars will look stunning once you add a fall floral arrangement with some natural textures and bright colors. There are so many DIY craft projects for home decor that you can make with mason jars.

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