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10 Romantic DIY Home Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming up! Have you planned how you’re going to decorate yet? There are many ways to decorate for Valentine’s day, and not all of them have to be cheesy or overly bright and pink. There are lots of different aesthetics that can work when planning Valentine’s day decorations, and these aesthetics will work for all sorts of events. Whether you’re hosting a valentine’s party, having your family over, or having a quiet, romantic date at home, you’ll be able to find something in these DIY home decor ideas that is perfect for you.

1. Romantic Wreath

First of all, make sure that you’ve got a romantic wreath on your door. Your guests will see your door very first when they arrive to your house. Having a beautiful wreath there can set the tone for the rest of your decorations. You can create a personalized wreath using artificial flowers, faux greenery, and floral filler. If you want your wreath to have a specific color scheme of pinks, reds, and purples, don’t worry. Wood flowers, a type of artificial flower, can be dyed to match any color, and come in many gorgeous shades of pinks, reds, and purples. Wreaths are easy to make with some floral wire and hot glue, and are a staple of DIY crafts for home decor. 

2. Balloon Heart Backdrop

If you’re going to have a big party where your guests will want to take lots of pictures, you’ll need to make sure that you have a stunning backdrop for them. This balloon heart backdrop could not be more perfect for a Valentine’s day party. All you’ll need to make this is some cardboard to make the heart shape, some glue, and a lot of balloons. Check out this tutorial for more details! If you don’t love the look of straight balloons, try adding some sprigs of pink blossoms or drooping greenery. This will add an interesting variation and texture to your balloon heart. 

3. Candy Heart String Garland

If you want a really easy craft that will elevate a blank wall or space in your home, this candy heart string garland will be a great solution for you. To make this craft, you’ll simply need to cut large hearts out of pastel cardstock. The hearts should imitate the size and shape of candy hearts. Then, write cute messages on the hearts that imitate the candy heart messages, or create some of your own! Once that is done, tape each heart to a long strand of string or twine, and your garland will be ready to hang up!

4. Ombre Flower Wall

This Ombre flower wall is another idea for a high-impact photo backdrop. Create a flower wall back using cardboard or plywood. Then, attach artificial flowers using hot glue or super glue. Make sure that your flowers are placed densely enough so you don’t see the backing in between them. You can even create your wall in the shape of a heart using a carefully cut piece of plywood or backing. Then apply your Ombre flowers in the same manner until all of the flowers form a pleasing Ombre pattern. You’ll end up with a stunning and iconic decoration that is perfect as a photo background for any romantic party. 

5. Personalized Candle

If you’re going to be having an intimate, romantic night in, try decorating your house in a way that will set the right mood. One way to do this is to have some delicious smelling candles scattered about to create a dim, romantic atmosphere that also smells heavenly. To give your candlelit room an even more romantic, personalized feel, try out this DIY craft. Grab a candle that has a large, blank side that you could easily carve. The candle doesn’t have to be white since you’ll be painting your carving so it stands out more. Then, use a linoleum cutter to create a design in your candle. It could be a heart with your initials inside, or it could be your names, or a favorite romantic phrase of yours. Once your carving is done, you can use a paint pen of any shade to color in the carving and make it more noticeable. Your loved one will love this romantic, personalized candle!

6. Artificial Flower Bouquet

Even though a flower bouquet might seem simple and traditional, it is always romantic. Some beautiful flowers can go a long way when it comes to decorating your home. However, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, make your bouquet out of artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, such as wood flowers or silk flowers, are high-quality and look very realistic. Some artificial flowers even come already arranged in bouquet kits. You’ll be able to reuse your flower bouquet year after year! You can even rearrange the flowers to be used in a new decoration if you get bored of the design. Talk about a good investment!

7. Kiss Balloons

If you’re running low on time (and money) this craft is going to be great for you! Make these adorable kiss balloons by purchasing a few helium-filled balloons that are white or light pink. Then, put on a few layers of bright red lipstick and pucker up! Kiss the balloons until the kiss pattern is spread around in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Then let the balloons float about your house or tie them to a banister. These are an easy and affordable decoration that your guests will love!

8. Wooden Signs

There are so many types of wood signs you can make for Valentine’s day. Blank farmhouse-style wood signs are sold at many craft stores and can be easily personalized using paint pens and stencils. Paint some of your favorite romantic quotes or designs on these signs for a unique decoration. You could even copy the words of one of your love letters onto a wooden sign. This would make a meaningful and intimate decoration that you could hang up at Valentine’s day. Hang it in your bedroom if the letter is special and private. There is no better reminder of your love for each other than seeing the words you’ve written each other!

9. “LOVE” Letter Vases

Do you have a mantel or tabletop that is looking a little empty and lonely? Spruce up the space by adding stylish vases that spell out “LOVE.” You can make these vases out of paper mache letters that you can find at the craft store along with a little bit of spray paint. You can use any color, and even mix and match with the different letters, but one of the most iconic looks is gold. Since the letters are made out of paper mache, don’t pour any water into them. Fresh flowers can be placed in them for a few hours, but they’ll start to droop. Put long-lasting artificial flowers inside instead for a realistic and romantic look. You can easily make these fun statement vases by following this tutorial by Effortless Style Interiors. 

10. Queen of Hearts Cards

These fun cards can be used in many ways to create unique Valentine’s day decorations. You can tape them to some twine to create a unique garland that adds a pop of color to any wall or fireplace. Add some tied ribbon strands to the garland if it is looking a little bare. You can also make an unforgettable wreath that you’ll love to hang on your front door using some cards, glue, and a wreath form. Glue the cards in a 3D fashion to the wreath form until they create a circle or heart shape. You can even make strands of these cards with some string and hang them up against a wall or in an entryway. These hanging card strands would be a perfect party decoration!

So, now that you’ve learned about some of our favorite Valentine’s day decorations, choose the decorations that match your style and aesthetic, and have fun crafting! If you’ve loved these ideas but need some additional inspiration, check out this article from the Pioneer Woman. Remember, DIY home decorating doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simplify any of the DIY home decor ideas that you’ve learned about to better fit your skill set and vision for your decorations. You don’t have to be an expert crafter to get your house looking beautiful. With sufficient ideas and creativity (and maybe a couple of trips to the craft store), you’ll end up with a house that is perfectly and romantically decorated for Valentine’s day!