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The Top 10 Cutest Baby Shower Home Decor DIY Projects

Are you planning a baby shower that is coming up soon? Baby showers are usually thrown for a mother who is pregnant and expecting the birth of her child in the coming months. Close friends and family members are usually invited to celebrate the excitement of a new baby coming to the family. Baby showers also provide an opportunity to help out a new mother with many of the things that she needs to take care of her baby when it comes, especially if this is her first baby. 

Whether you are the expectant mama or one of her friends or family members, you are surely hoping that the shower will turn out to look beautiful and trendy. In order to achieve your dream vision for this baby shower, you’ll need some great decorations that are theme-appropriate and fun. Lucky for you, we’ve collected some of the most popular baby shower ideas and compiled them here into one article. Here are some of the cutest home decor DIY projects for baby showers. (Pro tip: these decorations can also be used for baby gender reveal parties!)

1. Balloon Arch Backdrop

One of the trendiest decorations that has taken the internet by storm over the past few years is the balloon arch backdrop. These giant, magical arches are made out of balloons in a variety of colors and sizes. You can hire companies to create your balloon arch for you, or you can also buy a kit and make it yourself to save some money. You’ll really just need a form for your arch that you can tie the balloons to. You can also add some little touches of greenery, artificial flowers, or glittery streamers to add different textures. Want this decoration to have more of a purpose and be more functional? Pair this adorable balloon arch with the sign, “ready to pop!” and an adorable mixed soda station and you’ll have an unforgettable baby shower setup. 

2. Build-Your-Own Flower Crown Station

Girls are like heaven-sent flowers, so every expectant mama should have a crown at her baby shower! Cue the build-your-own flower crown station. This idea will be perfect if the expectant mama is having a girl! All you’ll need is some pre-made crown forms made out of floral wire, floral tape, and a bunch of artificial flowers. Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they can be messy, cause allergies, and don’t last very long. If you use artificial flowers instead, these flower crowns can be enjoyed for years to come. Set out the supplies with some floral scissors handy, and your guests will love this station!

3. Floral Balloon

If you don’t want to make something as big as a balloon arch, but still want some fun, creative decorations floating around, try making these floral balloons. Get a few helium-filled balloons in the color scheme of your baby shower. Then, use some artificial greenery to wind around the string coming down from the balloon. Add a few artificial flowers, like wood flowers, for pretty pops of color. Then you’ll be left with some adorable balloons that double as DIY craft home decor that can be placed around your house and set the tone for the baby shower. Even though flowers might seem girly, you can find lots of artificial flowers that are in blue and green tones. They’ll be perfect for a baby boy shower!

Baby shower decor floral balloons decorations

4. Giant Baby Blocks

If you have an empty corner that is in need of a larger decoration, try making these giant baby blocks. Modeled after the small, wooden baby blocks that have letters on them, these bocks are made of large cardboard boxes covered in butcher paper. Take any square-shaped boxes that you have lying around, cover them in butcher paper until they look like a wood block, and paint on the letters, “BABY.” This decoration will be so adorable. 

5. Floral Wall

If you are looking for a high-impact decoration to cover a blank wall in your home, try making a floral wall. You’ll need a piece of cardboard or plywood to act as your base since you don’t want to attach flowers to your actual wall. Then start to attach your artificial flowers with hot glue or super glue. Make sure that you have a variety of sizes and colors to create an aesthetically pleasing background. Fill in any gaps with corresponding floral filler or greenery. This floral wall will be the perfect photo op background!

6. Diaper Cake

Do you want to make a decoration that is cute and useful? If so, this diaper cake will be perfect for you. Get a few boxes of diapers in a variety of sizes and roll the diapers up into rolls and fasten them with a bit of tape. Then, create a large circle with the diaper rolls and tie them together with some ribbon. This will be your first cake level. You can create another level or two using the same method and decorate it with extra ribbons or flowers. The expectant mama will be especially thrilled with this decoration. Cute and functional!

7. Fabric Tie Garland

Is your fireplace or wall looking a little bare? You can easily create this fabric tie garland in no time and have it up for the baby shower. You’ll just need a length of rope as long as you’d like the garland to be. Then you’ll need to cut up some strips of fabric or ribbon to two times the appropriate length that you want to dangle down from the rope. Then, tie each strip on halfway through its length until you fill the garland rope. If you throw in a few complementary colors such as rose gold and peach for girls, or teal and sage green for boys, you’ll even be able to repurpose this garland for other events. This is a super cute DIY project for home decor that you’ll love to pull out throughout the year.

8. Mom-osa Shower Bar

Baby showers can be hard work, so you’ll likely get a little thirsty. This Mom-osa bar will be so cute and also mom-friendly since it is alcohol-free. Just get a collection of your favorite juices as well as some cut fruit, carbonated water, and pebbled ice. Then, let your guests mix together their ideal fruity drink for a fun baby shower refreshment. Add a cute chalkboard sign explaining the instructions for a helpful touch.

9. Hanging Flower Chandelier

Another fun idea is to make a hanging flower chandelier. You could hang this chandelier over your table, over the food area, or even over where the mama is going to sit and open presents. To make this chandelier. Tie some flowers in a hanging pattern to a wire wreath form. Cover the wreath form with some ribbon or additional flowers. Then hang it up and admire how cute the flowers are! This adorable hanging flower chandelier could even double as a hanging flower baby mobile once the shower is over. Just make sure to make your mobile with the corresponding width and length that will fit well over a baby’s crib and won’t be too long!

hanging decor wall decor baby shower decorations

10. Baby Clothes Bunting

Another useful decoration is some baby clothes bunting. Bunting is kind of like a garland that is used as a decoration that hangs across a blank service. But with baby clothes bunting, you’ll just need some sturdy string and some big clothespins. Then, you’ll attach a few cute items of baby clothing to the string as a hanging bunting decoration. You can ask some of your guests to buy baby items to make part of the bunting to add to the fun.

Now that you’ve learned about these adorable baby shower decorations, it is time to get started crafting! Your baby shower is going to look so beautiful that it will be plastered all over Instagram and Pinterest in no time. Your guests will absolutely drool over these amazing decorations. Just remember to make everything personalized according to the gender of the baby and the aesthetic of the shower. Make sure to check out this article if you need some additional home decor DIY project ideas to match your vision for the party. The expecting mama will be sure to love every minute of the baby shower that you’re throwing her!