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How to Make Boho Artificial Flower Arrangements at Home

Have you ever set up some pretty open shelving in your home or arranged a beautiful, Insta-worthy tablescape only to feel that you’re still missing something? If you love an earthy, bohemian style and are looking for a trendy way to spruce up your house, you’ve come to the right place. Homemade, bohemian, artificial flower arrangements are the perfect home decorations for any space in your house. Whether you’re looking for something to fill an empty coffee table, a bare nightstand, or a lonely windowsill, a boho artificial flower arrangement will be perfect. This article will give you some great tips on creating unforgettable artificial flower arrangements that you will love to bring out of storage year after year. Here are a few tips on how to make artificial flower arrangements at home. 

Fresh flowers are beautiful. They smell lovely and add a beautiful touch to everything. However, fresh flowers are quite expensive, and they wilt quickly. Because of this, artificial flowers are a great alternative. There are lots of reasons that crafters and decorators alike love to use artificial flowers. They make incredibly beautiful arrangements that you can enjoy for years to come. Here are a few of the most popular benefits of using artificial flowers.

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Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers

Easy to Reuse

First of all, artificial flowers are super easy to reuse time and time again. When you create an artificial flower arrangement, you use different flowers, floral filler, greenery, and sprigs to create a finished-looking bouquet. Even if you attach the flowers with floral wire or tape, they can be easily taken apart again. This will leave you with beautiful flowers that are ready to be rearranged into a new floral decoration. A bouquet table centerpiece can be transformed into a floral wall hanging, a fireplace garland, or even a pretty door wreath. You can even take apart your floral arrangements at the end of every season and store them, ready to be crafted again next season. 


Another reason why many crafters use artificial flowers is that they’re incredibly affordable.  Home decor flowers can be expensive when you use fresh flowers or luxury-made arrangements. Additionally, fresh flowers are quite expensive, especially during the summer months when they’re high in demand for weddings and events. Artificial flowers, even those of the highest quality, are much more affordable in comparison. You can buy hundreds of artificial flowers, like bulk wood flowers, for less than the price of a single fresh flower bouquet. 


Artificial flowers are also long-lasting and easy to take care of. When you make a flower arrangement with fresh flowers, they’ll look beautiful for a short time, but you won’t be able to make them last. You’ll have to constantly water and care for them, only for them to die. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, will never wilt or die. They’ll stay beautiful forever. When caring for artificial flowers, like wood flowers, make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight so they stay vibrant in color. You can also dust them weekly and use softener to keep them nice and velvety.

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How to Make a Boho Artificial Flower Arrangement

Check out this blog post and video tutorial a basic, step-by-step walk-through on how to make artificial flower arrangements at home. Make sure to follow those steps when you’ve selected your artificial blooms of choice. Then, reference the following tips that will help your arrangements to look totally bohemian and incredibly trendy.  If you need some inspiration to help you to come up with the perfect, boho flower arrangement, check out this article!

Add Dried Flowers

Some of the trendiest, bohemian artificial flower arrangements that have risen to popularity in the past year include lots of dried flowers. Dried flowers can be delicate, but they also encompass beautiful neutral colors, interesting patterns, and detailed textures that make any arrangement or bouquet look incredibly pretty. Dried palm leaves have been especially popular for their striking shape and interesting folds. Fluffy, dried pampas grass is also a popular choice. Even on their own, pampas grass sprigs will fill an empty space in your home with a stylish statement. Dried floral fillers will also help your arrangement or bouquet to look finished. There are many high-quality choices to choose from when you’re shopping for dried flowers. 

Adopt Unique Color Schemes

One trademark quality of a bohemian flower arrangement is the prevalence of unique and beautiful color schemes. From earthy neutrals to the bright colors of wildflowers, there are all sorts of color schemes that will look beautiful and totally bohemian. Home decor flowers is a great opportunity to use unique colors because they’ll match different seasons and events. For example, you can use a bright arrangement of yellow, corals, turquoise, and baby blue for a delightful spring arrangement. In the summer, adopt more romantic tones of lilac, rose, and burgundy. Even a collection of pastel colors could look wonderful. The fall will bring a great variety of bohemian colors including rust, emerald, deep turquoise, dusty rose, and more. Even a neutral color scheme dotted with shades of cream, tan, blush, brown, and beige will look bohemian and super trendy for your Insta-worthy home. 

Use Wood Flowers

Let’s face it, some flowers just don’t look very bohemian. For example, roses look pretty stiff and traditional, unless they’re garden roses or formed and shaped to look more natural and windblown. If you really want to use flowers that are going to look nature-inspired and bohemian, wood flowers are an excellent choice. Wood flowers are made from natural wood-like materials that grow abundantly in nature. These materials are then dried, processed, and formed into realistic-looking flower shapes that are modeled after real, fresh flowers. Some wood flowers have a bit of the brown, wood bark for an extra natural, earthy look. Other wood flowers can be dyed into any color or shade, no matter how unique your color scheme may be.

Finish With Silk Ribbons

Finally, when you’ve got all of your flowers, greenery, floral filler, and dried floral sprigs together in a beautiful-looking arrangement, you’ll be ready to add the finishing touches. You’ll want to tie together the bouquet with a thick rubber band to make sure that all of the pieces stay in place. You can also use floral wire or foam to place each flower in the right place. Once you’re ready, tie off your whole bouquet with some raw-edged silk ribbons. There is nothing more bohemian than having these gorgeous, silk ribbons dangling down from your floral arrangement!