Boxwood Greenery

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Dried boxwood is perfect for wreaths, topiaries, or just about any arrangement. You will surely love the quality of our naturally dried and preserved boxwood.

Preserved greenery will look great for many years. Boxwood is evergreen foliage that is perfect as a filler for sola flower arrangements, a backdrop for wreaths and garlands, and a must-have for topiaries and wedding arbors. 

This listing is for 1 bunch (5 oz.) approx.

Type: Preserved

Please note, the finished examples shown are for inspiration only. The purchase of this product is for the Boxwood Greenery only.

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Are you looking for the perfect type of greenery for your wood flower arrangement? You’ll be sure to love this Boxwood Greenery, which has been carefully dried and preserved while still showing off its vibrant green color. With its delicate leaves, full volume, and bright color, this dried Boxwood Greenery is perfect for all sorts of arrangements. Whether you’re making a summer wreath, a wedding bouquet, a holiday centerpiece, a decorative arbor, or a nature-inspired backdrop, this stunning Boxwood Greenery will do the trick. You can even create DIY topiaries or floral home decor with this stunning greenery.

If you’ve ever bought live greenery, you’ll know the frustration of spending a lot of money on a product that wilts only a few hours later. When you use this dried, preserved Boxwood Greenery, your arrangement is guaranteed to look beautiful for years to come. This greenery will be paired perfectly with our preserved floral fillers and wood flowers for a gorgeous-looking arrangement that will stand the test of time.

Depending on the floral arrangement or craft that you have in mind, you’ll need a different amount of greenery. This Boxwood Greenery is available in two different sizes: full bunch and ⅓ bunch. The full bunch size features 5 ounces of Boxwood Greenery whereas the ⅓ bunch size features around 1.6 ounces of Boxwood Greenery. Make sure that you purchase the right amount of greenery for your arrangement for easy, convenient crafting. (And remember, you can always save some for your next floral craft if you have some extra greenery left over!)

Please note that upon ordering this product, you will only be receiving Boxwood Greenery. The flowers pictured here are only meant to provide examples of how you could use Boxwood Greenery in a floral arrangement.

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Chelsey Preston

Boxwood Greenery

Florence Trujillo
Beautiful product, flowers and greenery.

Although I won't be using them for a few more months, I had to grab it all while on sale. Can't wait to create beautiful wedding pieces!

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