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The Best Inspirational Home Decor for the Holiday Season

Are you trying to prep your home for the holidays in 2022? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The 2022 holidays are coming up and the trending decor will incorporate some traditional touches from years past while still moving ahead for trendy and modern changes. Best of all, you can create some of your own DIY decorations that you’ll love to bring out for the holidays every year. There are all sorts of inspirational home decor for the holidays that you can try.

When you’re preparing to decorate your house for the holidays, remember that you should focus on creating decorations that are meaningful to you. You can absolutely follow trends and use popular styles to decorate your house, but make sure that you incorporate personal elements as well. This will help your home to feel festive and celebratory without sacrificing your own individual style and personalized decorations. The combination of these two types of decorations will leave you with a holiday home that evokes emotional memories and feelings. Once the holidays are over, you still won’t want to take your decorations down! Here are some of the top home decor trends and inspirations that you should absolutely include in your holiday decor plan. 

Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Now, let’s get right to some of these inspiring home decoration projects that you’ll love. As you read through these different popular holiday decor trends, think about which options will work for your space and for your personal aesthetic and style. Make sure that you include ideas that you will love over the years and that will be sustainable. If you’re wondering where to find home decor inspiration, check out the different articles on this Sola School blog. These articles include ideas for many different types of home decor and DIY crafts. If you need some additional inspiration for home decor, check out this article from Better Homes and Gardens for upcoming holiday decor trends. 

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Artificial Flowers

One big trend coming up this year is the use of artificial flowers in your holiday decorations. There are so many types of artificial flowers that come in countless colors. No matter what your style or aesthetic is for the holidays, you’ll be able to find flowers that will match. If you’re going for more of a rustic, natural look with your artificial flowers, try using wood flowers! You’ll love the natural textures of their wood bark and creamy floral tones. Artificial flowers can be used in countless ways to create beautiful decorations. You can make garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, tree decorations, wall hangings, mantel decorations, and more. One benefit of using artificial flowers for holiday decorations is that they are long-lasting and can be reused. If you get tired of a holiday floral arrangement that you’ve made, simply rearrange them to create a new wreath, centerpiece, or garland. If you’re going for more of a simple artificial flower look, try working with floral fillers and artificial greenery to create some beautiful holiday looks.

Clay Ornaments

Have you ever wished you could have personalized tree ornaments that are meaningful for your family? If so, you absolutely have to try making these DIY clay ornaments. Talk about inspirational home decor! You can personalize these adorable clay ornaments into different shapes and designs that your family will love to hang on the tree. You can even make clay ornaments as gifts that you’ll give away during the holidays. If you don’t love the neutral clay color, try using a colored clay, or even paint your ornaments for a fun pop of color. 

Rustic Touches

Rustic decor can give a homey and comforting feel that will make your house so inviting during the holidays. Try to incorporate warm copper metals, vintage glass, and weathered wood for a rustic touch. These materials will bring in a intimate earthiness that you will love in your home decorations. You can even DIY cute Christmas signs by buying blank wood signs and using stencils to paint or draw on fun holiday designs and quotes. 

Flocked Trees

Another huge trend that we see coming this year is the prevalence of flocked trees. From full flocked trees to asymmetrical, sparse flocked trees, these styles will be all the rage for holiday decor. If you’re trying to justify buying a new, flocked tree but can’t feel settled with the cost, don’t worry. You can easily update an old, green, artificial tree by using some flocking spray that will add that fluffy, white texture that you love. Simply spray your trees when you get them out each holiday season, and they’ll be looking fresh and new!

Moody and Bright

If you’re trying to find the perfect color scheme for this year’s holiday decor, try the moody and bright trend. This trend refers to mixing gold and silver metallics with moody deep blues, grays, or blacks. Inspired by the holiday midnight sky, this color scheme will feel luxurious with intrigue and depth. You can incorporate this color scheme into some of your DIY holiday decorations by creating metallic bead garlands to hang against your dark fireplace. You could also use deep velvet fabric for your tree skirt against the sparkly, metallic tree ornaments. There are endless ways to explore this trendy color scheme. 

Natural Elements

One of the best ways to have some natural beauty in your holiday decorations is to include some natural elements in different parts of your home. This can include holiday berries, evergreen sprigs, pinecones, cut wood, and more. You can easily use some of these natural elements in DIY decorations such as door hangings, table centerpieces, and fireplace garlands. You can piece these natural sprigs together with floral tape or floral wire to create large, dramatic decorations that bring the beauty of the outside nature inside your home. Even just using a few simple berries and twigs as a napkin holder or simple plate decoration will look stunning.

So, as you’re preparing for the upcoming holidays this year, remember these big trends that you’re going to see everywhere. Make sure that you choose which trends you’d like to include in your home holiday decorations, and don’t forget to make your holidays meaningful by using DIY projects and personal touches. Happy crafting and happy holidays!

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