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The Best Simple Wedding Corsages for the Minimalistic Bride

Have you ever had difficulty planning a wedding as a minimalistic bride? Sometimes, it can seem like wedding tradition is always pointing you to dramatic, over-the-top decorations and attire that are the opposite of what you actually want for your simple, beautiful wedding. However, it isn’t impossible to have a sentimental, minimalistic wedding that will be just what you’ve always dreamed of. It just might take a bit of intentionality in your wedding planning (and possibly talking down your mother’s expectations) but soon, you’ll be able to bring your simple and special wedding vision to life. 

While you’re doing your wedding planning, you might realize that you can find a stunning and simple wedding gown and dresses for your bridesmaids to wear, but certain elements of the wedding can be a bit more difficult to simplify, like the flowers. When it comes to traditional wedding flowers, they can be a little bit more oversized and dramatic than you want. However, it  is still possible to have minimalistic flowers, like a simple wedding corsage, on your big day.

Wedding corsages are small floral arrangements that are usually worn on the wrist as a bracelet. They add a fun, floral touch to a wedding that helps tie your color schemes and aesthetics together. Wedding corsages are traditionally given to the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, as well as any grandmothers of the bride or groom that might be living and in attendance. However, as trends have started bending traditional wedding rules, many brides have started giving corsages to their bridesmaids, their maids of honor, and even their flower girls. Who knows, you might love these corsage ideas so much that you might even end up using a bridal wrist corsage rather than a huge, complicated bouquet. Wedding corsages are just so beautiful and simple, they make the perfect, minimalistic statement on your big day.

Now that you’re feeling convinced about the benefits of minimalistic wedding corsages, it is time to learn about some of the options that are available to you. So, without further ado, here are some of the best simple wedding corsages for your minimalistic wedding.

Monochromatic Corsages

One way to achieve a simple and minimalistic look for your wedding corsages is by using a monochromatic color scheme. This could be anything from whites to blues to blush tones to deep burgundies, depending on your specific color scheme for your wedding. Having a monochromatic corsage design for your wedding can help your flowers to look simple and minimalistic because they won’t involve a ton of different colors that need to be matched and coordinated. Monochromatic corsages can also make quite a statement with the color pop of their coordinated flowers and greenery. If you’re having a hard time finding flowers that fit your monochromatic vision, try using custom-dyed wood flowers to match your color scheme!

white corsage blue corsage burgundy corsage monochromatic corsage for bride

Natural Toned Corsages

Another way to tone down the fluff of traditional corsages and opt for a more simple design is to use natural tones and materials. Natural tones usually reflect the colors of nature and are a bit more subdued such as tan, brown, sage green, cream, and other colors that fit within that scheme. You can achieve this bohemian, cohesive look best when you use dried flowers or wood flowers in your corsages. Dried flowers already incorporate many of these natural tones and have really interesting textures that will provide a finishing touch for your simple corsages. However, they won’t be complete without wood flowers. Wood flowers can add a bit more intentional volume to your simple corsage since they are shaped and designed after fresh flowers, such as roses or tulips. Even the addition of one wood flower with natural wood tones can complete your corsage. Dried and wood flowers are also great mediums to work with when you’re creating lots of corsages for your bridesmaids and members of your wedding party because you can order them in bulk.

All-White Corsages

If you aren’t a huge fan of bright colors for weddings, all-white corsages will be perfect for your wedding flowers. There are lots of different types of flowers that come in white and cream tones. This makes these wedding corsages a lot easier to create since you’re not hunting down different colors to match. You can add some sprigs of greenery or floral filler, like eucalyptus, to add a pretty finishing touch to your corsages. Or you can just keep the arrangement totally white by adding small sprigs of baby’s breath. Attach these pretty corsage arrangements to a pearl bracelet or white silk ribbon and you will be ready to go for your minimalistic wedding. All-white wedding flowers are perfectly simple and beautiful.

white corsage for bride sola wood flowers corsages and boutonniere wedding corsage

Single Flower Corsages

One final idea that you might try for your simple wedding corsages is to use the single flower corsage style. These corsages are about as minimalistic as you can get since they literally only require a single, large flower to be made. Make sure that you find a large flower, such as a garden rose or peony in a color of your liking, and attach it to the corsage wristlet that you’re going to use, such as a piece of ribbon or an elastic bracelet. You can always add a tiny bit of greenery or floral filler around the flower if you wish, but if you get a large enough flower, it can cover the whole wrist and be the star of the show by itself. 

So, now that you know that you don’t have to have large, dramatic bouquets and flowers at your wedding, don’t give up on your minimalistic vision. You can use these beautiful wedding corsages for your bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls, and even for yourself. If you want some additional decorative flowers, try adding a few simple sprigs of greenery or bud vases to spruce up your reception area. These beautiful corsages will carry the load of bringing together your wedding party aesthetic, and you’ll be delighted with the outcome. If you need some more inspiration to help you to nail down your vision for your minimalistic wedding flowers, check out this article on minimalistic wedding flowers and bouquets.