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The Top Ten Best Corsages for Weddings This Season

When you’re a bride, planning your wedding flowers can be a huge responsibility (and therefore, a burden on your shoulders). Even if you’re not arranging your own flowers, it can take some time to nail down your vision for your wedding flowers. It can help to split your wedding flowers up into different categories and tackle them one by one. For example, you can figure out what you want for your bridal bouquet, your corsages and boutonnieres, your ceremony flowers, and then your reception flowers. This article will focus on the best designs for corsages for weddings. 

Wedding corsages are traditionally worn by the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, as well as any grandmothers of the bride and groom that might be still living. Sometimes, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids might have corsages instead of bouquets. Corsages are beautiful touches of flowers that can help tie together the colors and aesthetic for your wedding party. So, you’ll need to plan what different colors you’d like for your corsage flowers for your wedding. You’ll also need to decide which flower and corsage style you like. Here are some trendy ideas that are extra popular this year. If you want to look at some photos and additional inspiration that go along with these ideas, check out this article from! So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the top ten best corsages for wedding this season.

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1. Dried Flower Corsages

One style for corsages that has been very popular over the past few years is the dried flower corsage. Dried flowers usually come in lots of neutral colors such as white, tan, sage, brown, etc. They can be painted to match other trendy colors such as blush, terracotta, mustard, and more. One benefit of using dried flowers is that they will last forever since they’ve already been carefully processed, dried, and preserved. The drying process gives these flowers different textures and shades that have amazing versatility and style. Dried flowers are also a lot more affordable than fresh flowers since they don’t have to be constantly watered and maintained. 

2. Oversized Corsages

Another trendy type of corsage is the oversized corsage. Traditionally, corsages are about the size of your palm or smaller, and they’re normally attached at the wrist with a ribbon or bracelet. However, oversized corsages are more of a dramatic arrangement that are about twice the size of traditional corsages. They measure anywhere from the wrist to halfway up the forearm, and even close to the elbow. Oversized corsages are more voluminous and high-impact which helps them to look more dramatic. Add some fluffy floral filler or drooping greenery to add some romantic tendrils and sprigs as a finishing touch. Your bridesmaids and mothers will love these oversized corsages!

3. Monochromatic Corsages

If you want something a little more intentional and less bohemian, a monochromatic corsage design could be perfect for you. As the name implies, monochromatic corsages usually involve flowers that are all almost exactly same color. You will take some time to find corresponding flowers if your color scheme is very unique, but the effect of the monochromatic colors can be stunning and unforgettable. It will also give a great color pop and statement that will help bring together your wedding aesthetic. 

4. Wood Flower Corsages

A unique style of corsages that has become very trendy is the wood flower corsage. Wood flowers are environmentally friendly flowers that are made out of a wood-like material called tapioca root. This material is then dried and processed into thin sheets that are formed into delicate flower petals and put together into flowers. These flowers imitate the style and colors of fresh flowers but have a unique, rustic feel since they’re made out of wood-like materials. Wood flowers are a great part of corsages for weddings because they are easy to craft with. You can buy wood flowers in bulk without stems, so they are easy to attach to a corsage. The best part of all is that wood flowers can be dyed into any shade since they come in a natural creamy white color. This means you can get the right shade for your wedding colors without having to pay extra. 

5. Textured Corsages

If you’re looking for a style that is unique and earthy, you will love the textured corsage style. Textured corsages often have a few small flower blooms, but the main part of the design consists of plants with interesting textures and shapes. You can use greenery stems, small sprigs of floral filler, and dried grasses to add really intriguing textures to your corsages. This style will be perfect for you if you’re having a nature-inspired, bohemian style wedding. 

6. Cascading Wristlet Corsage

Just because corsages are normally designed like a bracelet on the wrist doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that format exclusively. There are other types of corsages that can be fun and creative, like the cascading wristlet corsage. This type of corsage is usually attached to the wrist with a ribbon or elastic band, but it then cascades down from the wrist almost like a hanging cascade bouquet. This type of corsage is dainty and unique, and will provide an interesting contrast of greenery and florals against the dresses of your bridesmaids and mothers.

7. Metal Cuff Corsages

Have you ever had a corsage for an event and wished that it could last forever? Well, when you have a metal cuff corsage, at least part of your corsage can actually last forever and be used over and over again. With this style, you actually attach your floral arrangement to a metal bracelet cuff with some floral tape, ribbon, or other material. Then, once the wedding is over, your bridesmaids and mothers can detach the wilted flowers and use the cuff bracelet as a pretty piece of jewelry. So, your gift of the corsage will keep on giving!

8. Contrast Color Corsages

This year, many brides have started going away from the traditional white or pink flower color schemes and have started adding lots of unexpected color contrasts into their flowers. You can include this in your corsage design in a really fun way. Try using different flower colors that will contrast with the colors that your bridesmaids or mothers are wearing. For example, if they are wearing coral dresses, you can use light pink, baby blue, and yellow flowers in their corsages to create a stunning contrast. This is a fun way to include lots of colors in your flower designs while creating a cohesive look. 

9. Single Flower Corsages

If you want something more simplistic for your corsages, try the single flower corsage design. These corsages are more minimalistic since they usually only include one large bloom and perhaps a little bit of greenery or floral filler. The large flower on this corsage really takes center stage with this design. These single flower corsages are simplistic but stunning. 

10. Bling Corsages

Finally, if you’re having more of a sparkly, dramatic design for your wedding with lots of jewels and fancy elements, don’t be afraid to incorporate some of that bling into your corsages. You 

can add bling to your corsages in many ways. You can use a sparkly bracelet or ribbon as the base of your corsage. You could add some glitter to the flowers that you’re adding to the corsage. You could even use some little craft jewels and artificial jewel flowers to add some fun sparkle to your corsage. Your bridesmaids and mothers will love how fancy they feel when they wear these bling corsages.


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