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Top Five ways to save on your wedding flowers in 2022

Are you getting married this year? With supply chain issues and inflating prices, you’ve probably realized that your wedding could end up being a lot more expensive than you expected if you don’t stick to a strict budget. While this current situation is somewhat avoidable, it can still be disappointing to realize that you won’t have the wedding that you always dreamed of…or can you?

Luckily, there are ways to save money while still having the wedding that you envisioned. For example, you could rent your wedding dress instead of buying it. You could opt for a cheaper, outdoor venue instead of an expensive indoor one. You could simplify your guest list to save money on catering, space, and invitations. You could DIY some of your own decorations. When it comes to flowers, there are lots of ways to have beautiful and affordable flowers at your wedding. You won’t have to sacrifice styles and the florals you’ve dreamed of just because of a tight budget. Here are the top five ways to save on your wedding flowers in 2022.

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1. Choose Affordable Styles

The first tip for saving money on your wedding flowers is to choose affordable styles. When certain colors and styles of flowers become very popular and trendy online, lots of brides end up requesting them. This can make these wedding flowers more expensive since they are more in demand and harder to find. This applies to specific colors and styles of flowers. For example, dusty pink garden roses have been incredibly popular over the past few years, so they can be pretty expensive to get for your wedding. Instead of paying extra for a few of those flowers, is there a slightly different shade that you could choose? Or could you request dusty rose tulips or tea roses instead? Even though certain shades and styles go viral online, that doesn’t mean that they are the best choice. You can save money by choosing similar styles (or something completely different) that will still fulfill your wedding flower dreams.

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2. Use Artificial Flowers

If you want to save money on your wedding flowers without sacrificing beauty and style, try using artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are very expensive and they can be difficult to maintain, especially if your wedding will be in a hot, humid location. Even if you try to water your flowers consistently, they’ll still end up drooping and wilting. When you use artificial flowers for your wedding, you won’t run into this problem. There is a large variety of high-quality artificial flowers that you can use for your wedding, and they won’t even need to be watered. There are so many styles of artificial flowers to choose from, no matter what your desired aesthetic may be. Silk flowers, dried flowers, and wood flowers are some of the best types of artificial flowers. If you’re looking for flowers that are affordable and customizable, wood flowers will be perfect for you. They’re made from a natural creamy-white material that can be dyed to match any color, no matter how unique your color scheme may be. You can also buy wood flowers in bulk and receive hundreds of flowers for a fraction of the price that you’d usually spend on fresh flowers. If you’re still wondering about using artificial flowers for your wedding, check out this article for more helpful facts and benefits.


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3. Buy Wholesale and Arrange Yourself

Another approach to saving money on your wedding flowers is to buy them wholesale and arrange them yourself. Rather than paying a florist for their time, expertise, labor, and products, you can save a lot of money by arranging your own flowers. You can find wholesale flower farms and stores in your area and buy them for a fraction of the price that you’d be paying for if you hire a florist. Plus, if you arrange your own flowers, it will make them even more sentimental. If you feel that you don’t have time to arrange your own flowers the day before your wedding, enlist the help of your bridesmaids and family members and make a fun party out of it. This will save you lots of money and create fun memories that you’ll always love to remember.

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4. Use Local, In-Season Flowers

On a similar note to buying flowers wholesale, buying local flowers that are currently in season can also help you to save money. Certain flowers grow during certain times of the year. If you want a very specific type of flower, like peonies, and you’re getting married during their off-season, you’ll end up spending a lot of extra money to get them shipped from a different area of the country or world where they’re currently growing in season. Save money instead by using flowers that are currently in season in your area. Take some time to research the flowers that are growing in your area and create a vision for the flowers that you’d like to use. If you have your heart set on certain flowers, like peonies, then schedule your wedding for the months when they are in season. 

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5. Add Floral Filler and Greenery

If you have your heart set on using fresh flowers for your wedding, you can create more affordable arrangements by using a few large, focal flowers in your arrangements and surrounding those flowers with more inexpensive blooms, floral filler, and greenery. Your bouquet doesn’t have to consist entirely of large flowers, like a sphere bouquet. You can add romantic floral filler and draping greenery for a dramatic look that will add volume and drama to your wedding floral arrangements. Some examples of popular floral fillers are eucalyptus, bunny tail, baby’s breath, lavender, pixie cotton, and heather spray, You’ll always be able to find floral fillers and greenery that will match any aesthetic and style. This is an especially smart approach for floral installations that are large and can be very expensive if you include lots of large flowers. Instead, use a few scattered flowers and fill in the majority of the space with greenery and floral filler for a cost-effective and beautiful solution. 

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So, if you’re wanting to have budget-friendly wedding flowers that are still stylish and beautiful, remember these top five ways to save on your wedding flowers. You can absolutely have the wedding flower aesthetic that you’ve dreamed off without having to spend an inordinate amount of money. Believe us, it isn’t worth it to break the bank. Remember these tips and you’ll be able to make your wedding flower dreams come true!