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Will You Use Real Flowers or Sola Wood Flowers For Your Wedding?

People have long debated if there is any acceptable alternative to using fresh flowers at a wedding. On one side, there are people who want to adhere to the age-old tradition of using real flowers. Simply nothing comes close! They’re charming, they smell nice, and they’re an elegant addition to any occasion.

On the other end, there are people who welcome the use of flower alternatives. These flower alternatives range from latex, through silk, to foam flowers. They’ve come a long way from the tacky plastic flowers of the 90s (complete with dew drops made of hot glue) and paper flower crafts, and can look deceivingly real. Fragrance oils can be added to mimic the scent of the flower, and they can really look amazing as event decor, too.

Pink Mulberry wood

So with looks being similar, what are the other reasons that will make you want to use Sola Wood Flowers for your wedding?

Pollen Allergies

For people who adore flowers, being surrounded by them during the wedding ceremony and reception is a dream come true. But for people who have allergies, it’s a real life nightmare if they forget to bring their antihistamine tablets. Pollen allergies are so common and may affect the bride, the groom, or an important person in their guest list, whom they cannot miss during their wedding.

Sola flowers in red and yellow

Florists can recommend hypoallergenic flowers to use for your wedding and will work great if it matches your choice of flowers (or color theme). But if you’re keen on using dahlias or sunflowers in your bouquet and decor, it’s best to use sola flowers instead.

Withstands Summer Weddings

If you’re planning to do a beach wedding in the summer and want gorgeous photos the entire day, steer away from fresh flowers. Even the hardiest types will lose its vigor soon after being exposed to the hot summer sun. Also, the humid sea air will surely make your bouquet and decors wilt before you even get to exchange vows.

White sola flower bouquet

With sola flowers, you do not have to worry whether your bouquet will still look fresh and lively for the photo-op after the ceremony. That’s one less thing off your mind on this very important day. The flowers will look great the entire day--and for the years to come! Bonus points for not needing to hire a professional preserver to make your wedding bouquet last.

Use the Flowers You Want (even when they’re out of season!)

Whether you’re going for sustainability and don’t want to import out-of-season flowers, or don’t want to pay the additional fee for premium flowers that are hard to come by, going with sola flower bouquets is the best choice. 

Burning Love bouquet

We understand it’s not easy to change your mind, especially if you’ve decided on what flowers you’ll use on your wedding bouquet. Sola Wood Flowers gives you the option to get peonies and tulips for your summer wedding! Why change dates or choose a different flower bouquet, when you have the option to get the best of both options?

Save on Flower Expenses

The bridal bouquet is just one piece of the entire budget for flower expenses. There are also bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, wedding ceremony decor, flower girl petals, reception centerpieces, table garlands, and so on. On the average, brides and grooms will be spending $2,500 for flowers alone! That’s about the price of a Tiffany three-stone diamond ring!

Wood wheel cutout with white sola flowers

Using sola flowers is more cost-effective. If you like crafts and have extra time to spend on creating your own bouquet and decor, your flower expenses will definitely go down further (extra tip: since sola wood flowers last and keep well, you can start creating the different pieces and decors months before the wedding date).

There’s a ton of reasons why Sola Wood Flowers are perfect for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. But we find that these four are pretty compelling evidence that sola wood flowers are an amazing choice for your big day. Get charming foral decor that will last a long time for only a fraction of the cost of real flowers. 

How about you? What are your reasons for using Sola Wood Flowers for your wedding? Let’s discuss it at Sola Wood Flowers Official and share your best wedding sola wood flower wedding hacks to help your other brides who are preparing for their own weddings.