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The Ultimate Guide to Baby's Breath

One of the most commonly used flower fillers in ready-made and custom flower arrangements is the baby’s breath. These are delicate little flowers that fill the void in between the main flowers in a bouquet, but frankly, we think it can offer so much more than being just a filler.

There are different varieties of the Gypsophila and it comes in varying hues as well. But the two most common are what’s known to us as Million Star and New Love. Between the two, Million Star has more dainty flowers and is the variety we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in many flower arrangements. New Love, also known as Cotton Cloud, is a newer, hybrid variety which is fluffier because it has double the number of petals the other variety has. New Love also happens to produce less pollen so that is a wise option for people who are allergic to pollen.

White baby's breath fillers

Its volume and year-round availability are the reasons why florists and crafters love working with it. It’s a versatile flower that looks great when paired with other main flowers and foliage.

Here’s everything you need to know about the baby breath, how to use it, and where to find it.


How Long Does Baby’s Breath Last?

Baby’s breath is a hardy shrub. It’s a common joke among growers that the baby’s breath plant is something even the worst flower growers can’t kill. Fresh ones will last anywhere from 8-10 days, or more when properly cared for. Caring for fresh ones involves preventing bacteria growth, keeping the stems hydrated, and mixing flower food preservatives to the vase water.

You can also use preserved baby’s breath and it will look just as great in any bouquet and centerpiece. We have preserved baby's breath in various colors, but we’re head over heels with sparkly white and champagne! It’s the perfect addition to any neutral-theme wedding.

Baby's breath champagne

Working with Baby’s Breath

It’s been known mostly as filler for flower arrangements because it can dramatically add fullness, especially when you’re running low on your main flowers. But until recently, no one has attempted to bring it to the spotlight. These tiny, fluffy flowers look amazing on their own and they’re perfect for rustic wedding themes. They also look great for all-white weddings.

To create a round bouquet, separate the bunch into individual stems and bundle the stems into a bouquet. Trim off the excess stem for the length of the bouquet you want. Add a collar of ferns or eucalyptus or just keep it simple and elegant with a simple bouquet in burlap cloth or satin ribbons. This simple flower can offer you a lot of room to get creative with your bouquet. 

Forever Floral Dusty Skies bouquet

Likewise, the range of centerpieces you can create with it are almost endless. Want a quick but elegant table centerpiece? Here’s a show-stopping baby's breath table centerpiece that will leave your guests gushing days after your event:

  1. Get glass cylinder vases in varying heights and place a submersible tea light at the center. There are tea lights that are remote control operated and there are ones that need to be twisted to turn it on (if you choose the latter, remember to light up the tea lights before you proceed with the rest of the steps). 
  2. Add fillers at the bottom (clear beads, fake ice, or faux diamonds work amazing in this centerpiece!) Bury the tea light in enough fillers to illuminate the bottom of the centerpiece.
  3. Arrange the flowers inside the vase. It’s important to fill the vase with baby’s breath flowers so it will look full whichever side you’re looking at. 
  4. Fill the vase with water, leaving two inches at the top. Add a floating candle at the top and your centerpiece is done!
    Forever Floral Simply the Best table centerpiece

    Do a quick search in Pinterest and you’ll see so many ingenious ways to decorate your wedding reception. From globes through garlands to flower arches, people all over the country are doing countless arrangements that highlight the beauty and versatility of this flower. 

    How Much Baby’s Breath Do I Need?

    This is an age-old question that’s really tricky to answer. It largely depends on how big your venue is and what types of decors you’ll use it for. Is it only for the bride’s bouquet or will you be creating boutonnieres, cake decorations, and floral centerpieces with it, too? Are we talking about decor for both the wedding ceremony and the reception? There are a number of factors you need to consider to come up with an estimate of many bunches you’ll need.

    Sparkly baby's breath

    A voluminous bouquet of baby’s breath flowers could use an entire bunch for the bride’s bouquet and around half of that for the bridesmaid’s bouquet. With centerpieces, you could be working with small mason jars that need 6-8 stems, or huge glass vases that need 25-30 stems. At the minimum, you’re looking at 3-4 dozens of flower bunches (or more if you have a larger venue and more intricate arrangements in mind).

    Where Can I Buy Baby’s Breath

    Baby’s breath is available on the Sola Wood Flowers website. Choose from the three different varieties: white, white sparkle, and champagne. 

    Each bunch weighs 4 ounces and measures 14-18 inches tall. Considering that it’s dried and preserved, 4 ounces can be the same amount of 2-3 bunches of fresh ones. It’s a fairly big bunch and will go a long way.

    Whether you’re using these flowers as filler or as the focus of the arrangement, it’s an excellent choice favored by many florists and crafters. As with any art form, your creativity matters in bringing out the best in this flower. Allow yourself to think of designs that are out-of-the-box and be amazed at what you can achieve with these simple flowers.

    Do you already have ideas on how to incorporate it on your next occasion? Tell us all about it at the Sola Wood Flowers Official Facebook page! Whether you’re on the planning stage or you’re ready to let the world see your latest creation, snap a quick photo and post it in the group. We love seeing your projects so we can continue inspiring other crafters in the Sola Wood Flower journey.