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The Top Sola Wood Flower Assortments

It doesn’t matter if you're decorating an event or planning to purchase gifts for your loved ones; sola wood flower assortments are perfect for adding beauty everywhere. One of the best things you should try is the flowers made up of sola wood. Add Sola Wood Flowers to any project to give an extra special beautiful floral touch. 

Further down, we are providing you some of the most creative wood flower assortments that will help you to make your mind blow and offer you loads of ideas for providing as a gift to your loved ones or event decor. We will also give your a list of our best selling Raw Flower Assortments and Dyed Assortments

Sola Wood Flower Dyed Assortments

Ocean Breeze Assortment

Our Dyed Assortments are incredibly popular with new and veteran customers alike! With a wide variety of stunning color palettes, you're sure to find an assortment to match your theme. 

By using one of our dyed assortments for your project, we are making things a bit easier on you. These assortments of beautifully dyed flowers are a life saver. Save the step of dyeing your own flowers. Our top designers have chosen color palettes that perfectly compliment each other and are incredibly beautiful. 

The top 7 sola wood dyed assortments you can purchase:

  1. The Hamptons Assortment
  2. Home Sweet Home Assortment
  3. Ocean Mist Assortment
  4. Sunday Morning Assortment
  5. Legends Of The Fall Assortment
  6. Sunset Beach Assortment
  7. Himalaya Assortment

Sola Wood Flower Raw Assortments 

Are you hunting for the perfect way to get loads of flowers without burning a hole in your pocket? If yes, then sola wood raw assortments can turn out to be one of your best decisions. You can easily customize these flowers for whatever you need. Whether you want all raw flowers, or have a specific color palette in mind... these raw assortments are perfect for both! 

For instance, if you want to purchase the best flowers for your wedding without burning a hole in your pocket, sola wood flowers can help you to get top of the line flowers that don’t even lose their charm with age. You can keep these flowers with you for a lifetime and can show your children, grandchildren, and various other people about your memories with the help of these flowers.

The top 7 sola wood raw assortments you can purchase:

  1. Valley Meadow Assortment
  2. Succulent Assortment
  3. All The Roses Assortment
  4. Tropical Assortment
  5. Infinity Assortment
  6. White Waters Assortment
  7. Auntie Em Assortment

The Bottom Line

As sola wood flowers are long-lasting, they will offer you a lifetime memory. Just imagine how you will feel years later from your gift item when both of you look back with your family. You will surely enjoy telling your love story to your children.