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Trendy, Not Tacky: Using Artificial Flowers for Your April Wedding

Are you on the hunt for gorgeous, unique wedding flowers? If so, using high-quality artificial flowers could be the solution to all of your searching. Fresh flowers have been in such high demand for so many years, that many brides think that they’re the only high-quality option as far as wedding flowers go. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, have occasionally gained an unfortunate and untrue reputation of being cheap or tacky. In reality, artificial flowers have actually started to become quite trendy for brides to use at their weddings.

If you’re getting married in April, it will be the perfect opportunity to embody the romantic blossoms and scents of spring in your wedding flowers. The colors and textures of the flowers that are in season during April are iconic and have been captured in many weddings in movies and high-profile celebrations. You can do all that if you use artificial flowers for your April wedding flowers. Artificial flowers will help you to achieve the same dreamy wedding aesthetic for a fraction of the price you’d be paying for fresh flowers. Plus, artificial flowers are reusable, so you will be able to enjoy your wedding flowers over and over again.

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April Flower Trends

The first step to achieving the perfect April wedding flowers is to follow the most stunning trends of the late spring season.  An article found on discusses some of the most popular flowers that are in-season and on-trend during April. Using these flowers as inspiration for your artificial flower bouquets will be perfect! There are various types of artificial flowers that are modeled after real fresh flowers. Here are a couple of the best April flowers that you should try to use in your wedding arrangements.


One of the most obvious choices for popular April flowers is tulips. Tulips come in all sorts of stunning shades from vibrant purples to romantic pinks to exotic oranges. They also come in a variety of styles. Some tulips are more structured and stiff, while others have petals that are more fluttering, open, and fluffy. They also have long, regal stems that can add some drama and height to any bouquet or floral arrangement. There are a lot of great faux tulips that you can find, including high-quality artificial silk tulips. 

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas can add a pop of romantic color to any bouquet. These flowers have delicate little ruffled petals that add some unique texture and interest when paired with more traditional flowers. Plus, they come in a gigantic range of colors, so even if you have a really unique, boho color palette, these will be perfect for you.


While all-white flower arrangements aren’t the most popular anymore, adding white to your wedding flowers can still give a pop of brightness and color variation. Gardenias will be perfect for this. They have a beautiful spray of petals that grow in size outwards from the center, adding a wonderful variation of size to your wedding flowers.

Wooden peony


Peonies are a trademark spring flower. These beautiful blooms are incredibly large and have tons of layers of silky, fluttery petals. Peonies are the perfect statement flower for any floral arrangement. Plus, if you're using artificial flowers, you won’t have to worry about your peonies going out of season before your wedding.


If you want a showstopping wedding with an exotic, tropical touch, you should definitely use orchids in your floral arrangements. Orchids come in different styles but the most popular style is usually the cascade, which looks stunning in a bouquet. The good news is that orchids are one of the most high-quality artificial flowers that can be made.

Types of Artificial Flowers

Now that you know about some of the best spring flowers, it is time to go shopping for some beautiful artificial flowers. There are lots of different types of artificial flowers that are created to imitate fresh flowers, like the spring blooms that have been described above. If you’ve been wondering if fake flowers are tacky at a wedding, just wait to see the amazing arrangements these high-quality flowers will make. Here are some artificial flowers that you should keep in mind:

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are designed to look the most similar to fresh flowers, and many crafters think they look the most realistic out of the different artificial flower options. However, since they’re made out of such high-quality fabric, they can end up being kind of pricey. But if you’re wanting an option that looks highly realistic, silk flowers are one of the best options.

Wood Flowers 

Wood flowers are another great option for artificial wedding flowers. They have a natural look that is very bohemian and trendy since they’re made from dried wood and tapioca root. They’re then shaped to match the many shapes of fresh flowers that you love. They can also be dyed to match any color or style, so don’t worry about being limited when it comes to your wedding aesthetic. Wood flowers are also incredibly affordable. You can order wood flowers in bulk and dye them in a variety of colors if you have a lot of floral arrangements that you want to DIY for your wedding. Make sure to take a look at all the wood flower styles that are available.

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Dried Flowers 

Dried flowers have become particularly trendy over the past year or so. They come in lots of different shades including cream, tan, beige, and other light tones such as blush and lilac. However, not all flowers dry very well, so you might not get the voluminous, overflowing bouquets that you would with other options. If you want some traditionally-shaped flowers for a more voluminous look, dried flowers pair beautifully with wood flowers.

So, as you’re figuring out what flowers you’ll need to make your April wedding unforgettable, keep this article in mind. By using artificial flowers, you’ll save money and create unique and creative arrangements that you’ll be able to reuse and repurpose. There is no better way to relive your wedding day again and again than by having your special wedding flowers in your own home.