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How to Create the Perfect May Wedding Flowers

May is a fun month for flower styles because it is a transition between the spring months and summer months. Spring usually brings on lots of fluffy, romantic blossoms, whereas summer produces a large variety of vibrant florals. You can choose the perfect flowers that are in season in May while still meeting any style, aesthetic, or color scheme that you’ve been dreaming of. If you follow some of the following tips you’ll end up with the perfect May wedding flowers

If this is your first time working with floral arrangements, you might be wondering what to do with wedding flowers. You might think it will be a little tricky to figure out the perfect flowers for a May wedding if you don’t have any floral design experience. However, whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, a wedding planner, or the mother of the bride, you can design and arrange stunning and unique wedding flowers 

Popular May Wedding Flowers

Before you start arranging your wedding flowers, you’ll need to learn about some of the different florals that are available and popular during the season. If you’re needing a little bit of inspiration and don’t know a lot about different types of flowers, take some time to do some research and find styles and types that you love. has a wonderful feature listing some popular options for May florals. Click here to learn about some of the most stunning blooms available in May. Here are a few options you should consider and see if they match the wedding aesthetic of your dreams. 

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Snapdragons are taller blooms that have intricate little petals on lengthy stems. They add a fun fluff and volume to any bouquet or arrangement and are perfect for spring or summer. Plus, they come in tons of different colors, from bright reds and yellows to romantic pastel pinks and purples. These are perfect flowers for a boho style bride.


Anemones are more of a traditional, romantic option for a bouquet. They are well known for their darker centers that add a touch of drama to your light-toned bouquet or arrangement. They usually have light-colored petals. White anemones are definitely the most popular.


While you might never have heard of the name Anthurium, you’ve surely seen a picture of them. Anthuriums are long, tropical-looking light flowers with a stunning and stark red center. If you’ll be having a beach destination wedding, adding anthuriums and tropical flowers to your arrangements will be a perfect choice. 


You’ve likely seen lilacs around your neighborhood in the form of a bush or hedge, but have you ever seen lilac sprigs in a flower arrangement? Their fluffy, airy blooms give a cloud-like feel to any arrangement, which is super fun if you’re looking for a unique upgrade for your bouquet. 


Orchids are perhaps one of the classiest and fanciest flowers. They’ve usually been used at more traditional, expensive weddings. However, orchids are starting to creep into popular mainstream weddings as they cascade out of bouquets in a beautiful burst of color. If you use orchids in your bouquet, your wedding flowers will be unforgettable.


Peonies have always been a popular choice for spring weddings. So, if you’re getting married in May, you pretty much have to include peonies in your arrangements somehow. These large, bold blooms have tons of layers of silky petals and come in a variety of colors. They also have long stems which make them perfect for a larger arrangement. Peonies only last for a short while so take advantage of them while they’re in season!


Gardenias are another fun option for a May wedding. They have a lovely spray of petals that grow longer from the center of the flower. Gardenias come in stunning shades of white, ivory, and cream, which can add a touch of lightness to your flower arrangements. However, they do need to be carefully watered because they’ll start to brown if they wilt.

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Creating a Unique Bouquet

Do you want to create a unique bouquet and stunning floral arrangements that will stand out among other May weddings? Here are a few tips that will help you to create arrangements that are Pinterest-worthy. Of course, you’ll need to start off with some basic floral supplies such as flowers, floral fillers, greenery, floral wire, tape, and shears. If you need some basic preliminary steps that will help you to form your bouquets, check out this article on creating a spring wedding bouquet. 

Choose a Colorful Palette

One of the most popular trends for spring and summer weddings in 2022 is using a wide variety of colors. If you choose a colorful palette to work with, your flowers will look stunning and unique. You’ll be sure to stand out from all of the other brides that stick to white and pink. Add in some blue, pink, yellow, and orange tones for an aesthetic that reflects the natural beauty of a wildflower field. 

Use Artificial Flowers

Another way to have a unique bouquet is to use artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are usually a lot more affordable than fresh flowers. But they also bring a unique beauty to a floral arrangement. For example, if you use wood flowers in your bouquet, they have an interesting, natural texture that will match a variety of styles. They can also be dyed to match any shade, which is perfect if you’re trying to choose a colorful palette for your wedding. Wood flowers are shaped to imitate the styles of fresh flowers, so you’ll still have a huge selection to choose from. 

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Add Long Sprigs

For a bit of extra drama, add some long sprigs of greenery or spring blossoms to your bouquet. This will give your bouquet shape a more bohemian feel, but it will also give it a great variety of height that will make it more interesting and romantic. 

Don’t Forget Silk Ribbons

Remember to finish off your bouquet by adding some stunning silk ribbons. In the past few years, these types of ribbons have been popular to tie up bouquets, especially when you leave some trails hanging down from the bouquet stems. Silk ribbons with raw edges are the best type to use for a romantic or bohemian style.

So, as you’re trying to figure out how to arrange your own flowers for your May wedding, make sure that you keep this article in mind! Research some of the best flowers that will be in season during May. Blend some of the best parts of spring and summer weddings to create a floral aesthetic that is totally unique and individual to you.